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The stage was illuminated by bright heat lamps suspended from the very tops of the ceiling. This auditorium filled with the scum of the earth, all looking for one thing.

Little did they know, I was here to get in the way of their plans.

I made sure to stay in the shadows, the last thing I wanted was to be seen, idle chit-chat would only cause complications.

I held my breath as two giants of men pulled a girl next on stage. My hands fisted themselves in the pockets of my slacks. She was mine.

"Our next piece of merchandise is a young girl. She is a college student, so she is rather old but note her delicate skin, a smooth cream."

The whole crowd seemed to perk up as they presented this beauty, chaining her to floor as she tried to struggle in vein.

I bristled as I noticed a pair of menacing eyes peaking their way through the curtains from backstage. I had to use all the strength in me not to wrap my hands around his throat.

Patience, you will get what you came for.

"And her face, she is of uncommon quality."

I quickly averted my gaze from the selfish fuck to the struggling, naked girl on stage, everyone grew ramrod straight in their seats as the announcer lifted her face, to reveal the most innocent doe eyes anyone has ever seen.

Her face was flushed, her chocolate eyes glazed over and unseeing.

The only way those sick fucks would have captured her. They drugged her.

My throat closed as I saw red, next they spread her legs, proudly announcing that she was in fact virginal, and untouched.

"The lucky customer who purchases her may confirm that with their own eyes."

"I'll start the bidding at 50."

From then on, voices erupted through out the auditorium, as Champagne was passed around, as men bid for this girls life and freedom.







The bids were endless until one rang out through every other voice.

"100 million!"

"We have 100 million."

"Any other bids? Any at all?"

"Okay…then for 100 million…"

This was my leave it looked like. I pushed off the wall, striding forward to the front of the platform.

"120 million!" I lifted my right arm, dropping the lid of my briefcase, tipping it forward so every counted bill spilled itself at the girls knees.

"120 million. All in cash." I practically said this to the young woman, bound and kneeled, brown curls pillowing around her delicate shoulders. She was perfect, even since the first day I set eyes on her.

She was an angel.

And she was mine.

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