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Classified Information!

Everything you could have ever wanted to know about:

Dino Cavallone!

1. Dino Cavallone has fallen out of bed literally every single morning since he was old enough to sleep on his own. His subordinates all have a sneaking suspicion that Dino wouldn't be nearly as clumsy as he is if he hadn't fallen on his head five out of seven days a week. Oh well.

2. Dino Cavallone scrubs Enzo's shell every single morning.

3. Dino Cavallone has many cars, from all over Europe, but his favorite will always be his red Ferrari. Respect the classics man.

4. Dino Cavallone can speak perfect English. It is a necessity, since he often travels to America for both mafia-related business, as well as for personal leisure. He is also fluent in Japanese (obviously), French, German, and is in the process of learning Mandarin Chinese.

5. Dino Cavallone has injured himself so many times he's lost count. *Ahem…94,378 times…* And that's just with the whip. That doesn't include all of the times he's tripped, slipped, fallen down (and even up) stairs, spilled scalding hot things on himself (and others), fallen of off of things, walked into things (people included), etc. Dino is truly the King of Klutz.

6. Dino Cavallone has always been fond of sneakers. His favorites however, will always be the original high top Converses. This more than likely solidifies his status as a skater boy or whatever they're called, but that's alright. Chucks are just too cool not to wear in Dino's opinion.

7. Dino Cavallone used to be a bit of a momma's boy. Since his father was always away on some mafia-related business, naturally, he grew much closer to his mother.

8. Dino Cavallone was actually terrified of Squalo when they first met. His first day in the dormitory at the Boy's Academy was nerve-wrecking enough since Dino was quite shy, not to mention lacking greatly in the confidence department, and had an unfortunate tendency to say the wrong things at the wrong time. Needless to say, telling Squalo (who happened to be his roommate) upon his arrival that the Girl's Academy was just down the road was probably not the best thing to say to a boy with a slight temper and a sword strapped to his back. That first year was quite a trying time indeed.

9. Dino Cavallone would honestly have laughed at everyone's initial reaction to Enzo's other form, be it not for the fact that when Enzo grows to the size of Godzilla, it would be best to not make jokes and laugh while running for your life.

10. Dino Cavallone sometimes wonders what Tsuna would be like as a girl. With his awkward, dorky sort of charm, Tsuna can be unintentionally adorable at times, and Dino imagines the younger man with a girly(er) high-pitched voice, boobs, and long hair, and a small smile that borders on a smirk kind of appears when he realizes he'd probably be around more often, simply to beat the boys off of his little sister.

11. Dino Cavallone has owned literally every model of every phone in existence. How he is capable of losing/dropping/ sitting on/ whipping/ crushing/ etc. every single phone he owns is even beyond him, but it's just lucky for him that a) he's a mafia boss, b) he's good with money and has plenty of it, and c) he's on a first name basis with all of the employees at AT&T. Discounts are always a good thing, and the employees don't mind giving them to Dino because they know they'll always have business as long as he's around.

12. Dino Cavallone's first thought the day he met Reborn for the first time was that he wasn't human. There was just no way to believe that that little baby had the power to literally kick his ass all the way down the stairs. But as he sat in a bruised heap at the bottom of the stairs, he felt Reborn's tiny body sit atop him, sipping a cup of espresso with that little shit-eating smirk of his and nonchalantly announced that he was now his home tutor, Dino's heart sank. He's for real.

13. Dino Cavallone has an eye for prime real estate. In addition to the Cavallone Estate in Rome, he also has a high-rise condo in Tokyo, a summer house in California, and a penthouse in downtown Manhattan in New York. Dino has been considering purchasing another condo down on South Beach too. It's nice to be able to get away sometimes, and it's even better when you have such luxurious choices.

14. Dino Cavallone actually brought Hibari with him once to Miami while on vacation. Lesson learned: Don't ever put Kyouya Hibari on a crowded beach in Florida during tourist season in the heat. Dino has never before, and never since been faced with so many potential lawsuits. How the guy got those damned tonfas past security at the airport is beyond him. Hibari just works in mysterious ways, he supposes.

15. Dino Cavallone isn't really a picky eater, but there is one thing on this Earth that he would rather pants Hibari (well, he'd pants Hibari anyway, because that would be funny, but that's another story altogether…) than ever even touch, let alone eat. Tomatoes. Insert picture of Dino projectile vomiting here. Yes, he hates them that much.

16. Dino Cavallone was Squalo's first kiss, and consequently the reason Squalo became a homophobe. All he wanted to know was how it felt to kiss, and since there weren't any girls at their school, Dino figured his best friend was a suitable substitute to experiment with. But by the loud shriek, mile long list of obscenities and the fist in his nose… obviously, Squalo didn't share his opinion or…ahem... 'burning desires.'

17. Dino Cavallone was actually a little afraid of Hibari when they first met. At first, he didn't mind the frigid glares and lack of conversation so much… that is until a set of steel tonfas entered the frame. Immediately after shitting several bricks, Dino pondered the codes of conduct for Japanese schools, because apparently by Namimori's standards, steel tonfas are appropriate tools of learning. What?

18. Dino Cavallone's fear however, despite his initial trepidation towards the volatile prefect, over time grew into an insatiable curiosity. Kyouya Hibari was powerful, yes, but Dino would often wonder what else there was to him. What fueled that desire to fight? Who was Hibari, really? His answer would become apparent over the ten years that he's known him.

19. Dino Cavallone actually doesn't have his driver's license. It sucks being twenty-two with only a permit, but Romario will never let him drive by himself. The man insists it's because he cares, but Dino knows that it's not him he's really worried about…it's everyone else.

20. Dino Cavallone can't understand why everyone has such a problem with his hair. Ten years is a long time, and he couldn't have that shaggy skater hair forever, right? He himself thinks he looks quite mature with his shorter hair. Despite this, however, he's considering growing it back out. Everyone constantly asking him about his hair is growing quite irritating, and the last straw came when, during the Byakuran ordeal, he had the opportunity to meet Hibari's past self, and the first thing the boy asked him was: "What the hell did you do to your head, herbivore?"

21. Dino Cavallone was even trying to grow a goatee at one point. He still insists that he would look quote/unquote 'badass' with a bit of chin scruff, to which Hibari promptly responded: "You'll look even more badass in a full-body cast after I bite you to death and shave it off."

22. Dino Cavallone is perfectly content with being a Sky Flame user. The Sky Flame has always run in his family, and he can't help but feel a sense of pride in the Cavallone legacy of generations before when he runs a thumb over the large gem encased in the center of his ring.

23. Dino Cavallone, despite his 'skater-boy' style, is actually a terrible skateboarder. And that's with Romario and the others around. If they're absent and Dino is in your immediate vicinity with a skateboard and a smile…a call to your insurance agent would be highly recommended.

24. Dino Cavallone often enjoys coming to Namimori simply to sit on the roof with Hibari. As much as the other man will deny it and demand that he leave, Dino can see the emptiness in Hibari's threats. It appears that he makes them so often they've become automatic, almost compulsive, like something will happen if he doesn't make a threat. But regardless, Dino just laughs them off and takes a patient seat along the railing next to the younger man, and the two sit in comfortable silence as Hibari watches over his school like a hawk.

25. Dino Cavallone was honestly quite baffled when Reborn gave him Enzo in lieu of Leon, like he had wanted. Reborn simply said it was because Enzo was the perfect representation of who Dino was: someone who looked unassuming, but could become larger than life and overwhelm anyone who stood before him, if given the right (or wrong) reason too. Too bad Reborn meant the 'larger than life' part literally.

26. Dino Cavallone spent the first few days with Reborn running and hiding. It was safe to say that Reborn was some evil demon right out of Hell in Dino's mind, and he didn't care if he had to spend the rest of his life in hiding. To him, that was better than undergoing Reborn's legendarily brutal training regimen. But Reborn found him every single time. And beat his ass for running. Every. Single. Time. After nearly two weeks, Dino gave up. You can't outrun a demon, especially one like Reborn.

27. Dino Cavallone will never ever admit this, because Dino is adamant that he is not a pedophile, but he may have had some…thoughts…about Hibari during the time they spent training together. He would never act on them of course, but sometimes, that awkward tension that hung in the air when Romario wasn't around was so unbearable that he would purposely provoke Hibari into a fight just to keep his mind occupied.

28. Dino Cavallone believes Leon gave him a bullwhip as his weapon of choice for many different reasons. Dino has always had a sort of unconscious uneasiness with guns, swords, and other traditional weapons, so when it came time to choose one, he supposes Leon was attuned to those subconscious fears. Not that Dino minds, however. A whip requires a certain level of natural ability and finesse, not to mention near perfect accuracy, precision and hand-eye coordination. In short, it was a challenging weapon to master in its own right. And it was a challenge that Dino really liked, and ultimately rose to meet.

29. Dino Cavallone …has occasionally used that whip for more than fighting. What? It's not like you didn't know. Don't look so surprised. Dino is kinky as fuck, and no one knows that better than Hiba- I mean noooo, what are you talking about? Dino is innocent, like a baby lamb…uhh…

30. Dino Cavallone has sometimes wondered about the implications of his and Hibari's weapons. As a grown man, Dino is no stranger to sex and the different tastes and things that appeal to others. He sometimes wonders if he was given a whip because he was naturally dominant or something along those lines…but then he looks at Hibari, with those handcuffs, and wonders if by that line of reasoning that that would mean Hibari was submissive? It's not like he can just ask or anything. Unless he wants to die.

31. Dino Cavallone's favorite memory of him with Enzo is the first time he discovered that Enzo was a snapping turtle. Long story short, Dino accidentally sat on his little turtle once, because being the klutz that he is, he obviously wasn't looking where he was sitting, and well…Enzo didn't take too kindly to being smothered by Dino's ass. Said ass now has a scar on the left cheek that looks a lot like a bite-mark. Despite this, Dino still laughs about it. After the scar healed, it was actually pretty funny.

32. Dino Cavallone got the nickname 'Bucking Bronco' from Reborn. All Dino is willing to tell anyone is that this particular episode that led up to his 'christening' did not involve any sort of horse whatsoever. It was more like him at his senior graduation. Hint: Reborn was present, along with his whip, and somehow he ended up riding his principal around the auditorium like a bull in china shop. God, please just don't ask. The memories are bad enough.

33. Dino Cavallone's early months in the academy have become something of a blur for the most part, but every once in a while, he remembers little things that make him chuckle. One memory that stands out vividly among the rest is the day he decided to play a prank on Squalo in gym class. The two had had a bit of a disagreement the night before, and that morning Dino had been more than a little peeved at the swordsman. It's hard to keep the snorts and chuckles suppressed when he remembers Squalo just standing with his back to him, minding his own business, and him running up and pantsing him in front of the entire class, boxers and all. Squalo probably doesn't hold that memory as fondly as he does.

34. Dino Cavallone, for some odd reason, was extremely superstitious when he was young. He once stepped on a crack while getting out of a limo at school, and Squalo told him that he probably just paralyzed his mom. Dino proceeded to cry hysterically and repeatedly call his mother's phone (until he accidentally lost his grip and somehow it ended up in the school fountain…?). Squalo just stood by cracking up the whole time. Let it be mentioned that Dino was also a bit guillible as a kid too.

35. Dino Cavallone lost that silly, guillible side of him however once his mother actually did die. He remembers that he wasn't even able to cry at her funeral, and he also remembers that it was raining really hard that day. But what he remembers most vividly was that it was the first and last time he had ever seen his father cry. Needless to say, Squalo never picked on him after that.

36. Dino Cavallone has entertained the thought of a battle between his family and Tsuna's once before. But when he really thinks about it, he's not sure how well his men, wonderful and strong as they are, would fair against Tsuna's X-Burner, or Gokudera's bombs, Yamamoto's sword, or Mukuro's illusions, or Hibari's tonfas, or Ryohei's fists, or Lambo's lightning. With each member, Dino's grimace grows more, until he finally realizes that if that ever happened, the Cavallones would be toast.

37. Dino Cavallone adores Nana. She reminds him a lot of his own mother when she was alive, in the soft smiles and laughs, and the constant overflow of happiness and positivity. Nana really is too wonderful to be human, Dino thinks to himself, especially when she cooks Italian style cuisine just for him, just to make him feel at home. He feels nothing but gratitude to his second mother for her acceptance of him, and that is something he is sure he could never say thank you for with a bracelet dripping with diamonds or a new Mercedes-Benz. Nana is too good for material things.

38. Dino Cavallone honestly can't explain the relationship between him and Hibari. In the simplest of terms, it could sort of be classified as a 'love/hate relationship,' but in truth, it is so complicated Dino's sure that there isn't even a name for it. While it certainly had its physical aspect, their relationship is most definitely one born of respect. Kyouya Hibari lives by his own code, with extremely complex rules, and Dino knows he himself is one of the lucky few ever considered worthy of earning Hibari's trust and respect, even if the prefect has never really shown it or said it outright.

39. Dino Cavallone makes it a point to visit his mother and father's graves at least twice a year. No matter what is going on in his life at the moment, Dino always leaves those few select days open. This is one of the few times he doesn't want anyone, not even Romario or the others around him; when he sits cross-legged in front of their graves after replacing the withering bouquets of roses on each tombstone. This is a moment of intimacy that Dino can only share with the two once maginificent people now entombed in front of him. He always asks 'How's the family looking now, Dad?' with a soft smile, and pulls his coat tighter when the wind blows a bit harder in response, as if to say, 'it's perfect, kid.'

40. Dino Cavallone's tattoo is basically a visual depiction of his life's story. He's been working on it steadily since the age of sixteen and each of the intricate pieces tell a small part of his story; each picture represents something important, whether it be a significant person or life- altering event. He hasn't told anyone the real meaning behind each separate piece however, and that's simply because it's not finished yet. There's still more to Dino Cavallone's story that hasn't been told yet, and it won't be finished for a long time.

41. Dino Cavallone is one of three people that can get away with hugging/ snogging/ being overly affectionate in anyway towards Squalo. The swordsman won't let it happen without a lengthy trail of expletives and a whole lot a shoving and death threats, but the nearly imperceptible tint of red on his cheeks is completely worth it.

42. Dino Cavallone can't help but laugh sometimes at the faces Tsuna makes when Reborn shows up in one of his…outfits. Dino figures that when he was Tsuna's age, he probably made the same, if not more grotesquely exasperated faces at the sheer nonchalance of Reborn in his tutu or whatever he happens to be wearing. Sometimes he and Tsuna wish they could be just as oblivious to it as everyone else.

43. Dino Cavallone finds a new reason everyday to be proud of Tsuna. His little brother has certainly come a long way, and the road hasn't been easy. Sometimes Dino feels that he got off a lot easier than Tsuna did, simply because when he was under Reborn's tutelage, his training never meant life or death. It was never the deciding factor in his or anyone else's fate. He didn't have to face any Rokudo Mukuros, Xanxus, or Byakurans. Tsuna has overcome every single one of his adversaries, simply to protect those who have become most important to him, and Dino knows that this challenging journey will only lead Tsuna, as well as the entire Vongola Famiglia, to new heights.

44. Dino Cavallone is amazed at the level of natural ability, loyalty, not to mention the uniqueness, of Tsuna's family. While he never once doubted them, Tsuna and his group of misfits, as he and others have taken to calling them, have far surpassed his expectations. Over the years, Dino has seen them grow from a rag-tag group of kids; some friends, some bitter rivals, some the worst of enemies turned allies, to an elite, strong, dedicated (used in the loosest sense of the word when applied to certain individuals), influential mafia family, with all of it's members ingrained in some aspect of the mafia world. Vongola Decimo and his powerful yet eccentric Famiglia have turned the mafia world completely on it's side.

45. Dino Cavallone has never felt the same type of overwhelming coldness as the day he went to Hibari's house for the first time. Up until then, he had never completely understood why Hibari was the way he was, but that day, everything sort of fell into place. As much as he claims to be disgusted by the 'crowding herbivores,' Dino saw that in his own way, Hibari longed for it. No one, not even someone as strong as Hibari could possibly stomach being alone in such a cold, uninviting home every single day.

46. Dino Cavallone didn't think twice about saving Squalo during the Ring Conflict. In that instant, he didn't see the cocky swordsman who was just humbled by someone half his age; he didn't see the man who defeated Tyr, nor did he see the man who was supposed to be the Commander of the Varia. Dino only saw the reflection of who Squalo used to be: the young, belligerent loner who had a big mouth and a bigger attitude, the one person that really accepted him, albeit reluctantly…the one person he could safely call his friend during those years at the academy. And right then, he needed him more than anyone else.

47. Dino Cavallone is not one to cry often, if ever. But the day Reborn died…Dino honestly can't remember anything else, other than locking himself in his bathroom, turning the tap on and collapsing over the sink in tears. It was like losing a parent all over again. Dino had long forgotten that type of pain, and that day, it came rushing back in an unwelcome fury.

48. Dino Cavallone sees a lot of himself in Tsuna. Meeting 'No-Good Tsuna' brought back a flood of memories, some good, some bad, some so embarrassing he shudders at the very thought of them. Dino was forced to remember what he used to be like at Tsuna's age: awkward, shy, wandering around with his head in the clouds, wondering just what he would make of himself, or if he even would make anything of himself. But he also sees the good things: Tsuna had the same compassion, the same need to belong, the same need to protect those that were most important to him. And then a smile snakes it's way onto his face, because he knows that Tsuna already has everything he needs to become a great man, and Dino is proud to be given the privilege of calling the younger man his little brother.

49. Dino Cavallone doesn't feel the need to say this out loud, since he imagines that it is fairly obvious, but Romario is probably the most important person in his life. He's been in the man's care since as long as he can remember, and their relationship has sprouted from one of a simple bodyguard and his clumsy young charge, to that of a father and son. After the death of his father, Romario filled that role so perfectly that Dino sometimes wonders if Romario was actually the one meant to be his father.

50. Dino Cavallone, as much as he cares for Tsuna and the others in the Vongola, puts his subordinates above everyone else. In his eyes, there is no finer group of men in the mafia, or on Earth, for that matter. They've stuck with him through thick and thin, the good and the bad, and Dino has no idea where he'd be without them. As far as Dino is concerned, they're blood, and blood is forever.

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