A Pirate's Life for Me

The Next Greatest Pirate

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Pirates. That was the word on everyone's lips. Pirates and come to Crimson Island. Everyone was worried, but the mayor assured everyone that they had nothing to fear. The town had nothing of value, so as long as they gave them what they wanted and left them alone, everything would be fine.

That seemed to be the case at first, but once the pirates had gotten (stolen) the supplies they needed, they went to the tavern and got drunk. And drunk pirates were never a good thing.

Julie was the barmaid at the tavern that the pirates had taken over. Before they had come business had slow, now, business was practically dead. The pirates had chased everyone out and were taking all of the drinks. Julie knew that they wouldn't pay and that it would take months to earn back all the money for the drinks that were being wasted on the pirates. She sighed and looked up at the door as it opened to reveal a stranger.

At first she thought that it was another pirate, but he came in calmly, sat down and ordered some water. The man wore black cargo pants, black shoes, a teal t-shirt, and black fingerless leather gloves with metal studs over the knuckles. He had short copper colored hair, teal eyes, and was slightly tanned. He appeared to be in his late twenties and didn't seem bothered by all of the pirates.

Julie looked away from the stranger when she heard the sound of a table breaking. Two of the pirates had gotten into a fight. She rushed over to try to prevent them from causing too much damage.

"Please stop! Your going to break everything!" Julie cried desperately.

But, the pirates were enjoying the fight and would not listen. They shoved Julie down.

"Stop wrecking our fun!" "Yeah, can't you fix a few broken tables?" they called out.

Julie tried to rise, but one of the pirates slapped her back down. "No one said you could get up," he snarled.

He was suddenly drenched by a glass of water that had been thrown at him. "Didn't your mother ever to you any manners?" the stranger from earlier asked.

The pirate growled and lunged at the young man. The young man stepped to the side and punched the man in the side of the head, knocking him out. Theo ther pirates were shocked, but, then they drew their weapons and surrounded him. "Alright, who's next?" the stranger asked grinning as the pirates attacked.

The young man jumped and let the pirates collide with each other. When he landed he kicked a nearby pirate and grabbed another and tossed him into the wall. He punched one that tried to stab him with a knife and knocked a gun out of another's hand.

After a few minuets, all of the pirates were unconscious. The stranger seemed pleased with this and sat back down. "Can, I get another glass of water?" he asked.

Julie and the bartender stared at him for a moment before they realized what he had said, and Julie got another glass for him.

"Thanks," he said as he gulped down the water.

"Um, excuse me sir?" Julie asked.

"Huh? Oh yeah the money. Sorry about that," the man said as he began to pull out a pouch of beli.

"No, no, no not that," Julie said shaking her head. "I just wanted to know your name. That's all,"

"My name? It's Russell," the stranger said.

"Well Russell, thank you for your help and no charge for the drinks," the bartender said.

"Are you sure? I don't mind," Russell said.

"You saved Julie from those thugs, I couldn't possibly charge you," the bartender said.

"Yeah, those guys give pirates a bad name," Russell said drinking his water.

"What do you mean?" Julie asked as she sat down next to him.

"Well, I'm a pirate, but I'm just in it for the fun," Russell said.

"Fun! What's so fun about robbing people and getting chased by marines!" Julie said shocked,

"Well, you don't necessarily have to rob people. Besides, being chased by marines, finding treasure, and having adventures, who wouldn't have fun doing that?" Russell asked.

"When you put it like that, it does sound fun. But, why not just call your self an adventurer? That's legal, so you won't be chased by marines," Julie said.

"An adventurer and a pirate are the same thing. Just different names, pirates go places they want to and so do adventurers. Besides, it's not fun unless there's a challenge," Russell said.

"You mean the marines?" Julie asked.

"Yep, I don't have anything against them personally, but having them chase me and my crew would be fun," Russell said.

"So where is your crew?" Julie asked.

"I don't know. I haven't got any yet," Russell said.

Before they could continue there conversation a loud voice from outside called out. "Whose the guy who beat my crew!"

"I believe that's my queue," Russell said standing up and heading outside.

"You're not going out there are you?" Julie asked.

"Of course I am. That's got to be the captain of these guys," he said gesturing to the unconscious pirates. "So he's probably somewhat strong. This will be a great way to test and see how good I am,"

Russell walked out and saw the captain, a short round man wearing an outfit of many different colors, and one of the pirates from the bar who apparently slipped away during the fight.

"You looking for me?" Russell asked.

"This is the guy who beat my whole crew!" the man asked, shocked.

"Y-yes sir," the crew member said nervously.

"Listen here you," the man said facing Russell. "My name's Captain Patch, if you beg for forgiveness, I might let you live," he said smugly.

"Captain Patch, I would have guessed Captain Rainbow, or Captain Flower based on your outfit," Russell said honestly.

"W-WHAT! No one insults Captain Patch!" he said as he drew his pistol. "NOW DIE!" he fired off several shots at Russell, but Russell jumped up and landed behind him.

"Finally, a real challenge," Russell said grinning. "Let's do this," he said as he rushed up to Patch and kicked him a wall.

"Arg, who are you!" Patch demanded.

Russell grinned. "I'm Russell, the next greatest pirate!"

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