You're Under Arrest- NYPD Blue

Chapter 1- Hands Up!

It's another busy day in New York City and a police officer is on duty, patrolling the streets on a hot summer night. But she wasn't your ordinary uniformed, nightstick-up-the-ass kind of cop, this cop is an undercover gang investigator named Seika Katsuragi. She maybe a girl but this was one cop a gang member would not want to have a run-in with, especially on the mean streets of New York.

A longtime native of New York City, she was born in Flushing, Queens to a Japanese father and a Salvadoran mother. She was a tomboy growing up and it seemed she would never lose her spunk. That evening, the streets seemed quiet around the 42nd Street. Seika roamed the streets in her tight, back pocket less jeans, a blue t-shirt and her badge in the left front pocket.

She strolled into a bar and ordered herself a beer, but the 22 year old cop was not alone, "Hey, I thought I recognized you, bitch," said a man in his forties whom had an encounter with Seika a few weeks ago and still has a bruised jaw as proof. He was one of the local pimps and drug dealers in the downtown area of Manhattan whom was a part of a huge drug ring which circulated in the New York underground,

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a switchblade knife. Seika rarely carried a gun around with her, but she had another weapon up her sleeve, "You see this huh? Now you know I'm not playin' with you," He threatened slamming the knife into the bar tip first. His anger quickly softened as he looked at the beautiful tomboy cop with lust in his eyes, "but you know I'm a good man, you and I should hang,"

Any normal cop would be pulling out his piece and telling the man to 'get on the ground!' but Seika didn't want to risk blowing her cover. The pimp slowly ran the tip of his knife down her neck and around her breasts. The cold steel of the blade touched and lightly tickled her flesh, "You know I don't see very many Asians with your kind of…assets," Seika wasn't one who would take perverted acts lightly.

As soon as the man tried to touch her breasts, she sprang into action. She hit the man in the wrist and knocked the blade out of his hand with her right hand in combination crossing with a strike to the inside elbow joint. The blade flew out of his hand and Seika lifted him over her shoulder and threw him into a nearby table and down to the ground in a pile of broken glass.

The couple sitting at the table screamed at the man rolling about on the ground in pain, "Mess with the 'Demon' you pay the price!" She growled handcuffing the drug-dealer to a brass railing on the end of the bar. She took a deep breath and pulled out a cell phone and dialed up her local station to come pick up the latest catch, "Hey, yeah it's me, got a pick up for you guys at the bar on 42nd street, "

The pimp sighed hearing the sirens as two police cruisers parked in front of the bar. Two cops from Seika's station, Johnny Cade and Tyrell Banks, busted through the doors with .45 caliber pistols at the ready, "NYPD! Hands up!" Officer Banks yelled flashing his gun and the crowds of frightened onlookers. Officer Cade went over to the hand-cuffed pimp and sighed,

"Well, looks like the 'Demon' claims another victim," Johnny said handcuffing the man and placing him into his cuffs. Officer Banks put him in the backseat of his cruiser and hauled him off to the station, "It's OK, everyone, just…go back to what you were doing, thank you," everyone glared at the cops present while Seika went outside and watched Officer Banks drive back to the station,

"Oh by the way, the chief wants to see you when you get back to the station, I'll give you a lift if you won't beat the shit out of me," Johnny informed the undercover cop. Seika smirked at cop and went into the passenger's seat of the cruiser. Officer Cade parked the car at the local station about five blocks from where the night's events took place.

Seika walked up the steps into the station where she received a heated welcome, "Katsuragi in my office, now," The Chief growled at the young cop. Seika walked into his office with some of her fellow police men chuckling in the background behind her as she closed the door. The chief was an old man deeply religious man in his mid-sixties,

"God almighty, send me locusts, frogs, sickness, any of the plagues, anything but you! You are a catastrophe!" The Chief yelled at her with the spiky-haired Seika standing at his desk with her hands behind her back, twiddling her thumbs, "do you know how long it's going to take to pull all that glass out of his back?" The chief asked, not really looking for an answer, "sigh...what's wrong with you, Katsuragi?"

"I'm fine, Chief," Katsuragi scowled with annoyance, knowing she had been asked this sort of question countless times. She had been on the force for two years now and she's seen a lot of time in the field, a lot for than the average NYPD cop. As an undercover officer in the gang task force, she often carried such items into the field as brass knuckles and her black-belt skill in Karate earning her the nickname 'Demon',

"No you're not fine, not even close," He replied in a worried tone. He calmed down and took a sip of his coffee at the side of his desk and came to a decision, "Sigh…I really hate to do this to you, Katsuragi, but you leave me no choice," Chief said holding out his hand, "give me your badge, Katsuragi, I've had enough of your shenanigans,"

Seika wasn't too pleased about this all. She slammed her hand into his desk with a loud clap that could be heard all over the station,"You can't do this to me, Chief!" Seika yelled back emotionally, "being on the force is my life; I would have nowhere else to go!" All the officers present looked into the window of the chief's office at the events that were just unfolding.

The chief lightly smiled at the officer, knowing she was getting the wrong idea. He reached into a drawer at the side of his desk and pulled out a manila folder,"Well, you're wrong about that," The chief said handing her a set of paper work, "it seems another station is showing interest in your skills, I got this in the mail about a week ago," He adjusted his glasses and looked down at the name to see if he could pronounce it, "ah yes, a Chief Kachou sent us a request, wondering if you'd be interested in joining the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department,"

Seika rubbed her chin in thought. She'd been in the NYPD since she came out of the academy, "Maybe I could use a change," Seika thought wondering about what new things might be in store for her in a new department in a new city, "Alright, I'm in," She sighed, signing off on her transfer form and her chief approved it. The officers at the station watched as Seika headed out the door to a new adventure,