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Casey was trying so hard not to scream at her ex-husband. Her eyes became wide and her pupils dilated with rage as she stated more than asked, "Are you kidding me, Derek?" she paused to regain her composure and went on, "It's only been a year since we divorced and you already have another woman moving in with you?" She was trying to stay calm for the sake of her children who were asleep upstairs.

"Spare me the drama, Case," Derek said, who was now in his mid-thirties. He paced across the living room with his arms crossed. "She's moving in with me, end of story."

Casey frowned at his stubbornness. "You don't expect the kids to stay at that apartment of yours with her there. I won't allow it." She folded her arms across her chest boldly.

"Well, I'm not letting them sleep outside," he said in frustration. "I still get the kids on the weekends."

"Like hell you do," said the woman in her mid-thirties. She had cut her brown locks and it was now shoulder length, because she found that after she had kids it became more difficult to spend time on herself in the mornings. She hadn't lost her shape, though. She looked good for having two kids, of course she had wider hips and bigger breasts, but that was to be expected and of course she was still as beautiful as ever.

Derek had put on some weight, but he still had a well defined body. His hair was short and he sported a suit these days. He was still as good-looking as ever and as cocky as ever also.

Casey grabbed the basket of clothes that was on the couch and began to fold them. "I can't believe you, Derek; do you know how selfish you sound right now? What am I supposed to tell the kids?"

"I was hoping we could talk to them together about this," Derek replied.

"I will never stop thinking about what's best for Anya and Blake. What you're doing…" she sighed. "It's too soon for them, Derek."

"It's too soon for them, or too soon for you?" He asked, studying her carefully.

Casey smiled in sarcastic amusement. "Get over yourself, D, I'm thinking about my kids."

He sat next to her and placed his hand on hers, he then changed to a more serious, gentle tone. "Casey, please… I've already discussed this with Brooke and she wants this to work."

She sighed, cursing herself for still having compassion for him. "I guess we can work something out."