A/N: Hey all, this is Sushi*Bomb! So this idea came to me after I realized that I have been totally bitch-slapped by writer's block. It's heavily based off of a couple of fics I've read in this and other fandoms (They're both in my favorites. You'll know them when you see them, and I give credit to them both for giving me this idea!) This little fic is just a place for me to lay out all of my ideas, and to get a much needed laugh. Please enjoy it!

Genre: Humor/Drama

Warnings: Language & Themes

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Classified Information!

Everything you could have ever wanted to know about:

Prince Belphegor!

1. Prince Belphegor has exactly 720 knives, and he polishes them everyday at 10 A.M. on the dot.

2. Prince Belphegor has dyed his hair every color you can think of. At least once.

3. Prince Belphegor bakes the most incredible chocolate chip cookies you will ever have the pleasure of putting in your face.

4. Prince Belphegor always sleeps on the right side of his bed.

5. Prince Belphegor loves to sing dirty songs in the shower. Loudly.

6. Prince Belphegor would rather wait for the movie to come out than to read the book.

7. Prince Belphegor can play the violin, piano, and acoustic guitar.

8. Prince Belphegor likes to chase cockroaches and step on them until they're just smears on the ground.

9. Prince Belphegor has a reported I.Q. of 193. The highest in Europe.

10. Prince Belphegor is deathly allergic to bananas.

11. Prince Belphegor is a compulsive shopaholic.

12. Prince Belphegor was the first member of the Varia to lose his virginity. But he won't ever tell anyone to whom.

13. Prince Belphegor drinks milk straight from the carton.

14. Prince Belphegor has three piercings. An industrial on his left ear, his bellybutton, and his…

15. Prince Belphegor will burst out laughing if you look at him with a stern face and say 'nugget porn'.

16. Prince Belphegor had a huge crush on Squalo when he was fifteen.

17. Prince Belphegor enjoys walking around the castle in various states of undress.

18. Prince Belphegor always paints his nails black on his birthday. Always.

19. Prince Belphegor's favorite T.V. show is Dexter.

20. Prince Belphegor hates the word squash.

21. Prince Belphegor can turn a simple massage into the most intense orgasm of your life. Yeah. He's that good with his hands.

22. Prince Belphegor used to be an insomniac.

23. Prince Belphegor refers to himself as 'the prince' so he doesn't ever forget who he was before he cracked.

24. Prince Belphegor is one hell of a raver.

25. Prince Belphegor cut mink's hair to look like his.

26. Prince Belphegor is fluent in seven languages.

27. Prince Belphegor loves putting people in extremely awkward situations for his own amusement.

28. Prince Belphegor can say the alphabet backwards without stopping to think about it even once.

29. Prince Belphegor has the biggest porn stash in the Varia.

30. Prince Belphegor is bisexual, and not ashamed to admit it.

31. Prince Belphegor pisses on his parent's graves every year.

32. Prince Belphegor can tie a knot in a cherry stem with his tongue.

33. Prince Belphegor thinks Sci-Fi movies are comedy gold.

34. Prince Belphegor hates it when Fran calls him a fake prince.

35. Prince Belphegor was the one who french kissed Xanxus at the New Year's party when the lights went out.

36. Prince Belphegor is not above using his body to get what he wants.

37. Prince Belphegor is an angry drunk.

38. Prince Belphegor wants to fuck the hell out of Hayato Gokudera.

39. Prince Belphegor has a surprisingly beautiful singing voice.

40. Prince Belphegor is in love with an illusion.

41. Prince Belphegor thinks meatballs are freaking gross.

42. Prince Belphegor got his first tattoo when he was seventeen.

43. Prince Belphegor always spells the word cinnamon wrong. He can't figure out why.

44. Prince Belphegor cries about not being allowed to drive his sexy Ferrari anymore.

45. Prince Belphegor has gotten off on stabbing someone to death. Many times.

46. Prince Belphegor has a blood fetish.

47. Prince Belphegor will never tell anyone why he killed them all.

48. Prince Belphegor has eyes so light that at times they look almost white. His brother's were so dark that they looked black.

49. Prince Belphegor feels guilty about that night, but not guilty enough to say he wouldn't do it again.

50. Prince Belphegor both thanks them and blames them for the birth of Prince the Ripper.

I really shouldn't start another story when I'm already writing to others, but I was working on P.O.A., and I got stuck, and this just started flowing out, and I ended having a blast writing it. I think I'm definitely going to do one for everyone in KHR, not just the Varia.

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