Story- Eyes are the Window to the Soul.

Author- Amethyst-Blood Crimson-Tears

Genre- Hurt/ Comfort/ Romance

Characters- Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno

Summary- I've known him for years, and I feel as if I know him more than anyone. It's just to bad that he hardly acknowledges my existence... at least for the longest time, that's what I believed.

Type- AU/ One shot.

Note- This has been in my head for some time now, and I wanted to get it out here because I felt like it was one shot worthy. It's just a different rendition of how I believe Sasuke and Sakura's real relationship is. Review please, and enjoy. Its pretty lengthy, but I kept it at a short story length. And it is a one shot but I separated the transitions in the story to separate pages as if they were chapters. That way you aren't reading something too overly-long. So please give it a chance.

October: Things can change.

Today wasn't any different from yesterday. Or any other day for the matter. I sat on the far left, and stole my rare glances of him on the far right of the classroom. His seat just happened to be a row in front of mine; resulting in the best angle of how his black locks framed his jaw then lashed out in a messy disarray down the nape of his sleek neck, and the perfect view where his gray porcelain cheek met his stoic obsidian eyes. Eyes that, over the years, I have become very fond of.

They were like partially opened doors, teasing me with his mysteries that I was only able to decode half way. They were taunting, mesmerizing, perplexing, and cold. Hard and cold, as he shut himself away from the world. They only reflected how quiet and placid he was; never opening himself to anyone other than those exceptional few.

He only trusted his older brother Itachi. After all Itachi was all Sasuke Uchiha had left by means of family. There was also his best friend. Surprisingly the complete opposite of him, his best friend Naruto Uzumaki was the loudest person in the universe. But I had reasons to believe that Naruto kept Sasuke sane with all his crazy antics. There was a special... bond they shared. Years of a mutual understanding shared between them that kept the two close.

No one else could even fathom the idea of having any true level of understanding with Sasuke Uchiha, therefore Naruto was his only friend. Well... the only friend he actually cared to have. Everyone else he simply shut down... and because of that, in all the time I have known him, I never even tried to be close to him.

The other reasoning behind this dawned in the most agonizingly painful and obvious of ways just as the bell rang, of course startling me from the fix I was on. Though Sasuke didn't have any true friends here at Konoha high school, or in the city for the matter, he was still the most popular guy in- possibly, the entire fire county. Proven by the mob of fan girls that instantly swarmed his desk. As for me... well, his league was light-years beyond my own.

Sasuke's fan girls, as I've come to label them, made efforts in vain. I took note out of my peripheral vision, hardly concentrating on actually putting my books neatly in my book-bag, that just as always Sasuke slipped past the squealing vultures and out the door. All without saying a word. The Uchiha earned an echoing 'aaaah,' of disappointment from his fan girls.

Their obsession was fairly transparent. Anyone could simply look at Sasuke and fall head over heals for his exceptionally stunning good looks. A sickening, unreasonable love if you ask me. I couldn't honestly say that I never reacted to Sasuke that way. Because, believe me, I suffered from the very same teenage- girl syndrome when I was like seven. When I first saw him. Who wouldn't? He gave off that cool aura, and he was dark, and mysterious, and gorgeous. And his eyes... it wasn't until I was eight, it took me one year of secret admiring to catch that rare glimpse...

If you really looked into Sasuke Uchiha's eyes, just as I always did, just as I did when he passed through the door frame of the classroom... you could see the unbearable pain and sorrow of solitude that weighed down his shoulders.

I am just as obsessed, but since then, my love has no longer been unreasonable. But it sure has been unheard.

The class filed out after Sasuke's wake, and I followed in the background. That's all I am here. I'm just as quiet and reserved as the boy I long for, perhaps just as alone too. Though I do have a family, and a few acquaintances that might care about me... but since I've grown my affections for Sasuke, I've always felt like his pain was shared with me... at least I wanted him to share it with me. I couldn't stand to see him so isolated, so alone. But he hardly knew I existed... therefore I was alone.

I glanced at his seat, the spot I had seen him the past four years of our high school career- for we shared the same home room. And several other classes if you wanted to get technical about it. Including those since about the second grade when Sasuke was pushed into my life. Yeah, I've known the guy for years, and I've been in his background for that time span as well... but nothing was different from the day before or the day before that, and so on.

I gaped a little longer than I intended to at Sasuke's unoccupied desk. The classroom was empty, so I was by myself, alone with my thoughts. But as I focused more on the actual generic red chair, I noticed a dull gray object obscure the color scheme beneath it, rendering it out of place.

A notebook... Sasuke's notebook.

He must have forgotten it. Worry filled me, since I knew our next class shared later that day was AP Calc. You were literally lost if you didn't take notes in that class, and I had noticed before that Sasuke was a very studious note taker. He would need the notebook.

Not quite thinking about what I was actually doing; this was truly something I didn't do often... or ever, I quickly grabbed the notebook and lunged out into the hall. Sasuke was already 100 feet away, about to round the corner and be lost in a sea of Konoha's students. My legs had a mind of their own, and before I knew it I was only a few feet away.

The words slipped from my mouth effortlessly, like I had been saying them my whole life.

"Sasuke, wait up!"

To my utter surprise, he stopped. I was actually pretty athletic. Just not very graceful. I had planned on him to be ignorant and to have kept walking. I would have charged in front of him in order to return his notebook, but instead I lost my footing in his sudden stop and bound right into his statuesque figure.

With an inaudible gasp I fell to the linoleum floor, my hip thudding hard against its surface. My book-bag was also dislodged from my shoulder, spilling its contents with several thumps and clatters, along with Sasuke's notebook.

The next thing I heard were several giggles and sneers, but I was in to much of a haze to really care. Instead I sat myself up, and inclined my head to look right into those eyes I have admired for so long.

There was nothing. My mind went blank, and all I could see... All I could think about was the expressionless emotion that masked all that agony. Those doors that only barely peeked into his soul tantalized me, not budging to open any farther, and held my gaze for who knows how long.

Then they sharpened into a harder shade of onyx, and steeled over, immediately shutting the doors in my face.

"It helps to watch where you are going," he said. His tone was so smooth, like velvet. It melted off his tongue... but it was so lifeless. The infliction pulled at the strings of my heart. "What did you want anyway," he added. I could feel my ears and cheeks heating. I would never understand why it took me so long to realize this embarrassing fact, but it hit me like a ton of bricks. Not once had I ever spoken to Sasuke Uchiha directly. Of course I'd let slip a few gestures, hellos, and good mornings... but this?


"Spit it out already." He wasn't rude, just... I wasn't sure. Blunt I suppose.

"Y-your notebook," I stuttered. I picked it out from my own scattered things and stood. "You left it in home room. I thought you might need it."

Sasuke's brows furrowed only a fraction more than their usual set. He reached for the notebook in my hands and idly flipped through it, confirming the fact that it was, indeed, his. Then his eyes found mine again. I waited, at a loss for words, for him to show me some sort of gratitude. He simply nodded and said-



I immediately downcast my view, and knelt to the ground to pick up my things. I couldn't help what was about to slip my lips, but as quiet as I was... I was still a very prideful person.

"I'll take that as a thank you." I added only a hint of sarcasm, but I kept my tone like his. Holding nothing of my true emotions. Nervous, confused, fond, disappointed, embarrassed, flustered. Out of the corner of my eye I saw his dark sneakers turn the opposite direction and silently move away.

To think the negative emotions would begin overlapping the positive ones at this point, they surprisingly didn't. Instead I was... happy. At least he said something, even if it wasn't more than a grunt. To his fan girls, he didn't even look at them. In fact he acted as if they didn't exist.

For a moment, I was content. Coming from Sasuke, to me, that was a thank you...

"Thank you..."

My head snapped in his direction, and I swear my eyes bulged wide, ready to pop out of my head. He had stopped walking, though his back was to me. But there was no doubt that the sweet, smooth gratitude had been given by him.

"... Sakura." And then he was walking again, where soon he disappeared around the corner, leaving me in a stunned stupor as an obstacle in the hallway.

Perhaps today had actually been different.