Chapter 5

As we walked to what Elmo called "camp", we ran into some interesting things. First, there were a couple of old ladies on a bench that seemed to be interested with me.


"So who as enough money to get us a bus ride?" said Elmo.

"I spent all mine on a hotel." I said

"Nice job greedy, we will just have to walk.

I just sighed and kept walking until I saw these 3 old ladies wearing black robes all sitting on a bench. They were knitting, when one pulled out a string. Elmo gasped.

"Shit, guys, we've got to go!" Elmo said.

"Why, what's wrong?" Asked Jayce.

We heard a loud snap.

"Shit, did either of you see the women when they snapped the string?"

"No." We both shook our heads.

"Hu, those were the Fates."

"What!- Does that mean one of us is going to die?" I asked.

"No, dumbass, your god's remember. But someone close to you is going to die, or just someone really important."

"Hm, I hope it's you, dick!"

"Guy's stop! Why do you two hate each other so much!"

Now I was pissed. I already hated Jayce, I really didn't want to, I owe him my life, but we were opposites, meant to hate each other, and he was standing up for that satyr! He didn't need to know why I hated him, and I didn't care why he hated me.


So we just kept walking and walking and walking until we found a big valley with a tree with golden wool on it... and a dragon.

"Yes!" said Elmo "I completed my mission!"

"What are you talking about?" I asked

"Yeah, what do you mean?" said Jayce

"You guys are safe from harm here, for now, but even more important, I did it!"

"Ooooooh, I've heard of this place, it's Camp Half-blood, a place for innocent demigods and other myths to hang and chill, but I didn't think it was real."

"What do you mean for now?" I said.

"Sssshhhh he is coming." said Elmo to see a half-horse half-man coming at us. I took out Shredder and was ready for another fight, but as soon as I uncapped it, it shrank down to a midget size.

"Wow, I am not going to hurt you." said the centaur."My name is Chiron, and I am the activities director, here, at camp half-blood. I am also the archery master at this camp. I suggest I shall ask now and get it over with, are you regular or undetermined?" he asked

"Regular sir, but may I speak to you in private?" Elmo said and they walked about 10 feet away out of hearing range. All I remember was a lot of gasps coming from the other campers as they walked by me.

"We may need 2 new cabins." Chiron said into his phone. And with that, Dionysus, king of wine, grapes, and anything alcoholic appeared out the blue and suddenly, it smelt like grapes. Big shock there. He whispered into Chiron's ears and with that, he did something least expectantly. He sprouted grape vines out of the ground, and wrapped them around our legs, and in an instant, the ones around Jayce's leg burst into flames, and mine turned into ice and then melted away.

"Yup, defiantly gods, that would have killed any mortal or demigod as soon as they touched the skin. I was hoping it would have killed him, but, sadly, it didn't. I guess we are all unlucky sometimes though, right?" he said.

Jayce balled his fist and they turned into fire and he charged him, but Dionysus simply sprouted a grape vine from the ground and threw him about 30 feet in the air. Good thing he was a god, because that would have killed him to (which Dionysus would have liked.)

"A very clumsy god at that." said Dionysus.

Jayce got up and wiped the dirt from his shirt and pants.

"Well, I suppose we must take them in, Poseidon wouldn't be happy if we turned down his son's, nor would Aphrodite."

"Did you say Poseidon and Aphrodite?"

Dionysus quickly disappeared leaving the scent of grapes in the air.

"I hate th-"I was about to say when Chiron stopped me.

"He may be gone, but gods now when they are insulted." he said. "Now, how about a tour? Collin, Cory!"

Two kids trudged over. One, Collin, was blonde and had green eyes and was muscular, wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans with white sneakers. The other, Cory, had black hair that went into a v and had brown eyes and wore a red long sleeved shirt and jeans with black sneakers.

"Will you two take these two for a tour of camp please?"

"Sure." Collin said a little weirdly, like he was already planning on how to beat me up... son of Ares probably.

"Yeah da- Chiron." Cory said timidly looking away from us. I don't know how I knew but he was a son of Hephaestus.

We saw the Big House, the cafeteria, the volleyball court, the arena, the track for chariot racing. Everything that was there, we saw, but nobody talked the whole way. Finally Collin said:

"So you lads are really gods?" he asked.

"Yup, we both said."

"That's cool, I guess." He said, Cory remained silent and looked away the whole time.

"Yeah, we get better powers and stuff."

"What gods are you?"

"I'm ice and he's lava."

After the tour we ended at the twelve Olympian cabins. In the middle were two cabins, one had an icy design and the other a lava one. We knew which cabins were ours but Collin and Cory looked shocked.

"How?" Cory muttered.

"Um, I guess those belong to you lads. We'll see you later, Clarisse wanted to get in a little resting."

"Bye." Cory said shyly and quickly ran off.

I felt so wrong being here. This place wasn't meant for me, I was a god, and this place was for demigods-many who resented gods. I needed to go near some ice. I got up and walked down to the beach, and I froze the water, and made an ice bed. I had a terrible dream...

I walked up to the lake side. In the middle of the lake, someone was drowning. "Don't worry!" I called but nothing happened. I couldn't move. Then, the scene was gone. I was in a place. Camp Half-Blood, but all the cabins were gone. What did this mean? How did they all disappear? Did all the gods fade like Pan?

I woke up on the beach. The harpies were staring at me.

"I think we found breakfast." said the first one.

"I think I should go." I said, but it didn't matter. One of the harpies sheathed her claws, but I took out Shredder and knocked her in the head. She fell on the ground, and the other two advanced. One came at my left and one came at my right and one came at my left. I jumped up and pounded my foot against one of the harpies' heads, lifted myself in the air, and whacked Shredder against the chest of the other harpie. The first one started to get up, but I hit her/thing over the head with the butt of Shredder. They kept coming after me. Then, Jayce flew over on his lava glider.

"Back for more!" he called to the harpies.

"It's you!" they all screamed.

Jayce looked a lot different. He had creepy looking hair, kind of reddish; he wore a shirt that said Camp Half-Blood, and khaki shorts. His appearance didn't change, but his personality changed. I don't know how, it just did. He looked buffer like one of the Ares demigods. Then, I remembered gods can change their appearance to whatever they presume. He got very skilled in sword-fighting too. He easily took on all the harpies, one by one, swinging his sword so fast; I couldn't even see where it was. It looked like a huge stick of fire cutting the harpies, as they disinagrated into nothing. They looked like they kept coming, but he was cutting them into pieces. The, Dionysus appeared (with a scent of grape) and said:

"Well, what do we have here? New cafeteria staff? I think so, but first, Chiron wants to see you."

We walked down to the archery arena.

"There he is." he pointed to the centaur shooting arrows at dummies.

"Aaaahhhh, Pike, I'm glad you came, kind of late though." he looked down at the grapes on the ground. "Yeah, ok, anyway, I heard about your amazing skills shooting the hellhound off of the Apollo kids."

It was true. Yesterday, a hellhound got into camp and attacked the Apollo cabin leader. I poofed up a random weapon, which was a bow that shot icicles, and killed it on the spot. Now, all the Apollo kids say haikus about my life that makes no sense at all. Anyway…

"Yeah, it was just luck though." I said.

"No, that was no luck, you shot through a tree, which killed a dryad, bless her heart, and hit the hound between the eyes. The shot was amazing. So, after reconducting Shredder, I made you a nicer bow, an exact replica of the one you made, but perfect accuracy and will do maximum damage to kill anything it touches. Thank me and the Hephaestus kids for that.

"Uh, thanks."

"Anyway, I wanted to see that bow of yours in action. So let's get started."

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