Hey fellas! I hope that you don't kill me but I've decided to write a CHARACTER DEATH fan-fic… this story has been bugging me for a couple of months so… try to enjoy this as much as you can… and don't kill me please T_T

Repeat: I'm not the turtles' owner… DAMN YOU NICKELODEON!

Love ya lil' bro… Should've told ya before…

"That's it, goofball! I'm tired of yer stupid pranks!"

"C'mon dude! It wasn't that bad. Besides… you look better on pink Hahahaha!"

"Why our training session can't be normal?" Leo said rubbing his temples in annoyance.

"Are we normal?" Don asked.


"It's ok then"

"Nah! Don't think so… Hey, someone's up for pizza?"

"Count me in!" Mikey said happily.

"Same here"

"Hey… Raph…?"

"Nah! I'm goin' out"

"Ok… see ya later, but stay out of trouble" Raph was about to leave… but, he had an idea… an evil one.

"Hey guys… eh… what if… if I go for the pizza?"

"Ok… eh… are you sure?"

"Yeah… why not?"

"Well… then, a vegan pizza and… Mikey what kind of pizza do you want?"

"Hawaiian please!"

"Ok… I'll be back soon…" Raph left the lair with an evil smirk on his face.

"Hmm… don't you guys think that was too nice from him? I mean, we're talking about Raph here" Don said in concern.

"Don't worry dudes! Do you think he'll poison it? Hahahaha"

"Har-di-har Mikey" Leo sighed heavily.


"Welcome to Lucali! How can I help you?"

"A vegan pizza, the 'meat lover' special and a Hawaiian one…"

"Nice selection sir! Anything else?"

"Yeah… there are some… 'Special ingredients' that I wanna add to the Hawaiian one…" Raph said with a dark smile on his face.

1 hour later…

"I'm starving! I think it was a bad idea leaving Raph to go for the pizzas!" Mikey complained.

"Pizza's here!" Raph yelled as he entered into the lair.

"Look who's finally here! Mr. Slow-Shell! Mikey teased Raph.

"I told you he was coming soon" Don said.

"Ok, guys… a vegan for Donnie and Leo… the meat lover's for me… and a Hawaiian one with a little surprise for you on it Mikey…"

"Raph…what did you exactly do to his pizza?" Leo said in concern.

"Relax Fearless! The pizza guy said today's Hawaiian pizza had special ingredients so…"

"It's ok, Leo! I like to experiment with new flavors! Ok… here goes nothing!" Mikey said and started to eat the first slice.

The others did the same… but Raph's dark smile never let his face… he waited, and waited… and waited…

"Mmm… I don't feel… any difference… I think they…" But suddenly… he felt a particular and very spicy taste on his tongue and throat.

"Oh shell! SHELL, SHELL! … *cough*… WHAT THE… *cough*… WHAT THE SHELL DID THEY PUT ON THIS?"

"Oh… nothing, just a few hot chili peppers on the pizza's border… and Tabasco sauce… and have you ever heard of 'Pico de Gallo' sauce?"

"Raph… those are the spiciest sauces in the world!" Don said angrily.

"So? I thought he liked to experiment with new flavors… isn't that true Mikey?" Raph said with a little giggle on his voice.

"WATER, WATER! NEED… SOME… WATER!" Mikey yelled.

"Here…" Raph handed Mikey a soda and he drank it but…

"AHHHHH! WHAT THE SHELL! ARE YOU CRAZY?" Mikey yelled again… the reason? That wasn't soda… it was hot coffee!

"Raph!" Leo yelled angrily at Raph.


"That wasn't funny Raph! C'mon Mikey… let's get you some water…"

"Hehehehe… hahahaha… so… hahaha… hilarious!" Raph wiped a few tears.

A few minutes later, Raph went directly to his punching bag. A very angry Mikey stared at him from outside the dojo. He had to make Raph pay for this. But how? And then, and idea…

"He he… you're so gonna pay, Raph" Mikey thought and made his way to his room. He looked for a little friend that he knew Raph wasn't pleased to meet. Once he got it, he went to Raph's room and placed the little fella on Raph's hammock. Then, he continued preparing the prank.

"All I have to do… is wait… hehehehe" Mikey giggled as he finished. Then, he went to the dojo again.

"Hey Mikey! Want another Hawaiian pizza? Hehehehe" Rah teased Mikey.

"Har-di-har Raph… that was soooo funny" Mikey said with a sarcastic voice.

"C'mon Mikey! Yer always pulling pranks on me… can't take a little prank just for once?"

"Ok, ok… it was a good prank, I admit. But you haven't seen anything yet, Raphie-boy"

"Don't cha think we've had enough for today? I mean, c'mon! Gimme a break!"

"Ok, ok… no more pranks for today"

Suddenly, the security system is activated.

"Guys, we have company!" Don yelled.

"What is this time?"

"Foot Ninjas, near the east tunnel"

"Those goofballs don't get tired?" Raph asked angrily.

"Khan must have sent him to find us… Don, get the Sewer Slider. We can't let them discover the new lair" Leo commanded.

"Got it"

"Ok, guys… let's do this!"