Hey guys, miss me? I know you did. Now, there's been a few months since I finished Daiyoukai to Vampire and, as promised, here it is a short prologue for you to read.

There are a few things I need you to know first. This part of the story begins before Tsukune and their friends travel to China to visit Fanfan's family in order to get Moka's rosario fixed. I know I already said in Daiyoukai to Vampire that that part had already passed, just forget about that. There are things that are happening in the manga that I cannot ignore and I will use them in this new Fic.

Now, with that explained, enjoy this short prologue.

The sunlight bathed the meadow near the human village. There, walking between the bright, yellow flowers, three dark haired girls sang happily, laughing and enjoying the warmness of the sun. One of the younger girls, who held a baby in her arms, caught the sight of several violet flowers just ahead of them and smiled.

"Look, Rin-nee-san," she said, smiling, "they already blossomed." The black haired girl, who was more than ten years older than the other two nodded.

"Yes," she confirmed, "that means winter is coming," she explained and took the baby from the girl's arms. "Go ahead a collect some of them; we can make some crowns for Inuyasha-sama and Jaken-sama."

Rin watched as the twins, daughters of Miroku and Sango, ran towards the flowers, laughing loudly, and smiled. Several months had passed since Jaken got to Inuyasha's village to inform them that Sesshomaru had been called by his mother to attend to a mission that his father had left him in order to become stronger. The young teenager didn't understand it; the Demon Lord was already the strongest Youkai she knew. ¿Was it even possible for him to gain more power now that he had Bakusaiga?

The girl arched her brows and turned back when she heard someone was walking towards her, and she smiled when she found the little, green demon that had been her traveling partner almost five years ago, who was guiding Ah-Un alongside him.

"Hi, Jaken-sama," she greeted. The little youkai stopped by her side and watched as the twins ran around the violet flowers. The baby boy she had in her arms looked at Jaken and laughed, trying to get his favorite toy. Anyone who wasn't aware about the situation would have taken the baby away from the toad demon, but in reality, Jaken had proved to be an excellent babysitter for Kotaro, the youngest child of the Monk and the youkai slayer, a thing that pleased everyone, especially Kagome, who was now pregnant and loved the idea to have Jaken helping her.

"I hope those flowers aren't for me," Jaken said, taking Kotaro from Rin's arms and holding him against his little form. The baby, who loved his green guardian, screeched and laughed as he grabbed the toad's black hat and took it into his mouth.

The teenager smiled and caressed Ah's head, making the two heads of the dragon to moan. She had really missed those two (or three) demons; since she started to live in Inuyasha's village she only got to see them when Sesshomaru decided it was time to pay her a visit to make sure that she was okay. Now they lived with her and Kaede, and she was so happy about it but… She still missed his Demon father.

"Jaken-sama, do you think Sesshomaru-sama is coming back soon?" The girl asked, making the toad demon to look up at her.

"I don't know, Rin," Jaken answered, swinging Kotaro.

"Do you think he is okay?" The girl asked.

"Of course he is okay, you dumb human," Jaken used the same tone he used back when he scolded her, but this time it was used to make her feel better by lightening the mood; the green demon knew very well how she missed the silver haired demon. "He always does fine."

Rin smiled and looked up at the sky. "I hope you are right," she said.


The students walked through the academy's grounds towards the building, ready to begin a new day of classes. Up in the roof, a tall, handsome man watched them with a bored expression.

"Is not necessary to pass through this every day, Kokoa," he said, turning around and looking at the redheaded vampire that appeared from behind the door. "If you want to stand by my side just do it," the teenager blushed furiously and nodded; she still wasn't used to that freedom he gave her, although she liked she was the only one, besides her sister Kallen, who could just go and stand by his side whenever she wanted. That something she was rewarded with because of her loyalty.

Kokoa finally came out of her previous shock and walked to his side, standing silently as she watched down at the grounds of the school. Soon enough, they located their group of friends; Tsukune, Moka, Kurumu, Mizore, Yukari and Fanfan were walking towards the building. The Chinese guy was trying to get Tsukune join his family again, and the human was yelling at him that he wouldn't do it no matter what. The girls, well most of them, supported the idea of being part of the mafia as long as they were all the human's wives; the only one that kept rejecting the idea was the pink haired vampire.

"Every day with the same foolishness," Kokoa said, shaking her head as she sighed. Sesshomaru said nothing, and just raised his head and looked at the sky. She was right; every day was the same thing since he had decided to postpone his returning to his era. Either was Fanfan trying to include him and Tsukune into the mafia, or a fight about who was the best mate for the human would start between the girls. "I wonder when he will decide which one he likes the most."

Sesshomaru looked down again and saw how the young witch, Yukari, casted a pair of golden pans that fell onto the Succubus and the Yasha's heads, knocking them out. Tsukune was able to breath again as Kurumu fell from his chest, and he turned and thanked the witch, who smiled at him. Kokoa was right; he would have to choose between them eventually, if not, the entire group would end up hurt. A familiar scent reached his nose, making him to look at the dead forest. Just in that moment, the bell rang and the students that were still outside the building entered.

"Time to go," Kokoa said, turning around and walked to the door. She stopped though, when she noted that he hadn't moved from his position. "Sesshomaru-sama?"

"Go ahead," he ordered and then leaped from the edge of the roof, taking off towards the dead forest. The redheaded vampire watched him as he landed between de black trees before turning around and entering the building.

The silver haired man walked between the trees until he came out into a small meadow, the same where he had met Kallen before going to the island where they fought against Titan. And there she was again, enjoying the sunlight as she waited for him. She sensed his presence and looked at him, smiling.

"Good morning, Sesshomaru," she greeted as he walked closer to her.

"Hello," he said, stopping in front of her and scanning her form. She was wearing a mid tight, black, cotton dress and sandals that matched it, very appropriate for the unusually warm weather they were having, and very cute too. She was also wearing her Blood Tear, the red, demonic diamond that he gave her for Christmas. It had been a pair of weeks since she had returned to the human world to finish the pendant business she had there, and no one had expected to see her again around the academy so soon.

"How have you been?" The lavender haired, s-class vampire asked, smiling warmly at him.

"Fine," he answered, making her laugh; she knew pretty well that he was a man of few words. "Did you solve your businesses yet?" He asked, arching his brows when she shook her head.

"No. Actually, I'm here to discuss a few things with you and the headmaster," Kallen explained, getting a serious tone. "Various things have happened outside this barrier, things that are probably connected with Fairy Tale." Sesshomaru furrowed his brows, nodding.

"So… after these past weeks…" He said, falling in silence.

"They are moving again," Kallen concluded. "Although all I've heard are rumors, some of the information makes me think about that organization."

"Any trace to locate Miyabi or Kahlua?" Sesshomaru asked again, receiving a negative for an answer.

"None, they practically disappeared after our encounter in that northern island," Kallen informed; Sesshomaru hmphed.

"Then we just have to wait for them to show up again," he said, calmed. Since he had decided he would stay in that era until Miyabi's death, he had no rush to find him. Kallen smiled again, liking his attitude.

"I hope I'm not getting you into trouble for making you skip classes," she said.

"Like I care about that," he answered.

"You know? We won't be able to meet like this again once I start working here," she explained, "it wouldn't be professional of me if I did that," Sesshomaru smiled lightly at her humorous tone. "So, how are my sisters?"

"They are fine. Kokoa joined me in the roof this morning, as always," the demon lord told her, "and Moka discussed with the other girls over Tsukune again, as always. And Fong Fong is still trying to get me and the human into the mafia" Kallen laughed, shaking her head.

"He really is persistent. But I don't think he is a bad guy, he just seems lonely," Kallen opined, and then changed her expression into a sad one. "That boy, I can't believe he hasn't chosen yet. That will only bring pain to their group."

"Indeed," Sesshomaru wasn't quite sure about why he was part of that conversation, probably because it was important for her; one of her baby sisters was a part of that issue. "Their feelings over him are getting stronger every day that passes. If he keeps waiting, it will only be worse."

Kallen knew that, but there wasn't anything they could do about it.

"I think you should talk to him," she said, making him to arch his brows and look at her.

"What?" He asked, unable to believe she actually had said that.

"Why not? You're a man that knows how to make decisions," Kallen proceeded, amused by his expression. "A little talk about girls with him might help him."

Sesshomaru looked at her face, trying to figure out if was talking seriously. She was barely able to contain her laugher, she had her cheeks blushed and a big smile on her face. The silver haired man finally shook her head and looked up at the sky; he really had quite situations coming up in his future. Even though he knew that the lavender haired vampire was joking, he detected that not her entire idea was made for humorous proposes.

"Foolish thing," he said, and Kallen laughed. A very interesting semester was coming.