Through an accident in the process that is used to fuse the Yoma parts to the human flesh that creates a Claymore, the very first generation proved to be both far stronger and much more prone to Awakening. With over a hundred Claymores produced in that very first generation, they proved to be more than a match for the Yoma that prowled the land. It still is not known where exactly the first Yoma came from, it took barely ten years of hard fought battles before the Organization produced the hybrid hunters that would later be referred to as Claymores.

By the end of the second year of service, nearly half of the first generation had awakened. Later records would show that only two Claymores were actually killed in battle against Yoma. Investigation would determine that both hunters were set upon by surprise and vastly superior numbers. Even ambushed, each warrior would lay low over fifty Yoma before being finally overwhelmed.

The majority of the first generation would be male hunters, seventy two names are recorded as male in the Chronicles of the Organization. Thirty six women were also successfully able to become hunters as well, but only one of their number would rank in the top five and only two in the top ten. Final tally some ten years after the second generation entered service would record of the first generation as two dead, two missing, and the remainder having transformed into Awakened Beings.

Only the ranked number four and number five, recorded as Hagan and Isyllia would be recorded as missing. It would take the Organization nearly a century before they were able to successfully locate the pair, their Black Robe Azmear having successfully managed to hide them so well. Their discovery by the Black Robe Ermita is believed to have been accidental and the pair subsequent return to service in time for the destruction of the army of the Creature of the Abyss of the North (lead by the Awakened Beings who had been the first and second ranked Claymores in the very same generation) during the aborted Invasion of Peita.

The Invasion of Peita some century and a decade after the first year of service was the beginning of the end for the Organization. Records, again taken from documents uncovered from the Organization, indicate that there were a total of sixteen generations of Claymores. It would be only the very last Claymore: recorded as Claire ranked 47 would measure up to the standard that had been hoped to be duplicated in the strength of that first born of Claymores.

The following three transcripts are the result of laborious research and effort to reproduce the early lives of the Claymores Hagan and Isyllia. This brother and sister pair would eventually lead the effort that would sweep the Yoma finally and irrevocably from the land yet would also bring about the end of the Organization that had created them.

Father Vincent, 15 ACE (After Common Era)