Mark POV

Among the Rebels

Chapter 7

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I woke up before the sun had crested the hill of the camp. I pulled on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I slipped the knife that Lacey had given me into my pocket. I walked out of our cabin without waking the rest of my family and started to trudge up the hill. Dylan had dropped by late last night and he had asked me to go and check on her in the morning. I stepped through the doorway of her cabin just as the sun started to peak up. There was no movement in the cabin. I walked in farther and noticed another beaded doorway. I pushed my way through the beads and found myself in Lacey's bedroom. She lay on her stomach on a blue sheeted bed.

Lacey wore nothing on her torso, exposing the tattoo that spanned her back. (Luckily she was wearing shorts) It was a traditional tribal tattoo with names, sayings, and other tribal tattoos branching off. Most of the glass had missed the skin that was tattooed. Being the nosy person I was, I looked through the names. Lisa, Carol, Tara, Aldous, and Dylan were tattooed. I was looking over the rest of the tattoo when I saw something the shocked me. My name was tattooed in scrolling text near the center of her back. I felt my fingers reach for inked name. I let the tips of my fingers trace each letter. Suddenly, Lacey's hand was gripping my wrist.

"Mark?" She whispered.

"I'll be right back, I'm gonna leave and let you pull on a shirt." I told her as I walked out of the doorway. After three minutes she came out in a pair of ripped skinny jeans and a black corset. She wore a pair of partially laced combat boots. She winced as she stepped forward. She stumbled and I shot forward to catch her.

"I'm guessing you're still in pain" I said, not really expecting an answer. She nodded. I steadied her and loosened my grip on her.

"I've got a question for you" I said.

"Ask away." Lacey said.

"Why do you have my name tattooed on your back?" I asked. Lacey looked up at me.

"People who matter a lot to me get their names tattooed on my back." Lacey stated simply. I looked her straight in the eyes. Their piercing blue color knocked the breath out of me.

"So I mean a lot to you?" I asked. Lacey smirked and wet her lips.

"You know me all too well." She replied. I fingered a chain that lay on her neck. I picked it up and noticed it had an "L" charm on it.

"Who gave that to you?" I asked.

"My older sister, Tara. Before she went all psycho on us." Lacey said, sighing, "Lisa has an identical one."

"It's gorgeous, just like it's wearer." I said. Lacey looked up at me. Our eyes met and I felt a spark light in my heart. My lips met hers, softly at first. She slipped her hands behind my neck. I pushed her up against the nearest wall. I touched my tongue to her lips and she parted them slightly. I twisted my fingers into her hair and our bodies pushed against each other. I slipped my tongue into her mouth. My tongue traced the inside of her jaw. She ran her fingers down my back. Suddenly, the beads that covered the doorway moved aside. We both heard them, but we couldn't pull away fast enough. Dylan stood in the doorway.

"Lisa wants to see you." He said, hastily. He turned and ran.

"Dylan! No!" Lacey exclaimed, starting to run after him. I followed her. Lacey had caught up with him and was gripping his arm.

"So you can make out with a near stranger, but you can't do the same with me?" Dylan accused her.

"Dylan, you don't understand!" Lacey exclaimed, pulling her corset up the slightest bit.

"Oh I understand perfectly!" Dylan shot back, "You've known me for a year or more and you can't even tell me your feelings for me!"

"That's because I don't feel that way about you!" Lacey said, her voice volume increasing.

"Of course you do!" Dylan yelled.

"I don't feel that way about you!" Lacey yelled, "You're like my brother!" Dylan lost his temper and pulled his pistol off of his belt.

He cocked the gun and pulled the trigger.

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