Chapter 1

It was a frightening day on Mount Olympus. All the gods were fighting.

"Where could they be," said Zeus.

"And where are the kids!" said Poseidon.

"What a shock, it's always your kids that do everything."

"To bad Percy didn't take the master lightning bolt in the first place jackass."

"You lost the kids!" Aphrodite said walking out of the fog.

"Yo slut muffin, it wasn't my turn to watch them." said Poseidon.

"Hey dumb and dumber, the stones are gone and your son definitely took them" said Zeus.

"Well he's not allowed on Mount Olympus until he is 16 so how did he take them" said Poseidon.

"Maybe because he's a fucking god, that's how"

"But he doesn't even know that, he thinks he's mortal"

"Will you two shut up for two fucking seconds." said Aphrodite.

"All I know is that your son took the stones." said Zeus.

"Whatever you say"