A thundering judder rocked the earth beneath them, and everyone, including the demons, stopped for a moment.

Sammael and Lilith had broken into a raging fight. Lilith had throwing her brother to the ground and was diving after him, drawing Zadkiel.

Watching Selene stab Dante had incensed her, determined to kill Selene. Sammael, would not to allow his sister to touch his 'mate' ... initiating the fight into full swing by punching Lilith away with enough force to make the ground tremble, and for Lilith to retaliate.

The knights quickly turned back to the demons, slaying them as they stood slack-jawed, wondering what had gotten into their masters.

"Remind you of anyone?" Came Lady's voice as she slipped in beside Dante and Selene.

Dante grinned. "The best way to get at these guys … is to keep them fighting each other."

"The only ones capable of withstanding their power … is each other." Selene agreed.

Nero grinned. "Are you two ready to put on a show for our hosts?"

Dante sighed, and his wound finally began to knit up. "Alright."

Dante stood, and picked up Sparda. Selene revved up Snow Queen. If the two could continue to pretend to fight one another, while simultaneously taking out demons mid fight … they could keep the twins fighting, weaken them so they could take Zadkiel and seal them away.

"Good to have the both of you back. You guys worried me for a second." Nero said, and he vanished into the crowd of combatants eager to help his men against the demons. Lady and Trish followed suit.

Dante and Selene locked blades.

"I'm sorry." Selene said.

"Don't worry about it." Dante said. "Let's just remind these guys … who they're messing with."

Sammael dodged a swing from Zadkiel, and threw a blast of invisible force her way, gaze flicking quickly to Selene, who was still locked in combat with Dante. The demon mongrel had managed to buy enough time to heal. But with any luck, Selene would kill him. What bitter irony it would be.

He ducked as Lilith charged at him, catching her wrists to halt her swing with Zadkiel.

"You … you don't call all the shots around here, brother." Lilith said.

"You always were difficult … wasting your power on carnal pursuits. That mutt down there is a passing thing. You will thank me for letting him die later." Sammael growled.

"I am so tired of your attitude, brother. You always seem to think you're better. But you aren't. I will kill the humans and you … I will kill you. Things will be a whole lot more fun without you telling me what to do." Lilith licked her lips.

The two continued to battle. Sammael didn't use any weapon, but instead commanded an invisible force, able to manipulate the energy around him to use as he pleased. The two curled and dived in the air, so caught in their spat they didn't notice they were getting closer and closer to the portal Nero had rebuilt.

They took their fight from the air to the ground. They shredded and destroyed the leviathan as it couldn't get out of their way quick enough, destroying it was scary ease. As they landed, the leviathan smacked heavily to the ground. The knights scattered, leaving it to crush to demons.

These ones might have been stronger … but they really weren't much in 'upstairs department'. Some demons were very clever, able to trick those hunting them. It seemed that these guys were Braun and no brain. The knights played this to their advantage.

Nero signalled Isaac and Belmont from across the battlefield. Nero then turned and faced Dante and Selene, who were still in their mock duel. The three shifted closer to where Sammael and Lilith were, locked in combat.

It seemed even Sammael was unable to control his wilful sister. Perhaps that was the reason why he hadn't chosen Lilith to be his black queen. They were twins … but they could have been two entirely different people.

Their eyes were glowing red now. Lilith launched a knee into Sammael's face. Sammael caught it, and Lilith was swinging Zadkiel towards him. He grasped her wrist, throwing her down to the ground as though she were a rag doll.

He eventually managed to prise Zadkiel from her hand, grasped her by the throat, and forced her onto the hell gate. As she shifted to fly at him, he rammed Zadkiel through her middle, pinning her to it.

Nero looked at Selene and Dante, indicating it was now time for a finally.

"Die!" Selene screamed at Dante, running Snow Queen through him and pinning him to the ground. Dante did not get up.

Sammael smirked at his twin.

Selene then wandered over to him, placing her hand on his shoulder, leaning her body against his.

Sammael left his sister stuck to the hell gate, having used enough force to keep her there … something only he had been capable of. Lilith stared vehemently at him.

"Brother … you will pay for this." She rasped.

"When you cool down, Lilith, I will release you." Sammael said calmly. "Until then … perhaps you should spend your time and re-evaluate yourself."

Sammael turned to his audience.

"You see …" Sammael said. "You tried hard … you may have even cut down my forces … but those were merely canon fodder to keep you all busy. Everything is complete."

Nero scowled, pointing Red Queen at him. "I won't let you get away with this, Sammael. I helped put your father back in his place … and I'll do the same for you."

Sammael sighed as though weary. His clothes were torn from his scrap with Lilith. Nero could feel the guy's power was diminished, it had taken a monumental effort for him to subdue her.

Behind him, Isaac and Belmont landed, in angel form.

"Sammael." Belmont said. "Release my daughter … and I will take mercy on you."

Sammael laughed. "Do I not have your blessing, Gabriel? I'd have thought you'd be happy I chose your daughter."

"You know it is impossible for you to summon your father … with the Angelic Vault destroyed." Isaac pointed out.

This seemed to send Sammael into hysterics. "Good. I couldn't care less what happens to him. If he had won that battle in the uprising … I would have overthrown him and taken over. I always get what I want … and I will be the over lord of the human world."

"Just release my daughter, Sammael. She has nothing to do with this ... please." Belmont begged.

Sammael wrapped his arms around her – issuing the point that she was his and he would not give her up. Nero wandered purposefully to Sammael and Selene.

"Selene, come on, snap out of it!" Nero cried, brandishing Yamato.

Sammael shook his head. "It is useless. She belongs to me ... she slew her lower for me. She will do as I tell her."

Nero trudged closer. "Don't listen to him, Selene. Wake up!"

Sammael chuckled. "Allow me to demonstrate ... just how futile this is, boy."

Sammael touched Selene's face, and drew her in for a kiss. He wanted to hurt Lilith – to show her he had his mate while she could not have hers, and wanted to hurt Gabriel – knowing he had taken something precious from him.

A sudden pain enveloped his middle and he gasped. He felt Selene push him back with tremendous force and ... when he pulled his face away from hers ... Yamato was in her hand ... rammed through his middle ... and she had pinned him onto the portal along with Lilith. Nero had handed it to her while Sammael was distracted.

Nero had shifted to activate the portal ... and seal them away. His eyes were wide ... a pain he had never felt before emerged.

"Selene ..." He gasped. "You ... you would do this ... to me ...?"

"What you have done is unforgivable." Selene said firmly. "I'm putting you where you belong ... to keep all who I love safe."

Sammael's eyes burned ... and an unfamiliar sensation ... a tear fell down his cheek.

"I ... loved you ... Selene ..." He whispered. "I would have given you everything ... anything."

"What I wanted ... was to be with the man I love ... and for my friends to be safe." Selene said.

Sammael just stared at her ... and for the first time the bitterness in his face left. The portal began lighting. Isaac and Belmont stepped in, performing incantation to keep the two sealed in forever. Dante was rising to his feet, drawing Snow Queen free. He wandered to Selene, wrapping his arms around her.

Enraged, Lilith wriggled, slowly prising Zadkiel from the hell gate.

"Oh shit ... she's breaking free!" Nero cried.

She was getting loose bit by bit. Isaac and Belmont were not going to finish in time. As she prised Zadkiel loose from the portal she started forwards, the blade still rammed in her, her first target Selene. Dante pushed her away, putting himself in the path of Lilith's rage.

Lilith's hands dived out to impale him. Selene screamed. The blow never came.

Sammael had grasped Lilith's leg, and yanked her to him, impaling himself with Zadkiel which was still in her middle, and stabbing Yamato through her. He grasped her to him tightly, not letting her go. He passed a final look to Selene, one that said 'I told you I would give you anything you wanted...'.

A thunder ran through the ground, the portal was sealing. With a loud crackle ... and then a brightness burst around them, causing everyone to shield their eyes.

When it subsided ... the hell gate crumbled away to ash.

"Ashes to ashes ..." Isaac finished. "Dust to dust ..."

Everyone was completely shocked. Selene's eyes were brimming with tears. Dante helped her up, and held her tightly in his arms.

"What ... Sammael ... he ..." Nero pointed pathetically to where the hell gate had been.

"It seemed he really did have feelings for Selene ... but ... he had never been taught what those feelings meant." Isaac said.

"He ... he cried." Selene whispered.

Dante frowned. "Devil's never cry."

"Sammael ... was always more angel ... more like Celestia than Lucifer. However, he had been raised with his father's anger and rage ... he didn't know what else to feel." Isaac said.

"The son of Lucifer ... sacrificed himself ... to save somebody." Nero suddenly smiled. "He might have been a sick bastard ... but ... he wasn't all that bad."

Dante thought about Vergil. Vergil had done something similar. His brother was misguided, had lost sight of things ... but when it was important ... he had snapped out of it.

"We'd better go and get rid of these demons left." Nero said. "Now that this whole escapade is over."

Selene and Dante suddenly grinned at one another.

They flew into battle, counting out loud. Nero was trailing behind, shaking his head.

It was eighteen months after the battle with Sammael and Lilith. Dante and Selene had gotten married ... but had continued to run Devil May Cry.

Dante watched as his new borns were wrapped in blanket. Selene looked utterly exhausted, her face shiny with sweat. They had twins. One boy. One girl. Dante held his son, while Selene held onto their daughter.

"They're beautiful." Selene whispered.

Dante nodded, swallowing. "Yeah. Just like their mother."

Selene smiled.

"I wasn't sure if I were ready to become a father. But ... after everything ..." He stroked the cheek of his white haired son. He noticed streaks of red in his hair too. His son had his mothers green eyes. He was so tiny, Dante was sure he would crush him.

"Have you decided on a name?" Selene asked.

Dante wandered over to look at his daughter. Her hair was completely silver, and her eyes were blue, as his were.

"I was thinking ... Eva ... for our daughter." He said.

Selene smiled. "I like it."

He stared at his son. He had thought when he found out Selene was pregnant that he might name a son after his brother ... but if he had been taught anything ... it would be to let go of the past so you could embrace the future.

"Luke." Selene said, looking at the baby boy.

"Luke?" Dante repeated.

"It means bringer of light." Selene said.

Dante stroked a wayward strand of hair from his son's tiny head. "Luke. I like it."

There came a knock at the door. It was Kyrie. Kyrie beamed brightly at the babies.

"Have you guys decided on a name?" She asked.

The two nodded.

"Luke and Eva." Dante said, voice bursting with pride.

Nero sauntered in through the door, Hope hiding behind him, now grown into a pretty toddler. She was two years old now. Nero put his hand on Dante's shoulder.

"If you thought fighting demons was hard, old man ... wait for being a dad." Nero said.

"Hey ... I'm pretty sure with the amount of times I saved the world ... I can handle it." Dante grinned.

Selene smiled, and Dante smiled back at her. Selene held up Eva ... and Dante grasped her in the crook of his other arm. The moment seemed to turn hazy ... and then the two began to bawl. Dante's dreamy smile fell.

"There is a volume switch ... right ...?" He said with raised brows.


Okay so that's it *dies* I didn't havr them married right away because Dante didn't seem the 'settle down' type. Anywayz ... a little shorter than The Seraphim but ... there we go. Possibly thinking up another sequal to it, but I'm pretty sapped from my 'incident' so ... I'm not 100% Thanks for the reviews and also all those who took the time to follow this story. Any comments/ideas feedback on it - as well as on a sequal are welcomed. Ja ne!