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"I'd like to ask a favor."

He should have known there would be trouble. He could smell it in the air – and since he tended to attract it, Gold could often detect when it was best to flee and not to fight. Not that he couldn't fight if he had to, of course, but it wasn't like he wanted to start fights with leaders of criminal organizations and pseudo-legendary monsters.

Not on purpose, anyway.

So of course, when responsible, super-organized-lab-assistant Crys came asking him for a favor, Gold instinctively knew that something would go wrong.

After all, what reputedly sane person came asking Gold of New Bark Town for favors?

At first, he'd tried to get out of it; attempted other options.

It turned out that Crys was one step ahead of him.

"I can't leave the lab until after eleven tonight because I've got to finish this report, and Emerald can't come because he's taking the day off with Sapphire and Ruby, and Professor Oak and Professor Elm are conducting a co-commentary up at Goldenrod this afternoon and won't be back until tomorrow morning since there was an electrical problem with the shuttle," she had rattled off.

Several steps, in fact. Go figure.

Gold would heavily argue that he only agreed to the job because Crys had run out of options and, knowing her, had probably even tried to contact freaking Silver from wherever the hell he was right now before turning to him. Not that she would have been able to – the ass couldn't even be bothered drop a call to inform them that yes, he was still alive, and had probably told Blue to act like he'd dropped off the face of the planet while he was at it, since he knew Silver would never risk losing communication with her.

"Please…for me? I'll owe you."

Secretly, Gold was willing to admit to himself that he really needed to find a way around Crys' puppy-dog eyes.

It wasn't until after she had offered him a smile and left him standing on the door to the orphanage that Gold remembered why he'd been against the idea in the first place.

He sucked at babysitting.

It wasn't that he didn't have any experience. In fact, Gold earned much of his own allowance from sitting for Granny down at the Day Care Center. There was, however, a distinct line between babysitting a baby Pokemon that didn't even know how to walk – elemental powers notwithstanding – and…well, some random five-year old kid.

As it happened, they both had something in common – they loved to humiliate him.

"Hey, big brother," the girl asked innocently from her seat at the table, "is it true you like Miss Crys?"

Gold nearly dropped the plate he had been washing at the sink. "What?"

"I heard," she went on cheerfully, "that you would do anything for her. That you're 'head over heels' for her."

Gold's mind raced. Five-year-olds shouldn't be this interested in the affairs of others, damn it. "Oh, yeah?"

"Uh-huh. Actually, it's not just me. Stan and the others thought so, too."

Slowly, he set the plate on a shelf to dry and turned to face her. "Really? And where'd you get that idea, little lady? Because I –"

"Aha! Denial," she said, and pointed at him triumphantly. "So you do like her."

There was definitely something wrong with this kid. "Look, if 'Miss Crys' thought I really liked her that way, she'd probably kick me in the – in sensitive parts of my body that should not usually be kicked," he said lamely, and shuddered.

"But you're not saying you don't like her," she said. The look on the girl's face was smug, and Gold thought he had seen it before. "You don't treat us the same way you treat her. I think that's suspicious."

Gold gave a half-hearted shrug. "Different people deserve different treatment, kid."

"But that's not the same," she said impatiently. He felt like he was being chided, berated, by this little girl who was running circles through his head. Yep, definitely familiar. "How so?"

She paused, then said slowly, "You're awkward around her. You can never give her a straight answer because looking at her face makes you blush, and the last time she noticed she thought you were sick and offered to take care of you. You pout when she doesn't pay attention to you. You get jealous if she's busy with someone else." Gold opened his mouth to retort, but she was on a roll. Her eyes were lit with enthusiasm, and she clasped her hands together as if it was a performance she was destined to give. "I heard from Miss Crys that you protected her during the battle with that scary Masked Man. You took the hits that were supposed to hit her. You thought she was cute the first time you saw her. You pretend like she doesn't have you wrapped around her finger, and you always help out when she asks. Sometimes she doesn't ask. Oh, and you never come to see her because you're afraid she's figured out you like her, even though Miss Crys is totally convinced you hate her and it makes her sad." She crossed her arms, looking at him expectantly.

Slowly, he sank into the chair across from her and put his head in his hands. "Is it really that obvious?"


He groaned, because he had just been ousted and completely seen through by a five-year-old little girl, and it was a sharp kick to his intelligence that was already taking direct hits every day. After a while, he looked back up at her suspiciously. He'd had this conversation before. "Tell me, little lady, did you happen to meet a girl with brown hair, blue eyes, and a...shapely figure sometime recently?"

She thought about it. "Yeah, I did. She comes to the orphanage sometimes, and she asks us how we're doing."

Gold went back to groaning in his hands. It shouldn't really have surprised him, considering most of the women he knew tended to have a soft spot for kids – or Pokemon, in Yellow's case – and Blue had the whole previously-an-abandoned-orphan complex to deal with, but this was his privacy they were talking about, damn it.

The little girl poked him cautiously. "Big brother? Does your stomach hurt?"

Gold shook his head. "Nah, just my pride." Several seconds passed before he jerked his head up sharply from the table. "Wait. What did you say about that last one?"

After receiving a solemn promise from the little girl named Anne that she would tell no one of their conversation in the kitchen, he whipped out his 'gear and dialed Silver's number. He had expected to receive the usual monotone answering machine, since the asshole never picked up, and even had a whole rant that he'd planned to yell via speaker.


Silver had always had the best of timing.

"Tell your lovely sister," Gold said darkly, "to stop getting other people involved in my personal life. Or at least the kids at the orphanage, unless you want me to get killed."

A long pause. "…What?"

Gold hung up.

Over in Kanto, a red-headed boy dressed in black heaved a weary sigh and unpaused a separate phone call on his Pokegear. "I really think this may be turning into a bad habit, sis."

A giggle could be heard from the other end of the device. "But they're so much fun to tease!"

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