The Talk

Far on the outskirts of Pandemonium sits a cemetery for fallen daeva. Many of the graves and tomes aren't filled with bodies they are there as a sign of respect for those that have passed. Some of them do contain bodies of noble family of non ascended members. In the very back is the older parts of the cemetery, a man in a dark trench coat stood over a tombstone that reads:

Aeryxa Aden

Wonderful mother, wife, friend.

The man didn't say anything just stood there as if he was searching for something. His thoughts were disturbed by footsteps coming from behind him. He turned around to see who it was. It was a tall woman that carried herself with grace, her face flawless and a simple smile across her lips. The man kneeled in respect.

"Lady Galatei.." Karandras said.

She smiled down at the man. "My dear Karandras, I thought I would find you here. You haven't reported in a few days, I began to worry." She replied.

He looked up at in shock, he expected to be punished for his failing to report in. Galatei smiled gently. "Tell me my dear, what troubles you?" she asked. Still kneeling he looked back down to the ground he replied. "I..I had an argument with Imith, My Lady." Karandras said. Galatei knew what the trouble was but he wanted him to talk about it.

"What was the argument about, Karandras? Surely it can't be serious." Galatei spoke, her voice gently and kind. He continued "It was about our union. I spoke to her Legion General. He said I had to join or sign a contract stating there would be no conflict with the Symphony." A look of anger washed over his face. Galatei took a moment to gather her thoughts. "I see, you did not sign this contract did you?" "No I did not, I could not, not after all I've done for her." Karandras said.

She smiled again. "I see, How does Lady Imith feel about your wishes?" Galatei asked. Karandras looked up at her with anger in his eyes, "She says it's normal. She sided with the paperwork, paperwork that would have put our child automatically into the Legion under their protection. Protection.. they couldn't even manage for Imith. I will not have our child to suffer a fate like that." He lowered his again knowing he was shouting at the wrong person.

"Then you left her?" Galatei asked. "Yes, I did. If she feels I'm not good enough to protect our own family then she can find another that would sign that agreement." He said. Galatei kneeled down to bring Karandras's face to face her own. "My sweet Karandras, you have always been honorable, I support you in your choice, but I'm afraid there is another matter. Andalus has sent one of his assassins to take care of Lady Imith. He feels she might know too much." Galatei said.

Concern grew in Karandras's eyes. "My Lady surely you could have stopped him from doing such a thing?" He asked. She smiled. "Yes, if he went through the proper channels and discussed it with me, but do not worry my dear. I will not see Lady Imith come to harm. My dear Zetsubou is watching her right now, I even had Anipuma speak with the Legion to see if the paperwork is really necessary, however it is I'm afraid. Though right now we must stop this attempt on Lady Imith's life, go and take care of this last act of protection and love. Afterwards I will make sure no other harm comes to Lady Imith." Galatei finished.

Karandras stood up looking down at Galatei. "Yes my Lady it will be doneā€¦" He said before disappearing into the shadows.