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The group of teenagers was speechless. Every one of them was just out of words, repeating what they just saw over and over again within their minds. They just couldn't believe it. But in the end it made so much sense for them. After the memory about Sesshomaru's training with Saiten, they got to watch how the silver haired demon, as a teen, helped his best friend to get closer to the girl he liked. They knew a part of his Daiyoukai friend they never imagined he had; an actual, caring friend that would do anything for the ones he cared for. And he gained a new friend after that. Kazami, who became Saiten's soon to be mate started to accompany them in their rounds around the clan's territory.

For a time, Sesshomaru's life was completely tranquil and the viewers couldn't have enjoyed more watching parts of his life even if they had wanted to… until the last two memories flashed before of them. According to what they could get, there was a war going between a large army of humans that intended to reclaim part of the Inu youkai territory and Sesshomaru's clan. Of course, the youkai clan's council of elders wasn't going to let that happen and they sent an army of low level soldiers to get rid of the humans. Sesshomaru, who had been thirteen by that time, wasn't aware of that. He found out about it from Kazami, who had run looking for him as soon as Saiten told her he had been sent to the battlefield. The silver haired teenager didn't need a second to think about it and took off towards war.

Tsukune, Moka, Kurumu, Mizore, Yukari, Ruby, Kokoa and Kallen all remembered how it had gone. Sesshomaru reached the battlefield in less than an hour just to find a real massacre. What was supposed to be an army of less than a hundred of humans turned out to be composed by almost five hundreds of soldiers and bandits. Humans had managed to hide up to 80% of their actual number from the ayashi, but they attached with all their forces when the small army of inu youkai arrived. Sesshomaru had found human corpses lying everywhere around…

The silver haired youkai looked around with a serious expression on his face. Always calm and cool, in reality he felt almost desperate. He couldn't detect Saiten's smell. Al over the place there were human bodies, lying on the ground along with a few of his clan's members. He looked forward and swung his claws against a pair of human soldiers that came at him, destroying their bodies completely. He started to run between the warriors that fought with fury, ignoring everyone that didn't get close enough to him. The other Inuyoukai started to call for him once they realized he was there, but he ignored them. He was looking for his friend, not the low level youkai that weren´t even strong enough to keep up a decent fight against an army of humans. Swinging his claws and waving his energy whip, Sesshomaru cleared a path between the battle, sniffing as he looked in all the directions. He dodged the attack of a human quite easily before piercing his chest with his poison claws, and he saw it just as the human corpse fell onto the ground. Just a few meters ahead, Saiten was falling with his chest and shoulders full of arrows. For Sesshomaru it seemed like it was happening in slow motion and he was so focused on his friend that he didn't realized there was a human standing right in front of his lying figure with a sword pointing down. When the silver haired teenager got there, it was already too late. He managed to push the human away and retrieved the old sword from his friend's chest before kneeling down beside him.

"Saiten…" Sesshomaru murmured as he reached out for his friend's face. He looked at Saiten's empty eyes and the hollow expression on his face. The sword had pierced his heart. A demon of higher level could have had a chance of surviving that but the dark haired youkai didn´t have that kind of power yet. "No…" he whispered with trembling voice, "no, Saiten…"

Sesshomaru clenched his teeth as he furrowed his eyebrows before turning around and look, furious at the human that had just killed his best friend. Just then, when he focused all his senses on that soldier, he realized he knew him already. Four years prior to that battle that human was just a bandit… a bandit that he, Sesshomaru, allowed to live after killing all his companions. The golden eyed demon started to growl deeply from his throat, standing up without taking his eyes from the human. "You…" he growled, stepping closer to his prey. "I left you alive… I let you live!" Sesshomaru roared. The battle stopped around them because of the power imprinted in his voice. The body of the prince of the Western Lands started to shake violently and his eyes turned completely red. The human that had just killed Saiten tried to get away by crawling back, scared to death, but as he started to tremble, he finally wasn't able to move anymore. "I let you live and… we let you live and…!" Sesshomaru's fangs grew several sizes, "you killed him!" His voice got stronger and deeper, and his youki became visible and bright. A clear, electric green glow covered the battlefield, making all the warriors to look up, filled with fear. "YOU KILLED HIM!" He roared one last time and a second later everything and everyone that surrounded him in the battlefield was whipped away by the huge youki explosion that followed his roar. His enemies, his allies, trees, bodies, weapons… even Saiten's corpse were completely turned to dust…

"That youki… it looked exactly like Bakusaiga's energy," Kallen finally broke the silence that covered the students' group. The rest of them just nodded in response. After that powerful blast of energy, Sesshomaru had stood for a few seconds before fainting, just as his father arrived to the scene.

"Well, it is understandable," Totosai said, reminding them that he was still there with them, "that was the moment when Bakusaiga was essentially created."

The students looked at him for a moment. "What happened then?" Moka asked. The old sword maker's ghost turned to face her as he tried to remember.

"Inu no Taisho called me," he said simply, "that destructive youki was Sesshomaru's true power, awakened by his fury and sorrow. My lord thought that tremendous power was too much for his son to handle; that it could result even in Sesshomaru's death itself if he ever lost his temper that way again. So he made me forge a sword out of it, sealing it within Sesshomaru until he was a Daiyoukai that had enough control to bear it without destroying himself," the ghost thought for a few more seconds, focusing really hard on remembering something, "I created and sealed Bakusaiga while Sesshomaru was still unconscious because even Inu no Taisho was afraid of what could happen if his son awakened and remembered what had happened to his friend before I did. As you saw, that impact of demon energy pulverized everything in that war zone, and not even Tenseiga was able to bring back all that died in that explosion."

Tsukune and the others were about to ask more questions but a new flash opened a new memory.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Sesshomaru was watching through the window of one of the rooms of the palace in complete silence. For those how knew him well it was clear that something was missing in his eyes. Those golden orbs lacked the ever present innocence within them a few hours ago. His face was a mask of emptiness. He had been like that since he opened his eyes and found himself lying in his bedroom. He remembered everything about what had happened in the battlefield until he lost it after seeing Saiten´s body. The truth was... he was in a lot of pain. That human that had pierced his best friend's heart with his sword… he had been alive because of him. Sesshomaru left him live years ago… and now Saiten was dead. The worst part was, and he hated to think about it, that his mother had been right about human beings all along. And of course, knowing what had happened, she just couldn´t let pass the opportunity to let him know she was right.

"What do you want, mother?" he asked like he didn't know already. The lady of the Western Lands was watching him from the door, without saying or doing anything to call for his attention. Sesshomaru, of course, had smelled her several minutes ago.

"Isn't a mother allowed to visit his son that just returned from the battlefield?" She asked, innocent. The silver haired boy had returned from battle several hours ago and he guessed she was there with him now just because she had nothing better to do.

"I am pretty sure most mothers do that," Sesshomaru answered simply. He continued to watch through the window, with just a hint of hope she would decide to leave now that she had witnessed that he was fine. But no…

She stepped into the room and stopped right behind him. "I heard what happened," she said in neutral voice, "your father told me." That comment made Sesshomaru to turn around and face her, surprised. 'Chichiue saw it?' he thought. "He saw you…" She confirmed his thoughts, "blowing away every other fighter in the battlefield." Sesshomaru furrowed his eyebrows without looking away from his mother's eyes. He didn't remember that. "I am so proud of you," she added.

"What are you talking about?" He demanded. His mother just stood there and looked at him without revealing any emotion on her face.

"Just what I said," she answered, passing by him to stand by the window, looking outside. Sesshomaru followed her with his eyes and stared at her for a minute or so, waiting for her to explain that a little better. Because of the lack of any further explanation, Sesshomaru spoke again.

"I don´t remember that," he said.

"I thought so," she said, "it was just as I said; you destroyed everything around you before passing out. You killed every youkai and human in that battlefield. Not just killed; you completely destroyed everything around you." She turned around and looked at him, "you even made it impossible for your father to bring our soldiers back from the other world," the silver haired lady didn't show any kind of pain saying that about her minions. "I couldn't have expected any less from my son." Sesshomaru tried very hard to remember that but he couldn't do it. He remembered just until he approached Saiten's corpse after pushing the human away.

"How did I do it?" He asked.

"Can´t you think of any way?" His mother asked back. The golden eyed teenager tried to come up with an answer to that by remembering all he could about what had happened. He finally thought about something. Furrowing his brows and narrowing his eyes, Sesshomaru looked at his mother and focused on sensing his own Youki.

"Awakening…" He said. His mother simply nodded. The awakening was an event on every Youkai's life in which the "baby youki" changed its intensity and amount, ascending into the adult demonic energy. Most of special powers of every demon would start to manifest after the awakening, and the strength would start to grow rapidly until reaching its complete development.

"Stimulated by your loss of temper after seeing that friend of yours' dead body," the Lady added, making him furrow his brows even more. So she did know about that. "Your father told me about you roaring something that made him think that you had encountered that human before," she proceeded, "want to explain something about it?" Sesshomaru closed his eyes in a clear response that said he didn't want to talk about it but his mother, being his mother, just couldn't let it go. "Let me guess; you found him some time ago and he was part of a bandits' band," she was well aware about him playing with bandits when he was younger; she had been the one that actually taught him that as a game, "you killed everyone else and let that one live".

Sesshomaru kept his brows furrowed, which was the only answer his mother needed. She sighed and turned back at the window. "What did I teach you about that kind of softness?" She asked. Sesshomaru opened his eyes and looked at her back without moving. "Being soft only leaves place for rebellion. You, being the future head of the clan, must always rule with an iron fist. Otherwise, your rivals and enemies will think you are weak. A lot of confrontations can be avoided if everybody else knows you as the strongest," his mother turned to face him, making Sesshomaru to look up at her eyes, "if humans would've known us as merciless warriors all that massacre could have been avoided," she added, looking back at him, coldly. There it was again; that hate towards his father's mercy. "You showed mercy… you were weak against an enemy, a human… a member of that pathetic race without honor, and now your friend is dead. He died by the hands of that same enemy you left alive," his mother moved and walked past him towards the exit of the bedroom, leaving him standing still. "You are your father's son, and mine. You do have the power you are expected to have, but you lack the authority, the firm hand, the coldness and the control a true Lord must possess," and with that, his mother was gone, leaving him all alone.

Sesshomaru clenched his teeth, thinking about his dead friend as he closed his fists very tight and promised himself that he would not let any other being to step on him or to make him feel any pity or remorse. If his "weakness" had been the cause of his friend's death… then he wouldn't be weak ever again. He would be known for his power and temper. He would be the strongest. That he promised.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Sesshomaru floated calmly, surrounded by darkness. The memory had just ended and he was left thinking about them. Of course he remembered that. It was the previous memory that he kept thinking about. Finally he knew for sure what had happened the day his friend died. His expression showed nothing. He felt nothing. More than five hundred years had passed since then but he never forgot about it. He stopped caring about it the same moment he promised himself he would reach supremacy at any cost. He had left almost any emotion aside and focused entirely on becoming stronger. During training he defeated everyone he faced mercilessly, almost killing several of other Inu youkai that dared to keep fighting him. He gained the respect of every soldier of his clan, and even more fear from the rest of its members. Even the pups knew, at an instinct level, that he was someone far superior to them. He was barely seventeen years old when he began to travel around his father's territory in order to encounter different kinds of demons. Facing the strongest of all monsters to gain power and polish his abilities by defeating all of them.

'And then Chichiue died,' he thought. He defeated every monster he faced except for his father. Naraku and, more recently, Titan had been the strongest of them all. He narrowed his eyes when he felt the presence of a new dark hound that appeared behind him. He grabbed Bakusaiga's hilt and prepared it for battle, ready to turn the hound's attack against itself. His own sword had appeared right after he defeated the hound that attacked him after Saiten's death's memory, and rested against his hip. But the attack never came. The silver haired Daiyoukai turned around and faced the hound that growled at him. It was bigger than the others; as big as his father. Sesshomaru furrowed his eyebrows as he recognized the hound's smell. "Father," he called. In response, the hound howled darkly and reduced its size, changing its form and adopting a new and known one. His father floated in front of him, looking at him as he always did; proud.

"Now it is my turn," his father said, making him to narrow his eyes at him. Inu no Taisho chuckled, "to make you stronger," he added. The darkness surrounding them waved like it was breathing, like it was alive, pulsing over them.

Out of that dimension, Tsukune and his friends just finished watching the last memory. Sesshomaru's mother's words… they explained everything. Why the Daiyoukai never showed his emotions, why he constantly sought for power, why he never seemed to depend on anyone… why he despised most human beings. "Sesshomaru-san…" Tsukune murmured.

"He had a very rough childhood and…" Moka added, sad. The others just nodded; there was nothing else to say about it.

"That was the way in those days," Totosai said, like it was nothing important, "Youkai and humans were at constant battle against each other. Life was rough especially for the noble monsters because they didn't just commanded huge armies but because they were always in the front lines."

The teenagers looked at him as he spoke before nodding again. And then he heard it; Tenseiga pulsated in Totosai's hand. "I see…" the ghost murmured before letting go of the sword's hilt. Instead of falling, Tenseiga remained floating in front of all the viewers. The blade started to glow, bathing them with a warm light.

"Look!" Kallen signaled, making the students, Ruby and Totosai to look around. Because of the light bathing them, all the tormented spirits began to disappear.

"Tenseiga is purifying them," Totosai said, "is sending them to the next world." They watched the spirits disappear, one by one, relieving the comfortless moans to vanish slowly until there was no spirit left. Tsukune turned around and looked at Totosai.

"If they were sent to the next world that means they get to rest, right?" He asked, filled with hope. Totosai focused his big eyes on him and nodded. Tsukune smiled, happily, "I'm glad." The girls looked at him and smiled too; it was so like him to be worried about everyone. It was just his kind hearted nature.

"Sesshomaru-san," Mizore called, signaling the silver haired Daiyoukai that was now standing in front of them, showing his back at them. Sesshomaru turned and looked at them above his shoulder.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, simply.

"What!? You disappeared and we worried and you just ask us that!?" Kurumu asked, angry at his attitude. Sesshomaru looked at her for a second and then turned to face Kallen, ignoring the blue haired Succubus' tantrum. Yukari and Ruby held her as she tried to step forward and go for something that would definitely mean her death. Kallen chuckled and nodded, looking at him.

"As she said; you disappeared out of nothing and we wondered where you were," she confirmed. Sesshomaru arched his brows for a second before looking at all the presents and nod.

"She is very beautiful, Sesshomaru," they heard a deep voice. They all turned and faced Inu no Taisho, who looked at his son with an amused smile on his face. Sesshomaru furrowed his brows at his father's implications. "Let's see…" the armored Daiyoukai looked at every one of them individually, "Three vampires, two witches, a Succubus, a Yuki-ona and… a human," Inu no Taisho stared at Tsukune for a few more seconds than the others and smiled before looking back at his son, "a very interesting group of friends, if you ask me," he said to him. Sesshomaru closed his eyes and hmphed. His father chuckled and looked at Totosai before nodding.

The mentioned group of friends stared at the legendary figure of who was probably the first Daiyoukai that believed in coexistence between monsters and humans. That powerful figure that possessed a very kind yet strong expression on his face deserved all their respect. They had to admit that his resemblance with his son was amazing; just a few details, like the colors of the stripes on their cheeks and their eyebrows thickness, marked their difference. The ancient demon extended his right hand and Tenseiga, which rested against Sesshomaru's hip alongside Bakusaiga, floated out from its sheath and flew towards its previous owner. Sesshomaru furrowed his brows as he looked at his father's eyes; unable to believe what he knew was going to happen. "I think your friends better stay away from this," Inu no Taisho opined, changing his tone to a serious voice.

Sesshomaru looked back over his shoulder, "get out of here," he ordered before turning back at his father. Tsukune and the rest watched the scene, paralyzed, before Kallen pulled them back.

"We have to go, guys," she said, shaking them and guiding them back. She didn't stop looking at Sesshomaru, though.

"Draw your sword, my son," his father placed Tenseiga before him and the blade pulsated before transforming into an exact replica of Tessaiga. Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes and grabbed Bakusaiga's hilt.