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Fred and George were in their flat that they shared above their shop. They had a range of new products that they had invented on thier kitchen table. Fred picked up a little vial full of clear liquid. "We need to find someone to test out this 'cheer up' potion. There is no point in us trying it because we've always got a smile on our face."

George nodded, agreeing with his twin."We need several people to try it, then we can write down how each person reacts to them."

"We can't ask our tasters because we've spent most of what we've got on these new products. We can't afford to pay them yet."

George sighed. "It's always like this, this time of year. Roll on two weeks time when kids start a new term at hogwarts, they always load up on our stuff to take with them."

Suddenly, a big grin appeared on Fred's face. George smiled. "What are you thinking?"

"Well we can't have our tasters test them because we can't pay them, and we need a few tasters to see how each person reacts to it."


"Mum is having all of the family around on sunday for dinner. Everyone is going to be there. Mum, dad, Bill, Fleur, Charlie, his girlfriend Katie, Percy, his wife Penelope, your girlfriend Angelina, my girlfriend Alicia, Harry, Ginny, Ron and Hermione."

"They know what we're like. They not just take something off us and eat it." George reasoned.

"No they won't. Which is why when you are keeping mum busy. I'll be lacing the food with it. It will affect us as well. But like I said, no-one will think we're acting strange because we've always got a grin on our face."

George's grin got, if possible, even wider. "I love the way you think."

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