Olivia's Stubbornness Spanked Out By Casey.

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Authoress Note: AU Universe in Season Thirteen where Alex back from witness protection, Casey is ADA and Olivia Benson is a detective. This story takes place a year later and Olivia and Alex have broken up and moved on several months ago. Recently Olivia has moved in with Casey and she knows deep in her heart she needs a firm guiding force to keep her from letting her passion for justice override the law and order.

The body of an assistant district attorney is found raped and beaten in Central Park. Olivia skirts the law letting her emotions get the best of her as she takes it upon herself to bring the suspected rapist, a local realtor, to justice no matter how she does it.


Olivia answers the phone and it an angry Casey Novak on the other end.


"Olivia, I am tired of pulling your shit out of the fire!"

"Get your ass over her now. I am tired of your shit!"

"Yes Ma'am."

Olivia's heart thumped and her butt twitched as the tone of Casey's did what no other female in her life could do. Scare her shitless.

Chapter Seven

Casey feels her new lover, Olivia is like a bull in a china shop at work and her superiors have confided in Casey that if something doesn't change not only will Olivia loose her detective job, but, things are getting worse and according to the captain her capricious unlawful actions are damn close to receiving jail time ending they're amazing whirlwind new relationship.

Casey arrived and Alex let her into their apartment. Unusually, Olivia was not happy by Casey's visit. She knew there were issues at work and it was apparent now that Casey planned to discuss these here in her home.

Nervously Olivia knew in this apartment. It had been decided that it would be her bottom not the passive behind of her former lover that would soon meet retribution

Closing the door to her Assistant District Attorney's office she sat down and opened a text message the text message was from their friend and work colleague. Casey's eyes widened as she found out her new girlfriend was in even more in deep shit at work according to Olivia's ex-partner in bed whom Olivia had been confiding in during lunch. Casey text her back with a short ominous message, "okay thanks for the info I am going to make an impression on Olivia. Alex knew that impression was code word for spanking.

Casey arrived at the loft now away from work in the privacy of their home Casey took off her suit coat and swiveled with a sharp twist of her hips resulting in her grey skirt floating up sexily around her toned waist giving Olivia a brief glance of her bikini panty clad bottom just before she wiggled of her tight skirted bottom away swishing her butt back and forth as she headed for the kitchen.

"Casey had a proclivity for flashing her round shapely bottom in the enticingly tight panties silently teasing in invitation for Olivia to cease the moment.

"Not now, Olivia we need to discuss your unsettling investigation methods.

"Oh that, don't Get Your Panties in a Bunch!"

"But Olivia your actions have been foolish and short sighted more like an impetuous little girl than a seasoned detective.

"Don't be a buttinsky!"

"What I am only telling you this for your own good!"

"Butt Out!" Olivia strikes out at Casey with her words.

"I think it is time to make a lasting impression, so you can learn through your seat of knowledge." Casey proclaimed.

Olivia knew after all these years she was with the one woman in her close circle of friends who could stand up to her and this secretly pleased her that there was someone intimately in her life that could make her mind.

Knowing what she knew about Olivia's workplace behavior Casey was in no mood to put up with her attempts to skirt the law.

The temperature rises into the red as Olivia got into a heated argument with Casey

"Casey you and your office have "lost their nerve."

The temperature had risen into the red zone and Casey was boiling mad now!

Casey was pleased to see Olivia was wearing a short, Rose Pink loose fitting nightie with matching panties. This was part of her project to bring out the softer side of Oliva.

She had jokingly even threatened to give her a spanking if she continued to meet her at the door in her manly pajama pants.

It was time for Olivia Benson to lean forward.

As Olivia found herself forcibly bent over the skirt of her short nightie rose up her bare back and Casey could feel the seat of her well-filled panties hugging her bottom cheeks snugly enclosed giving off a silky feel as she leaned forward. The soft panty fabric of what Casey' determined to bikini style conformed to the shape of her bottom. The detective felt each cheek raised, weighed and squeezed in the palm of the ADA's hand and Olivia involuntarily cooed in unashamed pleasure.

With a nudge of a knee to spread her leg's wider and Olivia felt hands move over the smooth round, pert bottom tracing the cheeks Casey knew from her touch were not rough in texture. No, this definitely was a pretty behind smooth as silk and milky white.

Her PMS was over though Casey thought might explain Olivia's rash behavior, but it was a red rash she was going to be the owner of soon. A tampon string visible through the sheer panties announced she was now on her period.

Her blonde lover could see the pretty behind as it wiggled in consternation based on what she knew she had done capriciously as Casey drank in the shapely contours of the fleshy surfaces of Olivia's bottom which trembled in anticipation of her reckoning.

Casey can feel it alright. Feel the blood rushing to the surface of Olivia's bared bottom cheeks as if they were kneading dough and Olivia feels her cheeks grabbed and scratched by finger nails as they are pulled open and shut as part of the squeezing by her partner.