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Maria's Thoughts

That pink hedgehog gives me a mixed impression of the females of the race I am now.

Regular POV

The door slams open with a loud ga-thunk as Amy strides into the room. She tilts her head and smiles at Shadow. She casually kicks the door closed behind her.

"Hi, Shadow. I got you something!" Amy says as she twirls on her toes. In her hand are two lifetime passes to Twinkle Park. She hands them to Shadow.

"Amy…" Shadow says as he glares at the girl.

"What?" Amy asks as she glances over her shoulder.

"How do you know where I live and how exactly did you just get through the door unhindered?" Shadow asks.

"Oh I asked Rouge where you live. As for getting past the door it's called Abnes Lockpicking." Amy says. She teleports past the door. "SONAVA!"

"Judging by that she overshoot the landing and teleported over the balcony." Shadow says as he turns to walk back into his apartment. Maria yawns as she walks into the room.

"What was that about?" Maria asks. "You weren't seeing another woman were you?"

"Just Amy. She stopped by to give us these." Shadow says as he hands Maria one of the passes.

"Amy?" Maria asks.

"Pink haired female hedgehog that was taking pictures." Shadow mentions.

"Oh, her. She better not be trying to steal you from me." Maria says as she snuggles into Shadow's chest fur.

"She's not bad." Shadow says as he walks away. Maria dumps herself on the sofa and starts watching it go around and around. As Shadow walks back into the room he notices Maria has drifted to sleep with a playful grin on her face. Shadow smiles before walking up to the trash can and dumping the object he is holding in it.