Welcome to the truth or dare show. This show will accept any manga/anime character truth or dare and will be happy to see them.

Today, I'll introduce you to the hosts.

Cindy: Likes Sasuke from Naruto but hates Sakura. She considers herself evil and would do anything to get Sakura off the show and also to get her off Sasuke.

Audi: Likes Tsume from Wolf's rain and hates Cheza. She hates how she "clings" onto Tsume and would love to see Cheza get killed. She also doesn't like Kiba since he "loves" Cheza. She considers Cheza a hermaphridite and thinks that Kiba is gay.

Anna: Doesn't have any "obessions", but enjoys reading Japanese mangas & Korean Manwhas. She always love to brag about Sasuke & Tsume.

So what kind of dares do you have in mind for your favourite manga/anime character?

Send some dares in for your questions to be answered!