Soul Kissers and Dominatrices flooded into the Motor Forge through the newly-created hole in the ceiling.
The chains of hell solo served Doviculus well, especially when paired with Gleinpuir, a mystical chain forges to restrain anything-even the Guardian of Metal. The emissary of the gods lunged at Doviculus, who merely snapped his fingers, and the chains tightened, forcing the black robed entity to his knees.
"Now Ozwald…hand over the Pick of Destiny."
"No," the Guardian snapped defiantly.
"I was afraid you would say that. Oh well, I have…other methods of extraction."
The Dominatrices sauntered up, leering malevolently. The rest of the demons proceeded on looting the sacred sanctum.
This made the Guardian strain against his bonds, but no hope of escape was in sight for the Guardian.
"You'll never get away with this…." Growled the Guardian, glaring daggers up at Doviculus.
"Oh, but I will."
"You're gonna pay, you disgusting—"
The guardian was silenced by a Dominatrix's whip=tail cutting into his back.
Doviculus grinned at the black clad emissary's sharp gasp of pain.
With that one blow, the other Dominatrices launched into a vicious barrage of pain.
The guardian squeezed his eyes shut, focusing only on not giving the demons the pleasure of hearing him scream.
Doviculus placed a hand under the Guardian's chin and turned the Guardian's head upwards to look directly at the demon emperor. His other hand's claws dug into the being's shoulder.
"Are you feeling generous yet?"
"Never," grunted his captive.
Doviculus dragged his claws through the Guardian's flesh, eliciting a faint whimper from the being.
"Come now, Ozwald…If you give me the Pick of Destiny, I might let you live…," said Doviculus, "What do you day, hmmm?"
The Guardian's only reply was to utter several curse words and spit at Doviculus.
And that was the last straw.
Doviculus fell upon the emissary like and eagle swoops down on a rabbit.
The Dominatrices scattered as Doviculus's fists slammed into the open wounds on the Guardian's back without mercy or finesse. An involuntary scram of agony tore itself from the Guardian's lips, but was cut short by Doviculus's fist slamming into his head, shattering the left lens out of his dark glasses.
The emissary of the Metal Gods could already feel himself going unconscious as darkness began to claim his vision.
It was then, in this injured, helpless state, that the Guardian of Metal's true power showed itself.
The ancient being's black –painted nails dug into the palms of his hands as he summoned every ounce of power remaining in his battered and bleeding body. The entire cavern shook, and blazing whirlwinds began to form, sucking in and incinerating hundreds of demons at a time.
The guardian's crazed laughter echoed off the walls, mingling with the screams of burning demons. The tables suddenly turned, Doviculus grabbed what artifacts he could and flew towards the hole in the ceiling. Dodging fiery whirlwinds and falling rocks, Doviculus fled for this life. He clambered through the hole and off into the sky.
His foes incinerated, the Guardian of Metal crumpled to the floor, his power drained, his robe in tatters, and his sacred duty failed. But the Tainted Coil had not gotten everything. That one thought comforted the exhausted and injured Guardian as he rapidly spiraled down into the welcoming darkness. His eyes closed as the sweet release of unconsciousness took him.
The chain slackened as Doviculus's power wore off. There he lay, out cold on the floor of his won Motor Forge. The smallest of hopeful smiles was etched onto the Guardian of Metal's face, and the Pick of Destiny safely tucked under the collar of his robe, on a string around his neck.