Chapter Four: Prejudices and flying

Legolas POV

It was a wonderful feeling to fly, but I was quite ashamed to admit, that I was afraid. Thought Legolas. He had had a very difficult time getting up onto the dragon, which was only helped along by the fact that the scales were mirror- smooth. He hoped that Aeroniel wasn't one to judge by first appearances, as he really just wasn't himself at all this evening. He sorely wished that she would come to respect and slightly fear him like most others, but he got the feeling that one could hide nothing from this girl and her dragon.

Another feeling that he got was that this girl feared few, and respected only those that she deemed worthy. A most likely reason for this was the fact that she had a dragon with her, and it seemed that they rarely, if ever parted. Then again, even before the dragon talked, she seemed very complex and not ordinary at all. Maybe it was her being so fearless. Most women loved being shy, but Aeroniel was straight and open, hiding almost nothing …well… if it pertained to the subject. He could tell that this elfling had many secrets yet.

He looked behind himself at Gandalf. Gandalf was one of the few he respected, seeing as most were younger than him, and required no respect, legolas hardly felt a reason not to feel superior. But Gandalf was wise for his years, and he was an istari besides. So respect was eminent. Speaking of, he currently had great reason to respect Aeroniel. As Electra went into a roll, he and Gandalf were only saved from slipping off by Aeroniel's impeccable knot tying skills, while she just whooped and laughed, leaning far over with the dragon, now almost horizontal with the ground, staying on flawlessly, and without any securing at all!

His eyes flew wide as he saw the forest below him-or was it above him?- , and he quickly shut them tight until he was right-way up again. Then he felt the presence in his mind again, and this time, he heard a voice… it was Aeroniel's voice, he thought, astonished. Are you okay, Legolas? The voice asked. He furrowed his brows. Was he finally losing his mind? NO Legolas, your mind has not yet forsaken you. I really am here, Legolas, in your mind. He opened his eyes quickly, and in the reflections coming off of Electra's scales, saw her face, which was once more in a blank state, and the feeling that she really was in his mind, speaking to him, became all too real.

Calm down Legolas, or you really will lose your mind. I heard aeroniel say.

Yes prnceling, you must calm yourself. This time it was the other voice, I think it was the dragon's.

"Ok, ok. I'm calm enough. Now first of all, how do you know where you are going?" I asked aloud.

Gandalf told us. And we are also going to that meeting of rulers that is gonna go on tomorrow. She spoke in mind talk again for some reason. It's easier than trying to talk over the wind.

Oh. Well that would explain it. Wait a minute…

"I never heard Gandalf say anything." I stated matter-of-factly.

'We spoke to him in mind speech also young one' Electra explained, while the elf-maiden sighed in obvious exasperation.

What IS your problem aeroniel? I asked, knowing she would hear me.

She was silent for a moment, and I believe that she forgot to withdraw from my mind just then, because I could hear her thoughts, see them, as clearly as if they were my own.

I could see scenes, playing over in her head. And they were of me. Me ridiculing her, for being a girl, for being young, for a multitude of things. And I was astonished. Why did she imagine these things?

It was then that a memory began. Not these scenarios that she imagined my demeanor to be, but a real memory. It was… faded, like se hadn't thought about it n centuries. It was of a man, and he was human, too. I saw Aeroniel walk up to him, in all of her battle regalia, with a different crown though.

It was more flashy, with a wreath of metal leaves. But these weren't normal leaves, they seemed sort of spiky, I remembered seeing a sketch of them somewhere… palm leaves, that was it. They were very small, and intertwined so intricately, it was even more complicated and beautiful than dwarf work.

When I looked closely,- for it seemed as if I was there in her memory myself, though no one reacted to me-I could see multiple small, precious stones adorning her crown. Jasper, moonstone, sunstone, and blood emerald. They were so rare and precious, I wondered at it, and it's simplistic man was seated on a throne, with royal attire, and crown. While her crown was simple, yet beautiful because of that fact, making her beautiful too, his crown was made to look boastful, with large sapphires, diamonds, and rubies.

It was a large thing, and it was surprising that the man's neck was strong enough to hold it up.

Why was she here?`legolas furrowed his brows. This place looked foreboding. Something about it was just… off. He watched as she walked up to the throne, head held high.

Lord Larkin, I have been sent here by my mother, the queen in Ellesmera. she began.

Why have you come, female?

At this, she was physically taken aback, and it was obvious to Legolas that she was restraining herself, from both physical and verbally retaliating.

Queen Islanzadi and King Evandar, my parents, have sent me to discuss with you and your council about the riders, and , more specifically, the rather questionable rider, Galbatorix. she responded, keeping a level tone.

Evandar…. That sounds like evenstar, is he possibly descended from middle earth?- thought Legolas from the sidelines.

If they sent a woman, then truly you must have been sent to give me a message. For women do not have the ability to understand and reason, and those who think they do are always mislead, into thinking they are equal to the male. Poor things, those weak little women. that's why we have them watch the house, you know. So they wont hurt themselves.

At this, Aeroniel was fuming, and the guards around the room were beginning to be set on edge, for they sensed that she was oh-so-close to her dreaded limit. Her eyes were narrowed to slits, and her hand rested on her sword.

I believe, sir that it would be best if I excused myself. Before your prejudices overcome my limit for tolerance. And with that, she excused herself, walking with lengthy strides from the throne room.

Another scene came up then, this time noticeably shorter.

Aeroniel was sitting on a low branch, but her peace was disturbed by a group of men clearly over their limits with ale.

He watched as they harassed her, and after she struck them, knocking them all out, but not killing them, she fled from the scene.

Stupid! Idiot! He could hear her chastising herself. Why me? Why must I put up with these insufferable men and their prejudiced ways?

I cant even strike them for fear of unjustly killing them! Argh! I cant take this! I'm going home!

And with that, her vision faded.

Hopefully, this helps with why Aeroniel doesn't trust legolas, or guys in general that much. But now that legolas has seen the cause, her feelings WILL change, I promise! This is actually just the first part of this ch, it'll be continued next chapter. Ok?

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