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"Why do we have to pick up this potion?" Couldn't someone else have gotten it or the warlock could magic it or something?" Complained Will. He was sitting with his arms crossed over his toned chest-a showing of stubbornneess and defiance...or pouting. Depends how you word it.

I sighed. "Because the adult Shadowhunters have many things that need to be done and we were available to go." Will didn't change his position, so I sighed again. "Relax, Will, it's only going to take us a few minutes."

"Ugh! This just seems like some sort of setup-a trap! Why would both of us have to go together? It makes no sense."

"Actually, it does." I contradicted him, "I'm considered too weak and unstable to go by myself and you are too irritating to keep around."

Will continued to sulk, but he didn't deny the observation. The clattering and rocking of the carriage was giving me a headache and my joints were getting stiff. That, combined with the fact that I hadn't taken any of the drug today, made me very uncomfortable and pained. Thankfully, Will was too caught up in his own thoughts to notice. He's reprimand me for not taking any, but I don't need it. I took some yesterday.

I looked once again over at will. The moonlight streaming through the windows outlined his features and made his dark hair seem black as night. He was very striking and I had once thought that I was attracted to him, but it was just admiration of his beauty. I had never really been in love with someone until Tessa had come along. I've never wanted anyone to notice me before, until Tessa. But, she only had eyes for Will. I looked away from him.

The carriage rolling to a stop interruped the silence. I waited for the grating sound of gravel on wheel to cease before I made my way out. I grabbed my cane off the seat before crunching up to the steps. I didn't have to look to know that Will was behind me.

There were elegant gardens on either side of the rock path. I looked up at the large residence looming over us. It really was a beautiful place. The house was huge and old. I could tell that it must be expensive to hold.

We trudged up to the wooden door and pulled on the knocker. After a few minutes of anxious waiting, an irritated-looking butler opened the door. With a grunt, he proceeded to lead us down through twisting passagways, deeper into the house. I knew that Will was preocupied by memorizing the route-for future reference-but, I was concentrating on the lovely paintings, tapestries, and artwork in every hall.

Finally we arrived at another door; this one was stained a dark red. The butler gestured for us to stay where we were, then he opened the door and walked in a few steps. "Master Bane, two Nephilim request something from you." There was something in the mundane's voice that didn't match the words he said; this butler had no respect for the warlock he was addressing. He spoke almost spitefully toward his superior.

I heard Magnus Bane sigh from the other side of the door. "Very well. Allow them in, Archer." The footman-a servant of Camille's, I assumed-stepped back and opened the door wide. With a slight nod of his head, he slinked away, forcing us to enter the room without introduction. Not that I, or Will, needed any guidance from a mundane.

We made our way into the parlor. It was decorated in reds and pinks with furniture that looked to have been imported from China.

Magnus Bane sat in one of the lush armchairs by the fireplace. He looked up with a slightly dissinterested gaze. His eyebrows arched. "Well, well, who have we here?" The warlock uncrossed his legs and stood, clasping his long-fingered hands behind his back. "William Herondale and James Carstairs. To what do I owe the...pleasure?"

Magnus Bane held himself as if he were as important and respected as his lover, although he knew that he was not. I admired him for that. I also noticed that he had a foreign look about him. He was also striking, but not in the way Will was. Bane was...mysterious. And attractive, I would not argue that.

Will stepped in front of me and spoke in a tone that suggested he was in charge. "Charlotte sent us to retrieve a potion for Tessa."

"And why would they send you for such a job?" Magnus' almost-bored tone to his voice, I noticed, took the upper hand over Will's agressive one. Will noticed this, too.

"It's none of your business, warlock." Will sneered and I stepped forward, putting a hand on his arm.

"Will." I hissed. "This man is a powerful ally, not an enemy-so stop making one of him!"

Magnus seemed amused by our exchange. Suddenly there was a flare of light and a burst of aches. A slightly-greyed piece of parchment flew out of the fireplace and the warlock snatched it out of the air. Will and I watched as he read it, watched as his expression turned from aloof to The expression was fleeting, but I saw it as it flashed across his delicate features-then, his mask of indifference was back.

Magnus placed the note on the desk, then walked to a drawer and, sliding it out, pulled a bottle filled with a cream-colored liquid. "here is your potion." He said curtly as he held it toward us. Wiss crossed the room and took the offered containter from his hand...then unexpectadly reached out and snatched the fire-message from the desk. Magnus tried to grab if back. "That is personal. Of no business of yours!"

Wil smugly handed the note back to Bane, then scoffed. "Absolutely nobody wants you around, do they?" Will said cruelly. I saw a wince pass across Magnus' faceto be replaced by anger. He crumpled up the fire message and threw it to the floor at Will's feet.

"You Shadowhunters think that you can do whatever you want. Well, this is my house and you will do what I say!"

Will gestured to the note on the ground near him. "Not your house anymore is it?"

"Get out of here!" Magnus shouted and Will casually walked toward the door. He looked back when I didn't follow and raised his eyebrows in a silent question.

I looked back at Magnus, who had sunk in a chair and proceeded to ignore us as if we had already exited the room. I turned back to my parabatai. "You go on ahead and get that potion to Tessa. I'll walk home tonight."

"Are you sure?" He asked. I nodded and Will returned it with a short nod of his own. "See you later, then." I was glad that he didn't ask any questions. I guess he was returning the favor of me never asking of his past. Sometimes it's best not to pry. Besides, I wasn't sure why I was staying, myself. And I really did not want to walk back, especially in my...condition. But, looking back to the warlock, I felt a need to make things right. Will put people down-it was his nature-and I thought it my job to pick them back up again.

I heard the smooth click of the door as Will departed. Magnus didn't acknowledge my presence, just continued to rub his temples with his eyes closed. I bent down and picked up the crumpled letter that Will had read.

I am sorry, but I do not think that we should see each other romantically, anymore. I am already a wanted woman for many reasons-that is why I am in hiding, and therefore cannot say this to you, face-to-face-and dating a warlock like yourself would no longer be beneficial to my reputation. You can have anything you want from the house, but please by gone before I return.

I looked up to find Magnus' strange feline eyes staring at me. "Why did you stay here?" He asked me. I could hear the crunch of gravel through the open window as Will left on the carriage. Magnus' eyes never left my own.

I held the note out to him. "I'm sorry." I said, trying to sound as sincere as possible.

He didn't take it. "Your friend did not seem to feel the same way."

"Will didn't mean what he said."

Magnus raised his angular brows again. "Oh, really?"

I nodded. "He was just angry because he was forced to run an errand like a useless servant. He takes out his anger on the people around him."

It was the warlock's turn to nod. "Seems like the type." There was a long pause in which Magnus let out a heavy sigh. He looked away. "And he was right, too." I frowned as he elaborated, speaking to the rug. "No one wants me around, it's true. I've accepted it, but I can't stop it from hurting when people leave me."

I felt a sudden glash of empathy for the warlock. I took a step forward when the world started to spin unaturally and I felt myself collapse, heard my cane clatter to the floor, saw Magnus' fancy boots as he approached me. I was racked with violent coughs and blood spattered on the red carpet, staining it a darker shade. Through the haze of pain, I felt Magnus' gentle and firm hands on my back and his soothing voice. It was the last thing that I heard when everything went black...

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