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Sam and Andy are sitting next to each other in the empty parade room waiting for Best to come in to give the orders of the day.

"I can feel this is going to be a long day before we even start." Andy says.

"Yeah its not going to be too long, it might feel it. Then we can go home and start preparing." Sam replied with a wink.

"Yeah, I know but there is loads still to be done. I haven't checked off everything on my to do list. I am just stressing out."

"Stop stressing it isn't going to be good for you. I don't like to see my baby stressing. Let me do all the stressing for us." Sam said gently rubbing Andy's neck.

"That is so, so good." Andy let out a sigh of relief. "You're my hero. What would I do without out you?"

"You won't be doing any of this without me. I promised you didn't I?"

"Yeah you did and I will be holding you to that promise."

Eventually Gail and Chris walked into the parade room walked down to the their usual seats at the front. Chris turned round to Andy and gave her a nod and she nodded back. Gail was being her usual self. Dov followed straight afterwards when he passed Andy he drew his hand across her back, looked down and smiled. Andy smiled back. Lastly Ollie, Traci and Noelle came in. Noelle and Ollie sat down at the end of the table that Sam and Andy were sitting. Traci sat at the end of the next table near to where Andy was sitting at.

"Hey, how are you feeling today?" Traci enquired about her friend.

"I am good, just will be glad when today is over in a way. So Sam and I can tick off things that are on my list. I just want everything sorted."

"You will get everything done."

"I hope so Traceā€¦" Andy was about to talk more when she noticed Frank walk into the parade room so she shut up.

The whole parade room went quiet when Frank opened his mouth.

"I don't want this to a long parade today. I want you all out on the streets today keeping the people of our fair city safe. So here is your partners today Peck your with Shaw today. Epstein your with Williams, Nash your with Swarek. Chris, you're going to be working with Detective Barber today finishing up the paperwork on the Ray Durham case. " Everyone was happy with their orders. Frank continued to speak "As you may know this is Officer Swarek's last shift with us for a while. We would like to wish her all the best in delivering the two lovely babies that she is carrying. How long have you got to go again, Andy?"


"I feel absolutely terrible again this morning Sam. I can seem to keep anything down." Andy said to Sam when they were sitting in the cruiser one morning.

"Yeah you haven't been yourself for a few days. You looked liked you were about to be sick when I brought that pizza to your apartment the other day. You said "Get that pizza away from me it's making me feel sick!""

"I must have picked up a little bug from when I went to visit Traci the other day. Must have got it off Leo. You know what kids are like they pass on any bug that is going."

"Yeah, kids are evil that way they are the pass on the diseases of the day to the unsuspecting public."

"I am feeling better now that I have been sick again. I hope this passes quickly don't know how much more I can take"

Sam and Andy pulled away from the side of the road to continue their shift.

A few days later, Andy was sitting in the female locker room at the barn. She had been sick for over a week now. Traci walked in and took one look at Andy.

"You been sick again."

"Yeah I have and Trace I think I am way late. I have been here looking through my phone trying to work out how many days I am late."

"How many days?"

"To be honest Trace, I think its about 3 weeks."

"Right I think its time you peed on a stick. Just to set your mind at ease. I will go now before shift and go to the drug store and get a kit. Be back soon." Traci walked out of the locker room.

About 20 minutes passed Traci walked back into the locker room.

"Andy, will you come to the bathroom with me please." Traci asked Andy, not to raise suspicions with the other female officer in there.

Traci and Andy walked into the female bathroom and locked the door behind them.

Traci, reached inside her purse and pulled out a pregnancy test kit and said "Pee"

"Okay!" Andy said taking the kit off Traci and walked into the cubicle.

Andy walked out of the cubicle with stick in her hand.

"How long do we have to wait?"

"2 minutes"

The two girls stood in silence for those two minutes, which seemed to take for eternity to pass.

Traci looked at her watch. "Time is up, you want to look." They looked at the stick lying on the back of the sink.

"No you look. No I will do it." Andy, trying to decide if she wanted to know or not.

Andy bent over to look at the stick. It had given her the answer. She turned around to look at Traci with complete shock in her eyes.

"Tell me what it says, girlfriend you're scaring me." Traci asked her friend.

"It says I am pregnant."

End of Flashback

"Sir, I have one month to go but could go at any time because I am pregnant with twins." Replied Andy to Frank's question whilst gently stroking her stomach.

"Well, we are going to miss you around the barn when you leave. You're the only one that seems to keep our Sammy in line. So would you and Sam like to come up here as we have a few little gifts to give you both."

Sam helped Andy get out of her chair to go up to the front of the parade room. Andy walked slowly as her back was sore and the extra weight she was carrying didn't help.

Noelle and Ollie walked out of the parade room and came in with 3 large baskets of things.

Frank was the first one to speak. " Well this gift here is from all at the 15 for your two little hopefully future crime fighters if they have their mom and dads genes." The basket was full of baby grows, blankets, hats and socks. Plus top of the basket was two of the tiniest handcuffs ever seen.

Andy stood there trying to hold back the tears but managed to get out "Thank you"

Noelle was next. "Well Andy, I know that there will be a lot of attention on those two when they arrive. Well the women have all got together to put this basket together so that you Andy aren't forgotten about and so you could pamper yourself." Noelle handed the basket over to Andy. It was full of facial creams, things for the bath and an envelope. Andy opened it up it was a day spa treatment for her to use. Andy broke down in tears and gave Noelle a hug and managed to get a wink out to Traci.

Finally Ollie it was his turn to speak. "Well Sammy you are about to enter the fatherhood and nothing prepares you for that trust me I know. No police training can prepare you for the sleepless nights, diaper changes and the sick. All that said it will be the best and most rewarding time of your life. As you can see the Andy and the twins have been given gifts. We thought it was only right that you got one yourself. So here is a gift from all your male friends here." He handed Sam over his gift. Which contained a Father to be t-shirt in black, earplugs, baby owners manual for dads, a bottle of Scotch whisky and a book of drinking night passes.

Sam noticed that Andy wasn't able to speak for herself as she was still in tears. So he made a speech on behalf of them.

"Guys you all know me too well I don't make speeches that often or like to. So on behalf of Andy and myself. I would like to say thanks to everyone for these kind gifts its appreciated. By the way I will be making use of those drinking night passes as soon as I can." Which earned a dig in the ribs from Andy.

Everyone made their way up to Andy and Sam before exiting the parade room to give them either a hug or a pat on the back.

Sam gave Andy a hug before he exited himself from the parade room. Andy had been on desk duty for months so she was used to everyone going out and leaving her, this was the last time before maternity leave.

Andy waddled over to the desk and sat down. Once she made herself comfortable she caught sight of her left hand, which had her wedding and engagement ring on.


"Sam, Can you please sit down with me I have something I want to say to you. I can say that whilst you are in the kitchen making dinner."

"Ok, I am coming." Sam put down the pan that he had in his hand and walked over to the sofa and sat down beside Andy.

"I don't want you to be angry at what I am going to say. I have something that you have got to hear."

"Well spit it out McNally you know I hate surprises. I promise not to be angry"

"Sam, I don't know how the best way to say this but I am going to say it quickly to get it out there. I am pregnant"

"What?" Sam said in disbelief.

"You heard me, I am pregnant and I know for sure it is yours." Andy replied with a relief that it was out there.

"How do you know it is mine?"

"I know 100% that it is yours because the last time I had a period was after the last time Luke and I had sex."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I am sure. So by my dates but I need a doctor to confirm it, it must have been around the time we were trapped down in the crypt or just after."

Sam took Andy in his arm and gave her the biggest hug and kiss. He was happy that Andy was pregnant with his child.

"Looks like your not angry. Are you happy with this news?"

"Yeah, I'm so happy this is the best news I have ever got."

A few days later Sam and Andy had managed to get a quick appointment at the hospital to see the gynaecologist. They were both sitting waiting in the waiting room when the doctor came out and said "Miss McNally." Sam and Andy both got up and walked into the room.

The doctor patted the bed in the room and said "Miss McNally would you like to lie up here please. You are here to find out how far along in your pregnancy you are, isn't that right?"

"Yes, it is plus I want to know if my baby is fine." Sam sat there in silence, as he knew he couldn't answer any of these questions.

"Okay, would you please lift up your top so I can have a look with the ultrasound. Daddy are you looking forward to seeing your child?"

"Yes aren't we baby?" Sam said with the biggest smile on his face, which flashed his dimples.

"Yes we are!" Andy nodded in agreement.

Andy lifted her top up and the doctor put the gel on her stomach and used the probe to find the baby.

Sam stood up at the side of the bed holding Andy's hand and both of them gazed into the monitor. Eventually they heard something.

"Well can you hear that?" the doctor asked them.

"Yeah we can, is that our baby's heartbeat?" they said in unison

"Yeah it is your baby's heartbeat and there it is?" The doctor pointed to something on the screen.

Sam and Andy saw something. Both looked at each other and smiled.

"How long am I?" Andy asked.

"Well from this I would guess by the size that you are about 7 weeks gone. Does that fit in with your calculations?"

Andy nodded.

The doctor looked back at the screen and was studying it then turned to Andy and Sam.

"Good and I have some other news for you. You aren't going to have one baby; you're going to have two. Congratulations. Look there is another baby there."

Andy was crying and Sam was fighting back at the tears.

"We're going to be having two babies."

"Yes it looks like we are. I was going to do this properly but I think this the time and place. Andrea McNally will you marry me?"

The doctor got up and walked out of the room.

"Yes, I will marry you Sam."

Sam kissed Andy and he produced a ring that he had been carrying around in his pocket. It was a white gold ring with 1 large stone in the middle with 2 smaller stones at either side.

"Sam it is beautiful. It is the type of ring I would have gone for."

"Glad you like it. I hoped you would, I was nervous."

Sam put the ring on Andy's ring finger and kissed her hand.

The next few weeks were busy as Sam and Andy were frantically trying to arrange a wedding before Andy got any bigger.

On the day of the wedding, Andy was really nervous. She had picked out a plain cream dress that had a detachable skirt on it. Her hair was up in an updo. She looked stunning. Traci and Sarah were there helping her getting dressed. She had asked Sarah to be her bridesmaid. Their dresses were purple. Tommy was pacing up and down outside the hotel room trying not to drink as he had promised Andy.

Sam was one floor down getting dressed into his black morning suit with Ollie and Jerry there. Sam had asked Ollie and Jerry to be his best men as he didn't want to choose between them. Once dressed Sam took a gulp of the whisky that Ollie had given him to calm his nerves, and then he turned to Ollie and Jerry and said

"Thanks guys for agreeing to do be my best men. Are you ready?"

They both nodded and exited the room to go down to the hall where he was to get married.

At the same time Tommy knocked on the door. Sarah answered.

"Is she ready?"

Sarah nodded and walked in to the room. When Tommy caught sight of Andy a few tears came to his eyes.

"Andy, you look amazing and the happiest I have seen you."

"Dad, I am happy and I am marrying the man of my dreams and the father of my children." She rubbed her belly.

"Are you ready?"

"Yeah I am."

Andy walked over to her dad took his arm and walked out of the room.

Sam was now standing in the small hall of the hotel that they were getting married in with Jerry and Ollie. Everyone from the 15th that could have got the day off were there. Chris, Dov, Gail, Noelle and Frank. Shaws wife was there too.

All of a sudden the door at the back opened up and the music started. Traci and Sarah walked through followed by Andy and Tommy.

Once Andy saw Sam in his morning suit her breath was taken away. Wow my husband to be is hot.

When Sam saw Andy his eyes light up light a Christmas tree and began smiling like a Cheshire cat. Andy you look amazing and I can't believe your mine for the rest of my life.

Sam and Andy joined hands and recited their vows to each other. Andy was trying her hardest not to cry.

Then the pastor said the words that both of them have been waiting to hear for a few weeks.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Sam and Andy kissed passionately but in the background the assembled crowed cheered.

"May I be the first to introduce the newly married Mr and Mrs Samuel Swarek"

End of Flashback

Andy must have been lost in her memories for a while when she felt a hand on her shoulder.

"Earth to Andy Swarek"

She turned round to find it was Sam.

"Hey, sorry about that. What are you doing back here so quickly?" She tried to get up to give him a hug but fell back on her seat.

"Its okay stay there." Sam bent down and gave Andy a hug and a kiss. "Well I have brought in a guy caught trying to graffiti a wall near a high school and I thought I would check on you. You look ok apart from being a million miles away. I better get going, Traci is in booking waiting for me. Will see you at the end of shift." Sam looked at his watch it was only 3 more hours to go. He kissed Andy and left.

The rest of the shift went by quickly and Andy was getting tired. Everyone was coming up to her and wishing her good luck as they all were leaving. Andy waddled to the female locker room to grab her things and baskets so she could leave as soon as Sam was. As soon as she entered she found Traci, Gail and Noelle sitting like they were waiting for her. They all stood up and walked towards her and gave her a group hug. That was enough to send Andy into floods of tears. They broke away and Andy said thanks to each of them individually. Traci, Gail and Noelle picked up Andy's things and walked her out. Then they bumped into Sam who was on his way to get Andy. Sam was closely followed by Dov, Chris, Ollie and Jerry. The boys took the baskets and bags off the girls and everyone walked Andy and Sam out of the barn that evening. Each giving Andy a hug and a kiss before she got into the truck to drive away to start the new chapter in her life.

Once out of the barn parking lot Sam turned to Andy and said "It wasn't as bad as you were thinking was it?"

"No it wasn't. Now I just want to get home I am really tired."

3 days later Andy was sitting on the sofa at home relaxing reading a baby book. Sam was in the nursery finishing putting the rocking chair together. When Andy felt a pain in her stomach and she let out an almighty scream. Sam came rushing in to find out what it was. Andy had some how jumped up and looked down, her waters had broken.

"Sam I think it time."

Sam quickly grabbed his keys to the truck and ran and put Andy's bag in the car. Then he came back and picked Andy up and placed her in the truck and sped off from the house.

During the ride to the hospital Andy was screaming with every contraction. Sam hated seeing Andy in so much pain. Sam had called a head to say that he was on his way with Andy. As soon as they arrived at the hospital, the nursing staff of the hospital was waiting for her.

"Are you Andy Swarek?" one of the nurses said.

Sam replied "Yes she is."

They wheeled Andy up to the labor wards her contractions were coming thick and fast. Within 5 hrs of arriving at the hospital, Sam and Andy's first child was born. A little girl then about 3 mins later their second was born, a boy.

Andy was exhausted but ecstatic at seeing her daughter and son lying in the crib beside her. Sam was standing over the crib smiling down at his gorgeous children and then looking at Andy.

"Sam I have been thinking about names. How would you feel for our daughter to be named Katherine Sarah Swarek, and our son James Thomas Swarek?"

"I really like them. I love that you have included the two most important people in our lives their names into our children's names." Sam picks up his son and hands him to Andy then he picks up his daughter and goes and sits on the bed beside Andy. Sitting together for the first time as a family.

Sam says, " Welcome to the world Katherine and James. Andy I love you so much for giving me these 2 beautiful children, and now we are a family. Sam leans across and kisses Andy on the forehead.