Don't Lie To Me

I sat on the ledge of my window that night, my bare feet against the windowsill. I leaned back against the side of the window, looking out at the darkness that hadn't been dark in a long time. My parents thought I was asleep but really, I just couldn't. Not because I'd had enough blood, but because there were too many thoughts tumbling around inside my head. I kept thinking about today, about meeting Ghost's parents.

It had been a very emotional reunion. Poor Ghost hadn't known what to do. He didn't like emotions, he hated them. As proof by his self cutting masochistic tendencies. For some reason I didn't know he couldn't process emotions correctly. It wasn't just bad emotions. When he was really happy he seemed like he couldn't handle that either. Sometimes I really wished I could know what happened to him to make him so . . . emotionally unstable. But I wouldn't dare ask.

I was so lost in my thoughts that I didn't even notice someone standing in my yard. Until a pebble me in the eye. It didn't hurt, but it sure as hell scared the fuck out of me. Covering my eye instinctual I looked down to see Ghost standing in my yard.

"Ghost!" I exclaimed in a voice loud enough for his vampire ears but not loud enough to wake my human family, "What the hell? You hit me in the fucking eye!"
"Well maybe that wouldn't of happened if you were inside at night like a normal teenage girl instead of sitting on your windowsill," he said.

"Ghost, I'm a vampire," I said, "Why would I be normal?"
"Touche," he agreed.

"Now why the fuck are you throwing rocks at me?" I demanded.
"It's romantic in movies," he said with a shrug.

"Maybe if you realized that you're a romantic fail, I wouldn't have gotten hit in the eye with a rock," I muttered.
"It's a pebble," he corrected.

"Whatever. You're still a romantic fail," I muttered.
"Oh really, is that what I am?" he mocked and began throwing 'pebbles' at me. It didn't hurt, but it was certainly annoying.

"Ghost!" I squealed, "Ghost stop it!"
"Ehhh . . . I don't really feel like it," he said, continuing to pelt me with pebbles.

"You asshole! Cut it out and get the fuck up here," I demanded.
He threw one more pebble at me before jumping up to my window in one rapid vampire movement, where he stood on the windowsil next to me before sitting down with his legs dangling out the window.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.
"You don't sound very excited to see me," he said, giving me a mock disappointed look.

I punched his shoulder. "Shut up," I muttered. "I'm just surprised to see you here. I thought you'd want to be alone. Stressful day, you know."
"I'm better off with you and you know that," he said.

I thought of his masochistic tendencies and his self-cutting. He would be better off with me - where I could keep an eye on him. I knew that and I would've insisted upon him staying the night with me if I had thought he would agree. I assumed that he'd be so low and confused that he'd go off somewhere where nobody could find him, shake and sob and aggravate the scars on his wrists. It seemed like the very thing he would do. The fact that he wasn't . . . The fact that he was here was a good sign. I was proud of him.

"Yeah . . ." I mumbled, "I know that."
It was quiet for a moment, while Ghost toyed with my curtains, fisting the silk and unfisting it over and over again.

"What made you decide to come here. . ." I asked in a hushed voice.
"I learned something . . . disturbing today," he told me, "After I got back to HQ. And on top of everything that happened today . . . I figured I should come here before I had a nervous break down and killed all the villagers."

Now that concerned me; Ghost admitting that he on the verge of a breakdown. Maybe that therapy had worked. But I was also concerned by this 'disturbing news.' What could be more disturbing then what he'd gone through today? What could rattle him more then being reunited with the family he hadn't seen since in thirteen years without any warning or preparation?

"What do you mean by 'disturbing' news?" I asked cautiously.
"When I got back to HQ . . . Jessamine was there . . . And she told me that . . . That Julie Marie had been spotted in Albany," he said, clearing his throat.

"We were up near Albany this morning . . ." I mumbled in a detached voice, shocked, "We stopped for gas up there."
"We did . . . She was spotted at a bank about a block away . . . About an hour later. She wasn't alone," he mumbled.

"A bank?" I repeated, "What was she doing at a bank?"
He shrugged. "I don't know," he said, knotting his hand tightly around my curtains and not letting go, "But then again, I never do with her anymore. . ."

"Don't worry about her Ghost," I insisted, "Don't think about her. She's nothing to us."
But he wasn't looking at me, and I doubted that he was listening either. He was looking off into the darkness with a forlorn look in his eyes.

"Hey," I said, grabbing his chin and forcing him to look me in the eye, "Look at me."
He pulled away from my grasp in a sharp movement, obviously not liking the enforced eye contact. I could understand why and honestly, I should have been a little smarter about grabbing him.

"Don't touch me," he snarled, baring his fangs at me. He was obviously feeling threatened by me becoming aggressive. Ever since the Julie Marie thing he'd been wary of women who tried to assert themselves over him in any way. And he always reacted badly when that happened. Even with Jessamine. Something she disliked but understood and tolerated, even when he snarled and snapped at her.

"Sorry," I apologized, meaning it as I put my hands up in a universal 'easy' gesture. I wasn't stupid enough to actually tell him to take it easy. He didn't like being patronized. He didn't say anything ut proceeded to pull harder on my curtains, causing them to tear. I did't say anything in response because, really, I'd rather he break my curtains then break his own skin.

"You said she wasn't alone," I said after a pause, "Who was she with?"
"A vampire. Nobody you know . . ." he said.

I thought about the way he was said 'nobody you know.' Instead of 'nobody we know.' I looked at him for a long moment, trying to search for anything suspicious in his eyes. They were guarded, but when weren't they now a days? He was suspicious of everyone, everything. Always suspicious that someone or another was in league with Julie Marie. He knew I wasn't, but that didn't keep him from being paranoid about people watching us - Julie Marie's people.

"Do you know them?" I asked cautiously.
"A little," he said, "She's not important."

She. I didn't like the sound of that. Just plain old jealousy flaring up. Of course, Ghost wasn't the only one who'd been affected by the Julie Marie ordeal. Aside from the death phobia thing, I was now quite possessive of Ghost. I tried to hide it - because I knew he wouldn't react well to that kind of behavior in me. But having him stolen from me by that witch Julie Marie made me eager to skin any woman who dared to try and take my Ghost away from me.

"Where do you know her from?" I asked.
"Nowhere," he said automatically, looking at me with eyes that told me that I'd better shut up.

"Who is she?" I asked.
He looked at me with those eyes. If looks could kill, came to mind. That could apply to Ghost, always. Not only was his physical beauty enough to floor anybody, but his glares were powerful enough to paralyze. But the look he gave me right then didn't just tell me that he was mad but it also told me that he was about to lie to me.

"She's no one."

I know, I know, I know. I haven't updated in FOREVER. I totally just forgot about this story. When the inspiration isn't there, it's easy to forget. But then I realized this last chapter had 29 reviews and suddenly, the inspiration returned. Hallelujah! Kate is back.