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Paperwork. Bloody paperwork. It's like I'm at Hogwarts once again and I 'm writing my five foot essay on Potions. Unfortunately, it's not like Hermione is here to help me with this. He stopped. He didn't want to think about her again. Not now. He looked at his watch. It was almost 10 pm. Usually at this time the Auror's Department is empty. Everybody goes home. Home, he sighed. Ron lived alone in a small flat with only one bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and a small living room. It was not exactly the most enchanting place in the world.

But right now, all he wanted to do was to get back to his flat. He hated that part of his job. If he knew that being an auror would come along with endless hours behind an office desk, writing detailed reports of his assignments, he would probably never have become one. The truth is that Ron loved the field part of his job. Chasing bad guys, really bad guys, was exciting. It gave him the motivation to stay sane. He knew what he had to do. Surprisingly, Ron took his job very seriously. Perhaps even more surprising was that the fact that he was really good at it. He was one of the best aurors. Six months ago he got promotion to Captain. The youngest Captain, actually. Being a Captain meant he was in charge of operations. He also was given his own team.

Ron had just come back from a three-month assignment in Ireland. His mission was to capture Robert Green. He was a former Death Eater and follower of You-Know-Who and was responsible for the murder of his wife and her muggle lover. He was hiding in a small village outside Cork. The mission wasn't very difficult. The hard part was picking up his trail. Once they found him his arrest was a piece of cake. He didn't even resist. Maybe it was because he was alone in front of six well-trained Aurors. He had to be crazy or suicidal to put up a fight. Luckily, he wasn't either.

Half an hour later, he finished. He decided to go to the nearby pub to get something to drink. He really needed one after spending almost all day filling out forms. Maybe he needed one because of Hermione. He was trying to forget her and move on. He tried very hard. He became a workaholic. His job was his safe-house. Nobody there knew about Hermione, so nobody asked any questions. Not like his family and friends. He still remembered how everyone was shocked when he and Hermione broke up. He wasn't surprised when everybody assumed that the break-up was his fault. Maybe the fact that Hermione moved immediately to America has something to do with that. He never told anyone what happened between them. If he was honest with himself, he didn't know either. He knew why they broke up. He just didn't know whose fault it was anymore.

He walked in and went to the bar. "What can I get you, handsome?" he heard a woman's voice say.

Ron raised his head and saw the barmaid. She was a drop-dead gorgeous blonde with green eyes and beautiful curves that made every guy in that bar drool. In one word HOT. "Just a firewhiskey" he said.

She brought the drink and she winked at him. Ron knew very well how his night was going to end. Ron had developed into a very attractive man. His was tall and well-built, but those were not his strongest points. His eyes were the big draw. His blue, melancholic eyes could melt even the coldest woman's heart. Women would see his broken look and for some reason find him, irresistible. However, he also knew that women didn't want anything more from him than a good shag. They could tell that he was a mess and wasn't ready for a serious relationship.

The alarm clock started ringing and Ron saw it was 8 am. He woke up and went to the bathroom. After a shower and shave, he came back to get dressed for work. He picked out a pair of jeans and a white shirt. He got dressed quickly and decided to have breakfast at Lisey's. Lisey's is a café, right next to the Ministry that serves all-day breakfast. He put his black lather jacket on and was ready to go. At that moment he noticed that the sexy blonde was still asleep. He took a piece of parchement and wrote. "Hey, i'm off to work. Had a nice night. See ya…."

It was almost noon when Nancy came in his office. She is Chief Fletcher's secretary. "Mr Weasley, I came to inform you that boss wants to see you in his office in 20 minutes." she said.

Nancy was a beautiful 20-year old with brown curly hair and chocolate eyes. In many ways, she was like Hermione. She was also very passionate with reading. Ron often found her in the Ministry's cafeteria reading a book. He loves that she reads books and not just magazines. That's why he always flirts with her, but was unfortunately, not very successfully.

"Nancy, how many times I must tell you to call me Ron? I'm only two years older than you. You made me feel old when you called me Mr Weasley. Do I look that old?" he teased her.

"No, Mr Wea… Ron. You do look very young. Since you are an Auror and I'm a secretary, I must speak to you in the proper way, Captain." she said smiling.

"Captain? I like hearing that from your lips." he said and he walked very close to her and his face was inches from hers. "Call me that again" he whispered in her ears.

"I think i have to go now. Don't forget. Boss's office, twenty minutes" she said and she turned to leave. Before she closed the door,, she added, "Captain" and she left with a mischievous smile.

Ron couldn't help but smile. Twenty minutes later, he found himself outside Chief Fletcher's office. He gave Nancy a wink as he went inside.

"Sir, you asked to see me?" he asked.

"Yes, Weasley, come and sit. Do you want a cup of tea?"

"No, Sir, thank you. I'm in a bit of a hurry, actually." he said trying to avoid chit-chat.

"Going to see the family?"

"Yes, Sir. It's been 3 months. I really miss them." he lied. He didn't lie about missing them. He really miss them. He lied about going see them. The truth is that he hadn't visit the Burrow over the last year. He couldn't stand his mother's looks everytime she saw him. They were a mix of pity and anger. Pity because he was alone and anger because Hermione and he broke up.

"Well, I'll try not to keep you too long then. First, I need to ask if you or any member of your team is hurt from your last mission"

"No, Sir, we were very lucky." he said truthfully.

"That's good to hear. Now, the reason I called you here is because I have another mission for you and your team."

"But, Sir, we just came back from Ireland. We haven't seen our families yet. You can't send us out on a mission so soon." Ron said angrily. Even though his life is a mess, he knew the other members of his team have normal lives. They had a home to go to. They need to spend time with their families. It was only fair after three months of absence.

"Relax, Weasley. I'm not talking about another hunt and capture. This has nothing to do with the usual business. This mission is very simple actually, and it's right here in London."

"If it's simple, Sir, then why do you need us? I'm sure there are other teams here doing nothing. Why is this mission assigned to us? Sorry, Sir, but that's seems unfair, since we just returned." Ron yelled still angry.

"Lower your voice, Weasley. Remember where you are and who are you talking to. The only reason you are assigned to this mission is because he is your friend and he asked for you specifically. He said he only trusts you with this."

"He? Who is he?" he asked with curiosity.

"Harry Potter."

"Harry? Harry's here?" he couldn't understand. What could Harry possibly want from him that he personally couldn't handle. "Last time I saw him was a year ago. What is this mission all about?" he asked again now giving his full attention to Fletcher.

"He wants to make sure everything is safe for a wedding ceremony."

Now, nothing made sense. "I don't understand. Wedding ceremony? But he is already married to my sister. Who is getting married?" Ron asked still not understanding what was going on.

"Well, let me see." He took out a file and after searching his papers for a while he said. "It's the marriage of Joshua Norton and Hermione Granger."

Ron froze. That couldn't possibly be true. "What? Is this a joke?" he asked.

"No. Mr Potter was very serious about this. He left instructions for you to meet him at his place tomorrow afternoon. He'll give you the details then."

"Wait, wait, wait... Who's says I'm going to do it?" Ron said while the anger inside him raised every second.

"I say so. And now if you please..." Fletcher said showing him the door and leaving no room for further discussion.

Ron stormed out the office and he failed to notice that Nancy was waiting for him with a smile and a book on her hands. It was the Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. It was a muggle book. It was not her taste, but she knew the title would make him want to read it. It was her present for his birthday. His birthday was a week ago, but he was still in Ireland. She tried to talk to him, but he didn't stop. She slowly sat on her chair again and she put the book on her desk. I suppose i'll give it to him some other day,she thought sadly. She had everything planned. She was going to give him the book and then she knew that once again he would ask her out. Only this time she planned to say yes.

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