Inspired by the fight in "Family Affairs"

'Who asked you?' Greg shot back, however no one was really listening as Catherine and Nick were going over possibilities and Ray was watching him leave.

Greg sighed; he had no idea when the hell everything had gone to hell.

Everything with Nick had been going so well. He shouldn't have complained about the case, they were all important. But everyone was on edge and it didn't bode well for anyone.


Nick watched the Denali as it pulled away. He sighed, he didn't know what was going on, he hadn't meant to snap at Greg but he knew that he shouldn't complain about it.

He didn't know what was wrong, other than they were all stressed and everyone was just over worked.

Over the next few days they didn't talk much, namely because they didn't see much of the other.


So finally, after the biggest cases were closed and they both had the night off, Nick appeared at Greg's door with take out.

'Hey,' he said shyly.

'Hey, yourself,' Greg replied.

'I'm sorry,' he offered.

Greg sighed; he should've been the one on Nick's door step.

'Me too, come in,' Greg replied as he stepped aside, letting the Texan in.

Nick suddenly had Greg pressed against the closed door. His lips covered Greg's and the slightly younger man melted into Nick.

'Let's never fight again,' he whispered against Nick's lips.

'I don't know, I hear make up sex can be fantastic,' Nick replied, grinding himself into Greg.

Greg grinned and grabbed Nick's ass.

'Let's find out,' he grinned as he slipped from Nick's arms, only to pull the bigger man into the bed room.