Among The Rebels

Luke POV

It's been one year since the third children were freed. For one year I had my dream life. I was treated the same as Mark, Matthew, and Smits. I farmed and could walk in the open for as long as I wanted. We got our pigs back along with cows and horses. We could finally make a profit on our crops. All that changed when Aldous came back to the country with a huge foreign army who still agreed with the Population Law. They overthrew our new government and started a war. My family thought we were doomed. That was until we met Lacey, a teen-aged rebel who crashed a fighter jet into one of our fields. She changed our perspective on the war and led us to an army of thousands of rebels. The rebels that were our countries only hope. Rebels led by a fourteen year old. But Lacey has deadly secrets of her own that threaten to expose her true identity to everyone. This is the rebellion.