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The Squad Car - Chapter 1

It was just a seemingly normal shift for Andy and Sam, they were in their usual squad car 1504. Sam as per usual was in the driving seat and Andy was riding shotgun. Andy was looking out of the car window thinking about it is only 5hrs left, till she could get her uniform off.

Her daydream was broken with the sound of a voice.

"Andy, do want a coffee?" Sam broke the silence with.

"Oh, yeah I could do with a coffee! I didn't get much sleep last night!" Andy tiredly replied.

"Is, there anything you want to talk about, Andy? I might be able to help!" Sam quizzically asked.

"No, nothing I want to talk about!" Andy snapped back.

"Okay, if you want to talk about it, then you know I'm here for you!" Sam said offering a shoulder to cry on.

"Yeah, I know, thanks!" Andy thankfully replied to Sam.

Sam pulled the squad car up outside a coffee shop and got out of the car. He walked round to the window of the passenger door and knocked it. Andy rolled down the window.

"The usual?" Sam asked Andy in regards to her order.

"Yes, No, Yes, No!" Andy said trying to make up her mind on what she wanted.

"Come on McNally, is it a Yes or a No?" Sam snapped back at her.

"Can I have a hot chocolate for a change, feel like I need some comfort tonight. Can I have, cream and marshmallows on top, please?" Andy asked Sam nicely.

"Yeah sure whatever you want, McNally!" replied Sam in a caring tone.

Sam walked inside the coffee shop and Andy stayed in the car. Just in case a call came in so they could get away quickly.

Sam came out of the coffee shop with Andy's Hot Chocolate and his usual black coffee. He handed Andy her drink through the driver side window and then jumped into the car. Andy took one sip of her hot chocolate. She exhaled with what sounded like her whole body relaxing.

"This is what I needed tonight. Something warm and comforting!" Andy said with relief in her voice.

"What is going on with you McNally, tonight? You don't seem to be yourself?" Sam asked with concern in his voice.

"You don't want to be listening to my problems tonight! I have a habit of spilling what's going on in my screwed up life. Lets talk about what's going on with you?" Andy trying to change the subject to get it off her screwed up life.

Andy cast her mind back to earlier in the day. She and Luke had the mother of all fights this morning after coming off shift. It was all about her relationship with Sam. Luke never really got over the night of the blackout and the shooting where Andy went over to Sams and almost slept with him. Every time they got into a fight Luke would bring up the situation and say "If you don't like it with me then you can always go to Swareks. I know he would want you."

Andy walked out of the row with Luke this morning telling Luke "It is over between us, we have no trust in our relationship. If you can't let go of the whole blackout situation then. Its all off. Bye Luke!"

Andy snapped back to the present time when Sam shouted, "Earth to McNally, come in McNally!"

"Sorry, Sir just drifted off there for a second!" Andy apologized to Sam.

"Are you sure your okay to continue with this shift, I can take you back to the barn and you can sign off saying your feeling ill." enquired Sam.

"I will be fine, I don't want to go back to the barn. I want to stay busy so I can get a decent sleep tonight when this shift is over." Andy said with and exhausted tone in her voice.

Andy got her wish a few seconds later when a call came across the radio.

"1504 where are you?" the voice of the dispatcher came across the radio.

"We are outside Trebor Coffee Shop, on Dundas." Andy replied back to the dispatcher.

"We have a call for you then, We have had a few calls from people saying that there is a gang of youths playing being disrespectful in Old Park Cemetery. You're the closest unit can you deal."

"Yeah we can deal with call!" Andy replied.

Sam hit the switch to turn on the lights and siren and dashed to the scene.

Andy was thinking that this is a great distraction means that her and Sam won't have to talk about her personal life, but can get on with the shout in hand.