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Dante held his finger into a 'gun' gesture … pointed it forwards … and then flicked it up, making an imitation sound of a gun blast.

"And with that shot …" He told the wide eyed, drooling baby on his lap. "Is how I destroyed the devil himself, got the girl and saved the world again."

Dante grinned, rubbing his chin. The baby just gaped at him … and then reached up and grasped a small fistful of his hair.

"Ah dammit!" He hissed.

Selene scooped the baby from his lap, gently easing its grip on his hair, and cradled it in her arms.

"You know, Dante … Hope needs changing." Selene said.

"I wondered what that smell was." Dante said. "At least it wasn't me."

Selene shook her head. "Nero and Kyrie will be back soon. I'll go and get Hope changed … and you can make a bottle for her."

"Since when did we get pulled into babysitting duty?" Dante asked, raising his brows.

"It doesn't hurt to get a little experience when it comes to babies." Selene passed him a grin and Dante blanched.

"I'd prefer a little more experience making babies … if you know what I mean …" He swept a hot glance up her body and watched her blush.

Selene vanished into the bathroom to change Nero's baby daughter Hope. She was only a few months old. Kyrie had fallen ill … and Nero had taken her to the physician in Fortuna. Nero had asked Lady to look after his daughter – she had said babies weren't her speciality. Trish had been tipped off that Nero was looking for child care … so she was not responding to any calls.

So … Kyrie had called Selene, who agreed, dragging Dante with her. Selene took off the baby's soiled diaper and threw it away. She beamed brightly at the silver haired, blue eyed baby, who giggled. Hope looked much like Nero. Yet somewhere there was something of Kyrie. Hope was a happy baby, always laughing and giggling at something.

Once finished, she picked Hope up and carried her back into the room. Dante must have still been in the kitchen. She wandered inside. There was white powder all over the counter, a tub of baby formula had been knocked over, and there was a puddle of hot water over the counter.

"Killing demons is so much easier than this." Dante said as he poured steaming water into the bottle.

He then ran the bottle under the tap. He watched as Selene held out her finger to Hope who grasped it.

Selene smiled, speaking softly and sweetly to the baby, who giggled and wobbled excitedly in her arms.

Dante wondered for a moment … if this is how his mother had been with him and his twin brother. He frowned suddenly.

"Dante …?" Selene swept gracefully to his side, and leaned her head against his shoulder.

"Is the bottle done yet?" Dante drew it out from the water.

Selene handed Dante the baby, again reminding him to mind its head, and then she pulled her sleeve up.

She put a droplet of milk onto her wrist and then nodded.

"Perfect." She said.

She handed Dante the bottle.

He pushed it back to her.

"Sorry I … I'm not good at this whole baby thing." He said.

Selene sighed, took Hope back and fed her, every so often pulling the bottle away so the baby could have a break to breathe.

The door rattled opened.

"Dante? Selene! We're back." Came Nero's voice.

He sauntered into the kitchen … eyeing the mess Dante had made. Selene handed him his daughter.

"We'll clean up the mess." Selene said. "How is Kyrie doing?"

As if on cue, Kyrie wandered in.

"It's nothing serious." Kyrie assured them. "Thank you so much for taking care of Hope. She always seems so happy to see you, Selene."

"Guess that's my angelic charm. The same happens to animals too." Selene said.

"So … do you two have any plans for any children of your own?" Kyrie asked.

Dante choked, and all three of them looked at him.

"Uh … not … yet." He said.

It was dark and silent, the moon merely a thin slither in the night sky. Even the wind fell still. There came a soft jingling … and a coil of feathers began to fall from the sky, whirling until they touched the ground.

There came a lull of an ethereal voice and then … a tall, beautiful woman with long frizzy blonde hair which fell to beyond her bare feet. It was tied up by a huge, sagging blue ribbon at her shoulder blades … and then tied again at her lower back … and finally a small bow tied it a few inches before the bottom. She had a thin fringe poking out over her delicate brows, and coiling tendrils of hair at her ears.

Her expressive lavender eyes gazed at the forest below her.

She had huge, glistening white wings perched at her back, flecked by traces of dusky pale blue. She wore a dress the same colour with billowing sleeves, and a long train at the back curled down.

She exuded a pure, milky light much like from a full moon. She flapped her wings and soared onwards, peering down. She was looking for something.

As she sailed onwards … something shot out of the trees. Twisting her body she only just avoided it. It was some kind of tentacle. The angel barely managed to dodge another before she rose higher, trying to get away from the range of whatever was attacking.

Something coiled around her ankle and she whimpered, her soft voice was dazzling even though she was in distress.

She flapped her wings harder, pulling against the tentacle wrapped around her ankle. It yanked her downwards.

"No!" She screamed.

She was dragged through the tree line, desperately she gripped onto a thick trunk. If her feet were to touch the ground …

She squealed as the tentacles yanked her harder, almost wrenching her grip of the tree.

She looked down … and saw the tentacle poke from the round but she could not see what was manipulating it.

The tree began to crack. She was pulled harder and then … she tumbled to the ground.

She trembled ... glancing around her with wide eyes. A few feet from her, a demonic circle of light formed, and from it rose a black clad figure.

"No ..." She whispered. "Please ... don't ..."

The figure surged forwards, grabbing her ... and then ... she screamed.

Dante was above Selene, holding himself up. They were laying in a king size bed in their apartment.

Dante had kept his office … but on an evening they returned here so they could get some alone time. The decision had come after several walk-ins from potential clients, Morrison and Lady whilst they had been … in a somewhat awkward position.

So … I guess all that talk of having kids freaked you out." Selene said.

Dante shrugged. "Sorry … I just … had a rough time with my own family and the prospect of it just … scares me a little."

Selene put her hand onto his bare chest. "Don't worry about it too much. We have plenty of time together … and right now … the most important thing to me … is just being with you."

Dante leaned down and kissed her.

"What was it you were saying earlier…" Selene grinned at him. "Something about making babies …?"

Dante grinned.

Selene stood in a dark, overgrown woodland. There were ruined arches around her. She took slow cautious steps.

"Please ..." She heard a voice.

She spun around the see a woman hidden in the shadows. No sooner had she locked eyes with them ... they vanished.

"Michael ... Gabriel ..." The broken voice came again.

Selene turned and the shadowed figure was behind her.

"Please help me ..." They said.

In the dim light Selene could make out wings at this woman's back, frizzy blonde hair ...

"He must be stopped ... before it is too late ... I cannot ... hold out much longer ... please ..." The woman stretched her hand to Selene. Selene took her hand and a serious of horrible images bombarded her mind …

She was being dragged away somewhere dark and foul smelling. She was drenched in a nervous sweat, breathing fast. She couldn't see her captors face ... but she saw a swelling sea of demons around her in all shapes and sizes. They snapped at her and she jerked away.

She was flung into a room and the door locked.

Everything snapped ... and now she was chained ... in a cold dark cell. Something was skulking in the shadows. It was ... it looked like a man at first ... but as they neared she could see it was a demon. They leered at her, sweeping their hungry gaze up and down her body.

The demon had red eyes, pins for teeth, and a set of curling horns on its head. It bent down ... and inhaled deeply.

"Delicious ... angels always smell so ... delicious." It said, a long tongue flicking from its mouth.

It touched its hands to her. Selene pulled away, but her arms were shackled.

The demon tugged at her skirt ... ripping them off her. Its eyes bulged delightfully at her exposed thighs ... as it ran its hands up and down them; cold tremors ran through her body.

"No!" Selene screamed.

The demon wrenched her legs apart, despite Selene's resistance. Its tongue coiled from its mouth, licking across her cheek.

"If you stay this tense it will only hurt you. You might as well try to enjoy yourself ..." It said.

"Get off me! No! Stop it!" Selene screeched.

A series of hazy images flashed by her, too grotesque to think about.

"Selene! Selene wake up ... come on, snap out of it." Dante grasped Selene's shoulders.

Selene awoke with a start, screaming. Her heart was pounding in her chest; she was soaked with sweat, her body shaking. Dante's hands were on her bare shoulders, looking down at her, his face twisted with concern.

It was a dream.

"Selene, are you alright?" Dante said.

She leaned upwards, wrapping her arms around him. He embraced her back.

"I just ... had a bad dream." Selene said. "It seemed so ... real ..."

"Yeah I hate those." Dante said.

Selene calmed, feeling the heat of Dante's bare body against hers.

"You almost punch me several times ... it must have been a really bad dream. Was it bats or something?" Dante asked.

"Something ... like that." Selene answered.

Dante pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Don't worry about it. It was just a dream ... they don't mean anything."

**************** SIX MONTHS LATER****************

Dante was running down a narrow corridor, firing at the horde of demons piling in behind him, giving chase. He continued running. There was a larger demon somewhere in here.

"Sixteen, seventeen … eighteen." He said, keeping count of how many demons he had killed so far.

As one dived out in front of him, he shot it in the head, drew one of his guns, and swung down Rebellion, dicing the demon cleanly in two.

"Nineteen!" He grunted, jumping over its body. He had to be quick if he was going to catch up to the big demon up ahead. That would earn him bonus points.

He hurtled around the corner, and the large demon came into view. It was a hulking, fat demon, its rolls of skin hanging out over its long body. Its body jiggled as it shuffled on its eight legs, skittering down the corridor, making a break for the courtyard.

"Come to Pappa!" He dashed forwards, making a stinger move with Rebellion, sinking his blade into the wobbling flesh.

The large demon wailed, raising up on four of its eight legs and lashed out with its tail. Dante veered out of its way and shot it, tearing out chunks of its middle which slopped to the floor.

Dragging Rebellion along the ground as he charged, the blade sparking with heat, dicing up the floor boards, he sliced the demon in half, spilling it's contents everywhere … and drenching himself in foul smelling demon innards.

When the creature's remains fizzled away … he wrinkled his nose.

"Oh … just great." He said, sniffing and trying to fling some of the entrails and demon fluids from his arms. "But that's nineteen with a bonus so far."

He ran off to pick off as many stragglers as he could find.

"Twenty!" Selene said, counting aloud as she shot a demon that had made to pounce on her. "Twenty-one … twenty two … and you make … twenty three!"

The bodies of the freshly slain demons collapsed to the ground. She stepped over them … and then they popped and crackled before vanishing. She peered around the room … and then gracefully walked out.

There were demons crawling along the ceiling to get to her, and she picked them off with ease, keeping count.

As she rounded the corner, she sniffed and wrinkled her nose.

"God what is that …?" She said.

She made it round the corner and almost bumped into Dante.

"Hey, beautiful." He said.

Selene looked him up and down. "Ugh. You smell awful."

"Yeah. But … I got the big tamale. How about you?"

"Thirty demons." Selene said.

"Thirty-one including the big one." Dante smirked. "And with that nice fat bonus …"

Selene sighed. "You win. But next time … I take home the prize."

Dante chuckled. "Yeah … keep on dreaming, babe. But now it's your turn to clean up the office. And I want you to wear that red outfit this time."

They made their way out of the house. Selene pulled out her cell phone and called their client, informing him the demons had all been exterminated.

"Have you noticed … how many demon exterminations we've been hired to do recently?" Selene said, looking at Dante.

"Yeah … I mean they're nothing more than small fry but … it does seem unusual." Dante agreed.

They wound through the streets, ignoring the people who looked at Dante with disgust as he was covered in vile smelling slime.

"You are going to get that stuff off you … right …?" Selene said, raising an amused brow as people were fleeing from him.

Dante suddenly made a devilish grin. He looked at her … indicating he would shower … but he didn't want to do it alone. Selene flushed. Dante grinned wider. She always did it, even though by now, she had enough 'intimate contact' for it to be second nature. But somehow … adorably … she always did, even now. It was probably an angel thing.

Selene's cell phone rang, and she flicked it open.

"Hello … Michael, hey." Selene was silent, her brother was obviously saying something. "Are you alright? How many were there … how many? Okay … I'll call Nero and see if you can stay in Fortuna for now."

Selene hung up.

"What was that about?" Dante asked, catching her troubled expression.

"There was a group of demons that attacked Michael in our home." Selene said. "A large number … all lower level."

"Is he alright?" Dante stared at her.

"He's fine. He got rid of them. He might not have the same raw power but he still has a lot of other angelic attributes … he is still stronger than most humans and is skilled at using lots of different weapons. Isaac gave him The Halo as well … so that should help." Selene frowned. "But … it is unusual. He said it seemed like they were looking for something. They didn't come specifically for him … he just got in their way. And he has noticed a lot of demon activity."

"So you're going to put him up in Fortuna?" Dante summarised.

"Michael said he wouldn't mind earning his keep by helping the Knights there … but rather than be singled out on his own … it would be best for him to go. I'm sure Nero will appreciate an extra hand to help out as well … now that he's got his hands full with his daughter." Selene sighed. "I want to go with him when he goes there … just to make sure he gets there."

Dante snickered. "No … you want to see the baby."

Selene shrugged. "You know me just too well."

"I'll do you a deal … since I won the bet … we have to head back to the office to pick up some of our stuff. But first … I need to take a wash … and I want you to join me … then we'll go." Dante said.

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