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Maranda's P.O.V.

I closed my laptop and rolled off my bed. Landing with a quite 'thud' on the floor. My door opened and my younger sister walked in. I looked up from the floor.

"HI!" I said grinning.

"Get up and feed the dogs" She snapped.

My grin faded into a frown. "What? Their your dogs!"

"Well I said to"

"I'm older"

"Screw you!"

"Gross I'm your sister plus I don't roll that way!"


I groaned but got up anyway. Sometimes I wish I was an only child. Well I guess I should tell you about me, my sister, and my friends.

I'm 13. I have dirty-blonde hair, green-blue eyes, pale skin, and am 5 foot 2. I am always hyper and it's rare when I'm quite or clam. My name you all most know is Maranda. If your wondering about my chitter chat name it's InsanHyperGirl because that's what I am.

My little sister's name is Topanga, she is 11. She has blonde hair and blue-brown eyes. She is slightly tan, and is 4 foot 11. She can act like she is older then her real age, and is barly seen inside. Her chitter chat name is OutSide=Freedom

Shawny is 13. She has black hair with red streaks. Her hair goes under her shoulder-blades. She is 5 foot 4, tan skinned, with brown eyes. She is the leader of our group and is always reading if we aren't hanging out or talking on chitter chat. She is also the strongest and is easily ticked off hence her chitter chat name Kicka$$Gal.

Jasmin is 13. She has dark brown hair to her shoulders. Her eyes are brown she is kinda tan kinda pale, she is 5 foot 4. She is quite and always wears black. She barly says five words if it's not to me or Shawny, or Topanga. She also loves cherry pie hence her chitter chat name Gothiccherrys101.

I skipped down the steps of our large two-story house. I skipped the last to bottom steps and almost fell on my face,I didn't, because I have great balance. Me being me I decided chips would be fine for the dogs. I ran into the kitchen trying to slide to a stop, but hitting the wall in the end. I grabbed a bag of plain patoto chips and walked to the back door. I opened the chips and the door. I dumpped the chips out of the bag and onto the patio.

"Here doggys come get your dinner!" I shouted slamming the door shout.

"You know chips are bad for them right?" Topanga asked.

"YEP!" I said "But they need to have chips"

"Why?" She asked "Because your to lazy to grab a big bag of dog food and dump it into ten diffrent bowls?"

"no and yes. I could do that, but the bag is to a heavy for me to lift."

"Whatever I'm going to take a walk."

Before I could say anything she left.

"Bitch" I shouted after her as the door shut.

~Time skip~ ~Ten minutes later~

I was reading Topanga's Naruto manga when I heard growling. I throw my book down and stomp to the back door. I opened it and walked outside.

"YO YOU TWO DUMMIES SHUT UP!" I Shouted at the brown and sliver dogs.

The sliver one stopped and growled at me. Before I could process what was going on he lunged at me. The dog with red fur jumped on him before he hit me.

"OI Maranda you back here?" Jasmin's voice rang.

"YEP!" I shouted.

Jasmin, and Shawny walked back and looked at me then the dogs. I shrugged it off and walked over to the fence the hopped it.

"So those weird things are your new dogs?" Shawny asked.

"Yep" I said smirking. "And you two are heplping me bathe them"

Jasmin and Shawny gasped "Dear god she is going to kill us! RUN!"

"No! Now come on!" I screamed grabbing their arms.


I rolled my eyes at their childish behaver. I already had the stuff ready so bathe the dogs should be easy.

"Alright." I said as I locked the gate. "We are spraying them with the hose"

Both my best friends grinned. I knew they would love this. We grabbed the hose and turned it on. We sprayed the ten confused dogs and smoke filled my backyard.

Me:OK that's the first chapter. You can already see were this is going so yea. Anyway, I'm want people to send in OC's. The only people they can't crush on are Sasori, Deidara, Tobi, and Itachi. So please send them in. Here is the form type thingy you need to fill out. Well you don't need to, but it would make my life easier. Oh and Chitter-chat is an online chatting place (Not for real though)









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