Chapter one: going swimming and reminiscing

Aeroniel/ slight Electra POV

Aeroniel! My dragon, Electra mind-shouted. "oh be quiet" I sighed. "you worry too much" But… "no buts. I'm a Dixie (meaning southern), what can you expect? And besides," I said as I finished putting on my bikini, under the cover of Electra's wing. "I checked, and re-checked, and there's no one else around. And, if anyone tries anything, they'll have my sword, my bow, and your teeth, flames and claws to answer to, plus, any spells that I believe will suit the occasion." Well.. I cant argue with that. She sighed. But you still need to be careful.

I stepped out from under the cover of her wing and sighed in contentment. I walked up to the low cliff, took a deep breath, and dived over the edge. Hey! Wait for me! I laughed as Electra jumped and dove through the air, not intending to land, as I did, in the water. She pulled up at the last second, doing a twirl through the air as she went to the edge of the small lake to wait for me to have swum my fill.

My dragon. Oh I loved those words to no end. My dragon was Electra Brightscales, or Siladhiel Bjartskular. She had hatched from her egg just for me, and that was probably the happiest moment of my life. Well, tied for the happiest with when I transported myself to Alegaesia. You see, im originally from earth. Not alegaesia, not middle earth, just plain old earth. Well, from the united states of america to be exact. I had a very special ability. I was able to jump from world to world. I think queen Izlanzadi said it had something to do with my ancestry. Oh well. Anyway, I'm from Florida.

When I jumped into du weldenvarden, I also made sure I had brought some of my old clothes. As a result, I was always comfortably clothed in blue jeans, converse, and a bra and sensible underpants. I could deal without my shirts, so I wore elven tunics with my jeans now. And converse weren't always practical, so I had brought some flip-flops too. But I barely wore either pairs of shoes anymore, since I got my elven boots. No one thought me too strange though. I suppose its because I appeared right in front of the Menoa tree in the middle of the Agaeti Blodrhen. I surfaced and laughed, remembering all the astonished looks on the elves' faces.

Electra chuckled, reading my memories. It was rare that the elves showed any large amount of emotion, and rarer still that that emotion was surprise. It was nearly impossible to see such a wide display of elven surprise as I did that fateful night. Also something strange happened to me then. It seems that when you jump worlds, your outside appearance and species changes to suit your heart, mind, and soul. I was astonished when I felt my ears, eyes, and face. I was an elf… am an elf. And I love it.

Islanzadi adopted me as her own when she saw that I had no family. A ten year old human-turned-elf could never survive on her own. So I was raised as Arya's sister. That was five hundred years ago. Im Five hundred and ten now, and im no longer in alegaesia. Eragon was sent to explore the lands north of alegaesia, but saphira was round with the first egg in centuries. So, naturally, Electra and I volunteered .

Arya had wanted to go instead with her dragon, but I vehemently refused. You see, Arya's dragon was hatched from the green egg that was the last of Galbatorix's captive eggs. He was also the sire of Saphira's egg, which is why I refused to let him go. He should stay and take care of Saphira during this time. I had found Electra's egg a few months before, a large silver stone on the island of Vroengard, lost to all. I hadn't recognized it, but I had brought it with me when I returned to Ellesmera.

When a little silver dragon hatched, no one was more surprised than me. I lifted my right hand to my face, not for the first time, and studied my palm. The gedwey ignasia burned bright on my hand, still more proof of the obvious; I am a dragon rider. Enough reminiscing, I thought. I dove back beneath the surface and swam through the water plants to the edge of the lake.

I had flown with Electra past the dry ocean just north of du weldenvarden. Past that, I had come across a desert landscape, then countless mountains, and grasslands. And when I saw this forest, hidden away within a deep valley, I instantly fell in love. Electra had flown low in the sky, and when we had come across this small river and lake, I just couldn't pass up a swim.

I thought you said enough reminiscing. She said, with a slight smirk to her voice. I did, I thought back. Well apparently you didn't mean it, for you were reminiscing just now, she laughed; and I laughed with her. I climbed from the water, some of it staying with my skin and making me shine. I looked at my skin, and then at my dragon's scales. Electra, we're alike! I thought, laughing. That we are little one, she replied. I looked around, slightly shivering from being exposed like this, I couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching me.

"can you help me dry off? Im growing weary of standing in the full air." Sure, she said. I stood with my arms out to the sides. "okay im ready." she then started blowing softly. It wasn't enough to catch fire, but it was warm enough that I was dry within seconds. I climbed up her forearm, untying my pack of clothing. I pulled out a pair of skinny jeans that I had been wearing earlier, and my silver and green lamarae tunic, and my brown elven boots, along with my underclothing. Electra cupped her wing, making a sort of tent.

I walked under, and she closed the gap I had come through just in case there was anyone around. I quickly undressed, taking out my container of nalgask, and smoothing it over my skin. Why are you doing that? Electra asked. You have no idea how dry my skin got from flying so long. I thought back. I quickly got dressed, and as I was brushing my hair, using Electra's shining scales as a mirror, she suddenly shifted and growled low, sinking into a crouch and swinging around her head.

Electra? "Siladhiel, what is it?" I asked warily, packing up my things and walking out from under her wing, now fully dressed and groomed. When she didn't answer, but kept looking around, never leaving her defensive stance, I sprinted up her leg, re-tied my pack, returned my circlet to my brow, and armed myself. My quiver of fifty arrows was soon on my back, my silver bow with it. I belted on my sheath, and drew my silver sword.

My sword wasn't just colored silver, this sword was made with green brightsteel, mixed with silver. Silver necklaces and coins were other uses for the metal that went into my sword, but Rhunon thought this was a bit more important. My sword, was a silvery green, with a pattern running it's length that reminded me of light on the bottom of a swimming pool. Which of course is why I called it Eccaia, which means ocean in the ancient language.

I cast out my mind as I would a net, wary of any opposing minds. I stretched it all along the lake, and a few miles into the woods in any direction. I also made sure to include the area of the waterfall. I gasped as I sensed what I was searching for. And Electra thought in unision with me; Someone is watching us.


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