Lips Like Sugar

Chapter 15

Like… You're Lips Are Like Sugar

"Wait, uncle, you can't shoot him!"

"Why not?"

"It's… illegal?"

Amy's eyes narrowed. 'Right, and trying to take over the world using destructive robots is less of a crime.'

Eggman's expression was not unlike like hers.

"You can't blow a hole through his head because…" Elise tried to offer, but she really couldn't think of anything else.

"Come on, Eggman, you can't really shoot him. It's not like he knew he was dating Elise – as in your niece. We all know Sonic's not that much of a bad guy, and really, it could've been worse." Amy retorted, shrugging indifferently.

"And what could be worse?" His tone had not changed from that dry, placid flat line of I'm-acting-calm-but-I-am-ready-to-pull-the-bullet-any-second-now.

"Well… she could've accidentally ended up with some rapist or child molester."

Elise inched closer to Amy, leaning to whisper in her ear, "That's a tad bit extreme, don't you think?"

Amy sighed, shrugging, "Fine. It could've been some bad-ass punk or a real jerk… wait… Sonic is kinda both of things…"

"Amy!" Elise hissed, noticing the non-existence of signs that her uncle would renounce.

"Oh, right! Eheh... okay erm… at least he was…" Amy sighed in frustration, smacking her hand to her face and questioned bluntly, "You didn't sleep with him, did you?"


Amy turned to Eggman, "Then there's no need to kill him."

Eggman's face scrunched up, just as ready to deny, when Amy added. "They were what-seventeen? Eighteen?"

She eyed Elise, who nodded in confirmation, "So you're lucky she ended up with Sonic – had it been any other normal teenage boy, he would have taken advantage of her and lured her into his bed. Really, Sonic's an asshole, and a real moron, but you gotta give him credit for doing the right things at times."

Eggman's eyes narrowed, but with two females holding bright eyes and adorable faces, it was impossible not to comply, and with a sigh, he resigned. It was true, and Amy was right, it could have been a lot worse. Lord knows what he would've done to the blue hedgehog if he really had deflowered his innocent Elise.


"Yay!" Elise squealed, hugging Amy tightly. "You're pretty good at this!"

Amy grinned, "I try."

"Argh… wha… my head…" Sonic began rising, tenderly rubbing the eyesore bump on his head, but he was promptly re-silenced as the base of the large shooter was re-whacked against his head and the blue hedgehog revisited the ground.

Amy whistled, "That's gonna hurt."

"You didn't have to hit him again." Elise leaned forward, idly inspecting the hedgehog.

"Whatever." Eggman scoffed, pulling back the holster.

"And not that I want you to shoot him or anything, but what's the point of using a gun when you don't even do out someone's body parts with it? A hammer or even a rock woulda worked better."

"It was the only thing available."

"Err… umm… sure, I guess." Amy shook her head, although her eyes suddenly got wide. "Wait, if you took me here to get me to realize that I had feelings for Shadow, then what did you do to him?"

"Well, we put M-"

Amy suddenly clenched her eyes shut as once again, the door screeched open and collided with the wall in a loud wail. She would have blocked her ears – having a sudden painful scream in your ears can make you do the most obvious things – if she wasn't suddenly knocked into a wall.

With stars in her eyes, she looked up, staring dreamily before blinking, eyebrows drawing in confusion before a stupid smile stretched across her face.

"'Sup, bro." She addressed the silver hedgehog.

"Really? I thought we were going with the cousin thing, since that is what we are, but I guess the sibling thing works, too. Makes it cooler anyway." He grinned cheekily at her, standing in front of her in a more than less defensive position as he eyed the occupants of the room, settling on Sonic.

"Well, that wasn't supposed to happen." Silver scratched his head, his 'attack' position breaking out as he stood up straight, pondering on what to do now since Sonic's arrangement was over and undone.

"Whaddya mean?" She piped.

"Well, Sonic was supposed to fight Eggdude while I took ya home." Amy suddenly brightened, walking past Silver, ignoring his surprised look as she stepped up to Eggman.

"Ya see? I told you Eggdude would be cooler!"

"Err… Amy? Bad guy? The whole 'rescue you after you nearly scared us half to death thinking you were killed' or something?"

She looked at him confusingly, her eyes glazing slightly before she suddenly jumped in realization.

"That's right!" She softly popped her fist over her open palm, "Tails better have been feeding Cookie!"

Silver could've shot himself in the head right there at that moment.

"Amy… I'm not going to even start how utterly… something you are in every something way." Silver breathed out unenthusiastically, earning a funny look from Amy. She looked thoughtful for a moment before a sudden thought entered her head.

"Wait, you and Sonic came here first to rescue me?"

"You kidding me? Shadow nearly ripped our asses of to find out where this Eggman guy was. He left the second he knew." Eggman blanched, while Amy's eyes sparkled.

"Shadow? He's here?" She whispered hopefully, and Silver didn't need to be told what that look clearly portrayed. Move over Sonic, it's Shadow's time to shine.

"Yeah, but hell knows where he is now. He left before any of us did, and even Sonic had a hard time catching up with him." She stifled a giggle, at first, although worry leaked onto her face. Shadow… what if… what if he got hurt? Because of… her? No! She'd never be able to bear it. Not Shadow…

And… she wasn't… didn't…

"Hey, Amy…" Silver pulled her into a comforting hug, immediately recognizing the look on her face.

"Let's get outta here." He spoke sternly, but Amy shook her head in protest.

"No. Not until we find Shadow."

"Well, that won't take long. He's probably with M…" Elise started, but paused as Sonic suddenly jumped up after escaping from the unconscious, or dead, but he was quickly returned when Eggman swiped the pistol against his head again.

"Ouch!" Silver winced at the sound.

"What the hell?" Elise suddenly burst out, all eyes falling on her with questioning gazes.

"Every single time we ever come close to saying M…" She paused, "… m-my cousin's name, we get inter… rupt…ed…"

The human suddenly froze, her eyes shining as her eyes trailed on the silver hedgehog in recognition. "You… You're Silver. Silver the Hedgehog."

Silver blinked, scooting closer to Amy, who gave him a curious look, but he could only return it with a nonchalant shrug. Hell, he didn't hang out with that many humans, and he surely didn't recognize this one.

"Yeah, I am." He studied her closely, "What about it?"

She blinked, "Oh, umm… it doesn't matter, I guess. You wouldn't remember me."

Eggman's eyes narrowed. "How many hedgehogs do you know?"

"Do you know her?" Amy questioned, peering at him inquisitively. His gold eyes flickered at her before drawing in a thoughtful expression.

"I… do. I think. I just… can't remember." Silver spoke uncertainly. He locked eyes with her, before gold danced around the walls, landing on the ground, landing on the unconscious Sonic… Sonic…

"SONIC!" Silver burst out. "You're-You're Elise, Sonic's human!"

"Sonic's WHAT?" Eggman burst into a shriek, profuse stutters released from his mouth in an angry flurry as his face began blowing up in red, but he fell to the ground suddenly, and snores began echoing off the walls of the room.

"I'm sorry, Eggman." Amy whimpered, drawing back her fist as she patted the bald man's head, "But I'm doing this for your own good. You're going to go insane soon, and we're all pretty sure that Elise will never be able to tell you the full story. Besides… we need Sonic to find Shadow… but I'll promise to make up for it with cookies!"

Elise blinked, "Strangely… I'm rather relieved that you just did that."

"Whoa, sis, where'd you learn to do that?" He threw his arm over her shoulder, pulling her to him as she gave him her own grin. Elise watched them with curious eyes, shock dawning on her face.

"Wait, you guys are actual siblings? I thought you guys were joking earlier!" Two eyes fell on her simultaneously, and suddenly she saw why they were related. Two goofy and exactly identical smiles grew across their faces as they spoke, "Cousins."

"But I'm thinking to hell with that and let's go brother-sister. Not like it makes such a difference anyway." Amy piqued.


"Besides, if Silver gets mutilated by Blaze, or at least fried, then I can be the first one to see him if I'm his 'sister'." Silver winced while Amy's grin grew.

"Huh, not even Eggman knew about this…"

"Hell, we didn't know about up till a couple of months ago." Silver grinned, although it faded, and the playful golden that was his eyes hardened.

"How… How've you been… since the whole Sonic thing? You just… left." Elise was surprised to find worry washed into the silver hedgehog's eyes.

"Yeah, not to butt in or anything, but I'll be damned if neither of you tell me what's going on." Amy exclaimed sternly, a warning tone in her voice.

"This… might take a while… You sure you don't want to find Shadow?" Elise mumbled, searching for any way to delay or avoid speaking of her past, especially her past history with Sonic.

Amy's eyes darkened, much till they matched Silver's. That was a rather low move, and if not, a rather dirty one at that. Elise lowered her eyes in shame, knowing the sudden heavy atmosphere was of their awareness. Anxiety and awkwardness leaked into the room, and Elise couldn't help but fidget with the hem of her dress.

"Shadow will be fine; he doesn't throw a sick ass punch for nothing. If Sonic got through here, then he'll have no problems." Amy's grip on the silver hedgehog tightened as he said those words, her own heart finding meager settlement in that small comfort, but it was appreciated, and they locked eyes for a moment. He gave her a grin at her silent thank you, tightening his hold on her shoulder as he tousled her hair with his other hand, and laughed at her glare. After Amy had managed to fix up her hair, the relatives looked back at Elise, and Amy found her heart softened.

"You don't have to tell us, it really isn't our issue." She felt Silver's eyes on her as she threw Elise an easy smile, and the human was mystified how she suddenly felt relaxed and okay.

"Thank you… I'd rather not talk about it." Elise released a sigh, although she froze at Silver's remark.

"Fine with me, I just don't get why you ladies wanna keep your pasts with Sonic all secret." He smirked at Amy's gasp and she threw him a punch, one he easily dodged.

"That's not funny!"

Silver laughed, "I'm just sayin', Ames. I know you had some 'painful' experience with Sonic, too. Same as Elise, right? Isn't it funny that none of you will reveal it?"

"Well, yeah, but that's just 'cause Sonic's done some real asshole things, and I'm doing him a favor and savin' him drama by not telling you. Besides, don't you think it's rather insensitive to talk about my 'painful' experience with Sonic like that?" Amy smiled at him, and he pulled her tighter against his side.

"Kinda, but what's the problem when you have no issue over it? I mean, look at you! I know Sonic did something really bad to you, enough to make you leave town, but you're totally okay with it!"

Amy's merry laughter sounded to match Silver's happy aura. How glad he was to have Amy back…

"That's 'cause I'm over it! And I'm just cool that way." Silver joined her laughter, oblivious to the silent Elise.

"What are you talking about?" The happy duo suddenly froze, as if a bucket of freezing water was thrown over them, to accompany the shock that came over. That did not sound like Elise. Elise sounded warm and soft, that voice they heard right now was cold and edgy.

"Erm… Elise? What's wrong?" Amy questioned, pulling away from Silver. She couldn't see the girl's facial expression, the human had turned, but the trembling shoulders were anything if to give away.

"What are you talking about?" Amy stepped back at the hissed remark. She glanced back at Silver for support, but he was just as surprised as she was.

"Elise? Are you okay?"

"Answer me!" Amy jolted, jumping towards Silver, who easily caught her and took a step back, pulling Amy with him.

"Elise! What's wrong with you?"

"What did you mean by Sonic hurting you? What did you mean by being with him?" Elise cried out, refusing to look at them. The hedgehogs threw anxious looks at each other, the pink one rather frightened by the sudden change in the sweet girl. Where was the Elise that she had chatted and played Chess with?

She… she didn't have split personalities, did she? Or maybe hormonal discharge? Uncontrollable emotional distress?

"Umm… A long time ago… I was…" Amy struggled; worry clouding her mind and jumbling up her thoughts.

"It was something that happened a long time ago, but Sonic upset me a lot so I ended up leaving the city. Why?"

"What… happened?"

Amy's eyes narrowed. "Elise, what's wrong?"

"What happened?" Elise shrieked, but her eyes widened in surprise when she suddenly fell into a rather warm embrace. She stifled a choke, a sudden wave of lavender and citrus clouding over her, and she found herself looking over a shoulder to the bare, metallic wall.

"A…my?" She choked on a sob, blinking the tears that had been residing there ever since Silver and Amy had begun talking.

"He hurt you, too, didn't he?" Her blue eyes widened in surprise, and she lifted her head slightly. "Just cry already, Elise. I understand."

Amy wasn't looking at her, but she could see her green eyes, and was stunned to see the strange maturity and unidentifiable intelligence in the firm and seemingly unbreakable swirl dancing around the hedgehog's eyes. Her lips were in a firm line, and she mumbled lowly,

"Elise… I understand."

The anger and despair that clouded over her was suddenly drowned, and she could not take the emotional trauma and heavy monster on her shoulders. She needed help, she needed to share, she needed someone to know. To know how she felt, what she needed, to know her despair and realize the weight of it – she needed someone to understand.

And Amy understood.

With that, she released a wail, and told Amy everything.

"Eggman! Wake the fuck up!" Amy shrieked, shaking the large doctor to the oblivion he was already in. Lifting her hand, she began furiously smacking the bald man back and forth repeatedly.

"Come on! You fuck face, wake up!" She screamed into his ear, ready to rip off the moustache should she need to.

"Amy! What are you doing?" Elise made a move to stop her, but she was halted by Silver, who glared at Sonic with as much anger as Amy did.

"Leave her. She's in an angry bitch mode right now, and she won't stop until she gets what she wants. You'll waste your time trying to stop her."

"But what is she doing?"

"Come on, you fat fuck! Wake up!" With a shuddered groan, Eggman's eyes blearily opened, dazed and weary as he blankly stared at Amy. Thundering green clashed with indolent blue, and Amy bellowed her demand.

"I need you to make a super kick-ass thug robot that can use every form of weapon that can cause pain possible! He has to be mega-tall, and his main weapon is a water pump or something like that! It HAS to have WATER! And make sure he always specifically targets blue, egotistical hedgehogs! And include the biggest ass hammer you can find!"

Silver grinned, blowing a whistle, "Man, Amy's fired up."

"Wha-Wait! Amy! What are you doing?"

"I need a super-hyper-mega-awesome-kick-ass-robot that can beat the living crap outta Sonic!" She growled out, shaking the man one more, her fur bristling with her livid form.

"Hey, Amy, maybe if you gave him a chance to, I don't know – BREATHE – then maybe he can UNDERSTAND what you're saying, at least." Silver suggested. Amy's lip curled in distaste, her hands reluctantly releasing the doctor as he blinked several times, regaining his composure, and his ability to wonder what the hell was going on.

"My… neck…" He rubbed… well, what they could identify as his neck under the red jumpsuit. His eyes washed over the occupants, his eyes narrowing when he identified the puffiness around Elise's eyes, and the urge to murder who ever knocked him out dissipated as he rushed over to his niece.

"Who's responsible?" He asked softly, gruffly, and rather darkly. Eggman knows how to be evil! And protective…


Elise smiled at her uncle – really, he was rather sweet, despite his actions and status, along with his stiff-up reputation. "It's nothing really, Amy was telling me the story of how she adopted her chao, Cookie. It's so amazing and beautiful!"

Silver blinked, not really seeing why Elise needed to lie.

Amy growled, "To fuck with that, I just need a super-hyper-mega-awesome-kick-ass-robot that can eliminate Sonic once and for all!"

Cue evil Amy laugh here – Eggman blinked. Elise blinked. Silver rolled on the floor, laughing. Sonic was… well, you know where he is.

"I… think she's finally gone nuts, and has followed your path. I mean, you're rubbing off on her." Elise stated, eying the maniacally laughing hedgehog worriedly.

"I am not insane." Eggman huffed, twirling the pistol in his finger.

Elise glanced at him, "Sure you aren't."

"Oh… erm… we take a right… here?" Maria laughed nervously, turning right at the corner. She could feel Shadow's heated glare at the back of her head, but it wasn't as if that was helping her freaked out state at the moment.

It wasn't her fault! How was she supposed to know which bomb shelter room Uncle Ivo was in when they had SEVENTEEN of them and she only knew the location of four, all of which turned out to be empty?

"So, where exactly are you going to take her to?" Maria inquired, watching her uncle speed back and forth around the robot. He didn't answer, seemingly ignoring her as he continued with his work. It was strange… he seemed giddy. He was rather pleasant and genial as of lately, once the whole plan was set and it was official as to them kidnapping the pink hedgehog.

To say she was suspicious was more or less of an understatement, but she couldn't help it. She hadn't seen her uncle this up and happy and excited in… well… EVER. It was so WEIRD! He was rushing from one end to another, hurrying to get this over with… to do what?

To kidnap Amy.

Now why the hell would that make him happy?

When you happen to know the fuck why, give her a call.

She didn't understand what was up with that…non-belonging upward curve at the edge of his mouth. Hell, it could even be called a smile, but it was just too impossible. Her uncle didn't smile.

"What's the big deal?" She whispered, eyeing the female sitting beside her, looking every bit as curious as she did. "I mean, we're just kidnapping her."

"Maybe he gets a thrill in kidnapping people? You know, illegal means evil, so he gets errm… some sort of twisted pleasure or something." Elise offered, shrugging as her own blue eyes watched the doctor's movements, humming softly at the happy atmosphere around her uncle. Sure, she didn't know why her uncle was happy, but it made her happy to see him this way.

"He's not that sadistic." Maria mumbled, drawing her lip in her mouth as she softly chewed on it.

"Ah well, he did have history with the pink hedgehog." Elise stated, dangling her feet as she shifted in her position, squirming closer to her cousin as they sat on the ledge.

"She was twelve, Elise."

Elise scrunched up her nose,

"Ew, Maria, no. I didn't mean it like that. He's not that sadistic," Elise repeated, "much less a pedophile of any sort. I meant that maybe they were… erm… I don't know. You did say she was part of his past, and it's not like we know anything about that, other than the fact that he used to be 'evil' " Elise scoffed. Yeah right, her uncle was as evil as her shoe.

"So what the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Erm, maybe they were… umm… they were…" What could she say? Friends, buddies, partners? Back then, she was child and he was a grown adult, none of those titles fit.

Which made everything so weird – why would Uncle Ivo be so happy to kidnap her again?

Elise sighed at her cousin's frustrated growl, "She's special, then."

Maria blinked. "What?"

The brown haired female shrugged lazily, "Maybe she's special, at least to uncle. Maybe that's way he's so jovial."

He seemed more ecstatic than anything, but to Elise, it wasn't unwelcome. It wasn't everyday their uncle got as content as this – the pleased and high-spirited air around him was rather addicting, and a nice change to be around.

"Special…" Maria grumbled, eyes drifting off. The brighter of the two blue eyes held lids to midway, sliding towards the blonde female in secretive knowing. Maria was rather sweet, and although albeit controlling and bossy, she was pleasant company, but she would throw all of those things away when it came to her black hedgehog.

It seemed the Robotnik family was tied to hedgehogs, be it blue ones, pink ones, or black ones, it was an all attraction to that species, and each one had their own special, secret story that neither gave the full story to the other. Only ideas, and basic thoughts were given, but each wanted to keep their special memory and details with the hedgehogs as something to their own, and no arguments were given. It's just who they were, and they saw no need to share the feelings and kept thoughts with the others. When it came to anything else, the answer always came down to 'fine, whatever, hell, I can even tell you the color of underwear I was wearing that day', but when it came to the hedgehogs, their special moments were for theirs to know only, and no one else would be shared with it. Maria's past with Shadow was secretive, Elise's past with Sonic was unknown, and they only knew the barest of their uncle with Sonic, and next to nothing of the pink hedgehog.

"Hey, Uncle Ivo!" Maria listened half-heartedly to Elise's voice, but she was a tad occupied with thoughts of her beloved black hedgehog and his eyes.

"What room are you gonna take Amy to?" His eyes were so red, and they burned, it was amazing…

"The bomb shelter room, the one in the…" They also had splashes of black ink! How on earth could anyone have eyes as unique as that?

Okay, maybe she wasn't paying attention, it really wasn't her fault. It was Shadow's, of course, or at least his parents' for giving him those damnably gorgeous and captivating eyes.

"Maria…" She sucked in a breath. Damn you Shadow! It is your fault! I'm innocent! Innocent!

"You don't know where Amy is."

Maria's narrowed, her chest contracting painfully. What was so special about Amy anyway? Was it her pink fur? Hell, there have been colors of more exclusivity. Her eyes? So what, they were green, those were nice, but you could ignore that to colors like gold and red.

Okay, forget the physical features – admittedly, maybe aside from the pink fur and green eyes, the hedgehog was beautiful, and she was rather lovely and gorgeous, but she wouldn't put her money on it…

From what she gathered, the female hedgehog was stupidly random, impassive, often uncaring and aloof to situations and such, angered easily, and when angered, driven to insanity, loud, incessantly talkative (okay, yeah, so was Elise, but whatever.), had lots of fire and spunk, and from some reports and videos, a real bitch.

Why the hell would Shadow want to be with her? What in the world did this hedgehog have? What on earth did she do to earn Shadow's affection? AND his complete and undivided devotion?

Didn't… didn't she have that once? What could that pink hedgehog have done to capture this magnificent creature? Done enough to override her work that Shadow could only focus on…

She sighed, willing away the dark thoughts away from her mind. She knew that she shouldn't think like that – her rational side was right, after all. She didn't really give Amy much of a chance in the first place, and stubbornly, she didn't want to. She'd rather just stick to believing that this Amy person was horrible, rude, and loud-mouthed. In a sort of sense… it made it easier that way, and she felt terrible for thinking like that, but she couldn't help it.

She turned around, her eyes falling on Shadow, and he caught her crestfallen look, "No, not really. I'm sorry…"

Shadow didn't say anything, and the silence she received didn't really help with anything. Dammit, Shadow! What are you thinking? If only your damn, gorgeous face would show some damn emotion!

"But we'll find her!" She piped cheerfully, inwardly wondering why these words were falling from her mouth.

Shadow eyed her critically, analyzing her form, and she sighed at the small nod she received.

This was not the way it was supposed to be…

"So, erm… where is Shadow?" Amy questioned, long after Elise had dragged her to side and forcibly persuaded her to drop the whole 'robot-Sonic-bashing' thing. She wasn't pleased about it, but she had cooled down, to say the least.

She had also taken time to explain the whole thing involving a brief explanation of her past with Eggman to Silver, who had 'calmed down' too, even though he was as calm as she was, thanks to the familial gene of not caring about the weirdness or dangers of a situation. It really did come in handy sometimes!

"She was supposed to bring him here a while ago." Eggman shrugged. Amy blinked. She…?

Oh, right, Elise's cousin whose name she cannot receive.

"She?" Silver asked, scratching his cheek.

Elise smiled, "My cousin, M-"

Sonic suddenly screamed, jumping upright from his position, although he rolled around in his spot, mumbling about dairy products with water guns, and he was soon snoring again.

"Ya see? Every time! I can't say her name!" Elise whined, shoving Sonic lightly with her shoe.

"Coincidental." Eggman mumbled, "Just drop it already."

"Fine…" Elise grumbled, folding her arms over her chest. "So what do we do now?"

"Find them, I suppose…" Eggman sighed, "Although I'm a tad worried your hedgehog will jump at the sight of me and commit murder. I'd really rather stay alive…"

"My hedgehog…" Amy mumbled with a smile, her eyes suddenly brightening as a thought ran through her head.

"Hey Eggman!" She grinned eagerly, "Doing something random and unnecessary at this point won't matter anymore, right?"

Eggman eyed her suspiciously, "What are you planning, hedgehog?"

He could only remember all too well the many schemes and plots she had conjured back when he used to kidnap her. It really was a shame she hadn't used that scheming mind for evil – she really could have been his key to world domination, but ah well, too late now. He cared about more important things than having people serve him… giving him whatever he wanted… listening to his every word…

Maybe he would take up world domination again.

"For the record, 'Sugar' is an awesome nickname." Amy stated.

Eggman's eyebrows furrowed, "What?"

And then, Amy took in a deep, deep breath, and let out one loud, deafening, earsplitting, call for, "SUGAR!"

Maria blinked.

Did she… did she just hear someone yell… sugar?

…Er.. no, she probably imagined it, if only it hadn't been so loud.

"Hey Shadow, I wasn't the only one who heard that… right?" Silence wasn't usually unusual, so there was no need to question it. "Right, Shadow? Er… Shadow…?"

His absence was.

He was right beside her! He couldn't have just disappeared!

And what the hell was a Sugar? Or at least, why would someone call for that the sweet substance that sourced screaming, hyper-active children? At least, why so loud?

"Shadow?" Her steps echoed in the empty hall, the small heel clicking with taps, her blue eyes searching for the black hedgehog.

Her perfect eyebrows drew together, a thoughtful expression masking her face. That shout… had it been…

Maria's face darkened. It was Amy who shouted. She was sure of it. Why else would Shadow react to such a call? He hadn't even thought of her and just rushed to that pink hedgehog. How could he just forget about her like that? Sure, it had been five years, but the friendship they shared, the bond that they had, it was too special to let go! Just like that!

He hadn't even spared a second thought, and left to Amy. Surely what Amy and Shadow had couldn't overpower the resilient connection that she and Shadow had?

Her hand lifted, her palm resting on her forehead as her eyelids fell, blocking the blaring white lights. A dull ache pounded at the edges of her head, and her thoughts were speeding far too fast for her to hold onto anymore. Everything was jumbled up, and she needed to stop thinking about this. It wasn't doing her health any good, and her heart wasn't too keen on the throbbing sadness.

For now… she had to stop thinking about it. It was all too much to take in at one time, she needed…

Having Shadow would really help her right now…

With a sigh, she turned, and began walking in the opposite direction. She was pretty sure that the room with the 'closet' sign was the 'secret' bomb shelter room.

Hell, it hadn't even taken a second and right after she had screamed that desirable nickname, she found herself surrounded by warmth and his musky cinnamon scent.

"Hi Sugar." She smiled cutely, locking eyes with him as she returned his embrace. "Did ya miss me?"

His eyes drew unfocusedly for a moment, as if his head was clouded with confusion, or at least weirded out by her smile or statement, and he leaned down, nuzzling his nose onto the curve of her neck as he rubbed his cheek against hers – just as she used to do to him.

Amy smiled and mumbled happily, "I missed you."

"Amy…" He finally spoke, pulling away as he lifted his head, searching her eyes. His hand rose, hovering over her face, his fingertips barely grazing her cheek, almost as if not believing she was there. She smiled breathtakingly, and leaned forward, allowing him to feel her as his tender hand slowly caressed her cheek affectionately, his eyes flooding with warmth as the knowledge of him holding her in his arms was dawned upon, and his purpose had been fulfilled. With his own stunning, relieved smile, he pulled her back into his arms.

"Ahhh! Why aren't they kissing?" Elise whispered angrily, watching the two hedgehogs cuddle.

"You can't seriously expect love to be all about kissing, do you?" Eggman questioned dryly.

"Yes it is!"

"Well at least he looks relaxed and happy. You should seen how uptight and tense he was while we were searching for Amy." Silver spoke lowly, as to not allow the intimate hedgehogs to hear them.


"You can't expect them to hear you anyway, so what are you trying to do? Will them to do it?" Eggman grumbled.

"Well they love each other, so why don't they just kiss already?"

"I'd rather not watch my sister make-out with some guy, even if it is Shadow." Silver mumbled. Shadow was respective enough, and he knew that he was perfect for Amy, so he had gathered his approval, but still! He didn't want to have front seats to his sister – yes, cousin, but whatever – lip-locking with some dude, even if it was Shadow.

"Sister? What do you mean 'sister'?" Eggman whispered.

"Amy is Silver's sister, well, cousin really, but whatever." Elise clarified. Eggman's eyebrows drew together.

"Amy? You're related to Amy?" Eggman question incredulously. Really, how could he have missed this information? There were no records of Kane having any siblings…

He could've smacked himself silly right there. How stupid! Idiotic! How on earth did he expect to have all the information when he only searched on Kane? For fuck's sake, he was practically staring blind at a sounding radio! He didn't search Luna's family, so of course he missed it! The child looked almost like Luna, if not for the strange hair pattern and eyes. Hell, if not for the fur and eyes, he looked exactly like Amy, their facial structure was practically the same, except his excluded the feminine features.

"Yeah." Silver mumbled, rubbing the bridge of his nose. His eyes fell on the fallen Sonic, and they flooded with acknowledgement.

"Well, I guess with you being here, and…" His eyed Eggman, "well, him being your uncle, and the fact that he's holding a gun, I guess I get why Sonic's unconscious on the floor."

"What do you mean by that?" Eggman questioned suspiciously.

"Shut up! I can't hear what they're saying!" Elise growled.

Silver's eyes lidded, a dubious expression on his face as he added dryly, "You might as well join the 'We love ShadAmy' fan club, they'll give you the equipment you need – no joke. Those guys forced Tails to build them a sound monitor so they could eavesdrop on Shadow and Amy since they speak so quietly with each other in their lovey dovey moments."

Eggman's expression was doubtful, "You serious?"

Silver's face remained impassive, "Look, if I could lie about it, I would, but these retarded chicks and dudes from the university and neighboring high schools and some middle schools love the idea of bright and 'angelic' Amy shining down to pull the depressed and 'dark' Shadow into her love, or something like that. This opposites attract bullshit, really, I think it's total crap, and those two are so busy falling in love with each other that they don't even notice."

"Ohh, that sounds like my thing. Where can I sign up?"

She smiled nervously at their disbelieving expressions.

"Umm… I'll bring our 'Shadow stalker' into the group, maybe she'll warm up to the idea of Shadow and Amy?" She offered hopefully, an aspiring smile in place as she tried to make her uncle see that Maria could warm up to Shadow and Amy… but Eggman's flat look forced her to drop the smile.

"Wait… Do they know that they love each other?" Elise whispered, her eyebrows rising.

Eggman scratched his head, thinking contemplatively for a moment, "I… don't believe so. We merely made them realize they loved one another, but that doesn't mean they confessed to the other as so, and on another case, Amy doesn't believe Shadow thinks of her like that."

Silver threw him a doubtful look, "You serious? Does she think that people like Shadow randomly walk up to people and cuddle with them?"

Elise shrugged, "Look, Amy's plenty smart, but the girl is an utter moron when it comes to things like this. She knows every form of romance and love in a glance, except when it's her own."

Eggman sighed exasperatedly, "Well that plan blew up. How are we supposed to make sure she's happy now?"

Okay, so admittedly, after learning that Amy was the person he was supposed to help, and not all those other people involved in Kane's life that he had helped – and had actually become good and soft-hearted in the process, but on honesty's side, he had felt no need for evil if he didn't have her to kidnap – he had actually worked the hardest, and soon, he was actually doing it for his own sake rather than for his friend's. He… he wanted to make Amy happy, too. He owed a lot to her, in a sort of way.

She made it easier for him, and brighter, and more fun than he had while just finding ways to finish Sonic. There were times when he admittedly had just built a robot for the sake of kidnapping her. Unconsciously, he had let go of the idea of world domination sometime between the relationship they shared, and it seemed for instinct to just want to beat Sonic and kidnap Amy. Beating Sonic and taking over the world hadn't stayed as his dream, and the attempts became a sort of a nonstop hobby, if you will.

She made him happy. He had not really paid attention to it at the time, but the little pink hedgehog made him happy, as much as she drove him insane, she made him happy. They shared something… nice, nothing huge, nothing wrong, just… nice, and weird, and wanted.

And if this black hedgehog is what made her happy, then he'd make sure the son-of-a-bitch never left her side, and he'd tie him to her if he had to, as long as it made her happy.

It was the least he could do for her, after all…

"They… they really do love each other…" He turned his head, his eyes clashing with the same shade of blue as his own. Her eyes were windows to her soul, the glazed look and confused expression had him placing a hand over her dainty shoulder, but she could not rip her gaze from the embracing couple – said hedgehogs not even noticing the world.

Stupid snuggling bastards.

"She loves him." He stated. This was for his part. "He loves her."

That was on Maria's. It seemed, they were all obsessed with a specific hedgehog and their lives, and he had fulfilled his certainty. Amy would be safe and happy.

Shadow will be happier than he ever was. They both knew this. He'd be happier than he had been brought to the professor, he'd be happier than when he grew up with Maria. He'd be happier with Amy than he'd ever be with Maria.

If not for the way his red eyes flooded with such a unique warmth when he looked at the pink hedgehog, or when he'd give her an invisible smile, or the way he held her in his arms right now. Shadow was happy. He wasn't pleasant with his wish, he wasn't genial in the situation, he was happy, and he had Amy back.

'Maybe kidnapping her was too much of a problem. Although, it seems, the separation did the hedgehogs some good.' Hell, with how intensely they were staring into each other's eyes, and with Elise chanting 'kiss!' on the sidelines, he wondered when those two would finally make it official.

"He was mine." She whispered, her voice hollow and silent. Eggman's eyes hardened, he had not meant to, he really didn't, but in a way, this lesson had to be taught. He did not want to lose his niece's happiness at the expense of Amy's, but either way, the beautiful Maria had to learn to let go of Shadow.

It bothered him sometimes, the vagueness he knew of the special relationship Maria had with Shadow. He was never really sure what it was, but he was often driven away from the thought of anything romantic, and now it was obvious that even if Maria did feel anything affectionate in that sort towards Shadow, it would never be returned.

Not in the way he looked at Amy.

Really, his eyes shined and warmed, or as Elise had dreamily described as they spent nights watching them through cameras, whenever he looked at the pink hedgehog.

"It's love! Oh, it's like watching some romance movie, except with intensity of a romance book, and ahh! Shadow! Kiss her already! Confess! Something!" Elise squirmed in her spot, twirling slightly in his large spinny chair. She practically sunk into it – her petite, delicate form was being cradled by the huge chair. Her eyes were glued to the large screen, her eyes flashing with enthusiasm and excitement, a large heart-shaped pillow being squeezed out of its stuffing in her arms.

Eggman, on the far side of the room, rolled his eyes and put them back on the various mappings surrounding him. With a speculating sigh, his hands tapped irritably on the wooden board, his brain twitching and being forced out of its thoughts every time Elise released a squeal about 'Shadow and Amy!'

It was driving him up a fucking wall!

He really, really, REALLY shouldn't have let her in on the plan. He should have never let ANY of them know of the plan. While Elise began to feed her newfound obsession by constantly monitoring the indicated couple, her own plans formulating with him, Maria was lurking around, diabolically planning something against him, and thinking of ways to persuade Shadow from the painfully obvious madwoman.

Hell, if that wasn't enough, he was… disturbed.

Disturbed by Elise's obsessive compulsion that drove her to insane and psychologically unsettling actions? No. Disturbed by Maria's cunning mind and exposure of the truly wicked side she had genetically gained from him? Not that either.

He was disturbed by how much she changed.

The pink hedgehog.


She looked… different. She didn't look like that sweet little pink hedgehog he knew. When he had finally caught sight of her after all those years, he was, to say the least, surprised. She had grown. His heart settled uneasily at the unfamiliar and recognizable sight of her, soared at memories, had then fallen.

Well, of course she had grown, it had been years. She was supposed to grow, but as stupid as it sounded, his heart had secretly expected to see that young little hedgehog again. Logically speaking, he expected her to be grown up, just not… just not grown up? He wasn't even sure, for he made no sense to himself either. Stupid, huh?

It was at this moment he would think back, and remember that when something like this troubled him, he'd confront her, and he'd confess to her. She'd listen, she'd know, she'd understand.

But now she had grown. She had changed.

What else had changed?

The instant he saw her, his heart had clenched tightly, and it was like losing her all over again. How could she look so different, and not be different? The secret part of him that hoped – damnable girl, she had taught him to 'hope', how stupid! - she would still be her, that she was still Amy, seemed to click and cry, as if realizing that it was not Amy. With a sinking heart, he did not confront her.

But he watched her.

She still smiled like she used to. She still laughed like she used to. Her eyes still sparkled like they used to.

She still acted the same.

How his dreading heart found comfort in her soft looks and joyful smiles. Whenever he saw those – the nostalgic remnants of what she used to be, the old image of her became clearer, and would start to mend with the new one. She still acted like Amy, like the little pink hedgehog he knew. She still made him chuckle at her funny antics. She still made him smile at her carefree attitude. She still made his heart warm at her bright smile.

Amy was still Amy.

A sense of wholly relief had washed over him, and the only doubts he had would be diminished the when he faced her once more. Whatever dismay and anxiety that lurked around his heart would be eliminated if she met with him once more and smiled at him. If she accepted him once more, and beamed at him – as his friend.

As his friend.

He would not be disappointed.

Although, right now, he was quarreling over what constructive robot he should develop for his plan to process in action. Elise had insisted that she watch the hedgehog pair, and would give him her feedback – he just hadn't known that she'd go bonkers over it. And that her feedback consisted of constant shouts of what was happening.

"Eeeeeh! He's holding her hand! Their walking together! And all those idiots are staring at them! You should see their faces! Oooh! You show them, Amy! You and Shadow will be together!" It was like a damn soap opera, and the girl would always force him out of his thoughts with her un-discountable high pitched squeals! He was getting nowhere!

"Oooh! Uncle Ivo! Look how pretty Amy looks! I have to go shopping with her at one time, I have to know where she got that dress!" He glanced at her in annoyance, his eyes hesitantly falling on the screen, his gaze softening. She looked so… different. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't slightly apprehensive about the encounter he had planned for them. What if she really did change – didn't accept him, didn't wish to be what they were anymore?

It was pathetic, but he couldn't help it. He cared – cared about his late friend Kane, cared for his family, and cared for her, too. He cared if she rejected him, if she was sad, if something happened. He just cared, and that was one weak point he couldn't seem to eliminate.

The pink hedgehog was looking directly at the monitor, into the hidden camera, but he had no doubt that she couldn't see it. Hell, he couldn't even see it if it was in front of him, and he knew it.

It was only a glance, but he caught her eyes for only a second, and it was in that second that he was washed with relief and a sense of peace. How weird, but when she looked at him with those eyes when they were young, he'd always feel calm, and if still being taken by that same feeling, then he was blindly assured that she'd still be the same.

"I should've gotten some popcorn! Hey Uncle Ivo, you mind getting me some?" Elise never broke her gaze from the screen, and he felt a vein throb heavily on his forehead.

"Why don't you get some rest? You can watch the rest later." He suggested through clenched teeth, but really, Elise could be unbeatably irritating without even knowing it.

"I can't! Look at how he's looking at her! Ohh…" Elise leaned forward, her eyes wide in awe, her mouth parted in wondrous disbelief. "He looks so…"

Eggman glanced at the screen once more, scoffing with a roll of his eyes. Love. Bah. He knew it when he saw it, he just didn't want anything to do with it.

'Not that I have much of a choice anymore…' He finished with a glance at his endearing niece.

"UNCLE IVO! THE POPCORN!" She shrieked out her demand, and it send any soft feelings in Eggman's thoughts fly out the window.

"Get it yourself." He grumbled half-heartedly.

"I can't! Amy's talking with Shadow! And…" She fell silent. Eggman blinked, wondering why she'd suddenly silence. Eyes falling on the screen, he spotted Amy with the black hedgehog and – he scoffed – Sonic. The arrogant blue idiot was unfortunately still alive, and as egotistical as ever.

He looked back Elise and rolled his eyes. She was overdramatic often, and her face stature obviously portrayed her whole 'caught in suspense'. He didn't see the way she bit her lip, or the way she looked away.

He looked back at his papers. What a relief had come to him – to learn that the pink hedgehog had finally gotten over the blue hedgehog. How he wanted to murder him after she had left! He didn't know the details, or much of anything, just that she had left courtesy of that damnable blue hedgehog. After the anger had taken over, so had depression, and he found that his desire to defeat Sonic was great, but the want for world domination had wavered the second he decided to care. To care about other things, just to care.

And he had feared that her happiness lay in Sonic, what a life-saver Shadow had been. He just might've died trying to help Amy get together with Sonic, the bastard who hurt her and had been her happiness. Now Shadow, he was okay with helping. He was his niece's best friend, and well, Amy's happiness. Getting them together was the least of his troubles.

With another glance at the screen, he smiled slightly. She really did look happy, and though Shadow was never really much of his business, so did he.

"You did feed Cookie, right?" Amy mumbled while Shadow froze. Pulling back to lock eyes with her, she blinked at his incredulous look,

"You were kidnapped, taken, and all you can think about it if I fed your chao?"

Amy pouted, "He's important!"

She blushed slightly, and confessed in a mumble, "I was thinking about you, too."

His eyes darkened with intensity, his grip tightening around her as his lips ghosted her temple, "Amy…"

"I missed you, a lot." She confessed, cuddling up to his chest as she reveled in his warm chest. She missed him, missed him so much. Sure, reuniting with Eggman was something she was happy for, but having Shadow back…

And she loved him.

'Dammit… I can't…' Her eyes lowered, her grip on him tightening – she didn't want to lose him. He so quickly became her everything, her damn everything. She didn't doubt that once upon a time she loved Sonic, but that was love. This… this was something entirely different, and so much more.

Shadow made her feel alive, not alive as in breathing – like she was living her days to the fullest. A crappy day would be upturned by his presence, and dammit! When he looked at her like that, all she wanted to do was grab him and kiss him senseless! Why couldn't they be like the movies? Why couldn't Shadow just run up to her at one point and scream his bloody undying love for her? She'd say that unnecessary 'I love you' back and they'd kiss till everyone was satisfied.

Hell, she really wanted to, and the fact that Silver, Eggman, and Elise were watching was being ignored more and more as her desire grew. She wanted him, wanted him really bad, and she wanted him completely. He either gave her everything, or nothing. There was no way she'd accept a lustful passion or a minor crush-case, she wouldn't be able to handle if Shadow didn't want her for keeps.

Maybe that's why she was so afraid.

Aside from the fact that Shadow may not love her, he may also not be ready for commitment, or may not believe in what they had or…

And fuck it! How could he look at her like that and not kiss her? She felt so warm, and he was holding her so tightly, and she felt like a damn explosive on the urge of bursting-

"KISS ME ALREADY!" She yelled out, not caring about his surprised look. Dammit! She was not going to be the one who kissed him first! If he looked at her like that, then he had to kiss her! If she had to wait, she just damn would!

'Kiss me, you gorgeous bastard!'

She… She couldn't even think properly anymore! She knew she just ordered Shadow to kiss her, but that's because she wanted to… and hell! Nobody ever bloody does that anyway! When was the last damn time she was kissed…?

She couldn't remember? Why-? Because she couldn't think! Argh! She couldn't think straight! This was how bad Shadow had her hooked! His damn scent and his heat and his eyes and his bloody, bloody-

"Whoa…" Silver blinked at Amy's outburst. He knew she had it for Shadow, but hey, that was one way to go, but really, he was expecting a moment where Shadow would stare into her eyes and then he'd lean down and-

No! No! He wasn't a romance addict!

"Fuck, Shadow, she just screamed out to you! Do it!" Elise growled, stomping angrily with frustration written all over her face.

"I don't have to see this." Eggman whined softly.

"Yes, you do! Not everyone gets to witness the joining of Shadow and Amy! They will finally get together, and you're here to see it! You should be honored!"

"Damn, Elise. You'll be the ShadAmy Fan club's overlord." Silver chuckled. Elise duly ignored him and began her chant of 'kiss!', which was so annoying and so Elise, that the reminder and irritating sound served to pull the blonde female out of her depressed trance.

"Dammit, Elise! Shut up!" Maria growled, finally pulling her gaze from the desirable couple.

Shadow was about to turn his head – see what the outburst was about – but Amy would have none of that.

She locked him in place, her hands on each cheek, and with her eyes burning into his, "Hey, no, no, no! We are not going to get interrupted this time, I'll be damned if we do. My dead father can come up and join a stripper club for all I care. You will kiss me!" She demanded hotly.

Shadow's eyes darkened with his own desire, but still, as much as he wanted her, and wanted to kiss her – oh how badly he did! He wanted to so much. Once upon a time, thoughts like that were so ludicrous that he was tempted to laugh, but would settle with a scoff. Yeah right, like that'll ever happen. Shadow desiring someone? Please. He couldn't even get a boner from hookers, so obviously, he was an asexual being, and was totally okay with it.

Until now. So maybe he wasn't completely that much of a neuter, it was her fault. Maybe if she had been a stripper, then no one could really say anything about him feeling anything – but hell, there was no fucking way he'd let his Amy prance around in a skimpy dress in front of anyone but him. And he'd like to see that. Really like to.

Ohh… He was a pervert…!

And now it doesn't matter anymore. Who the fuck cares? So Shadow liked fantasizing about sexy Amy in sexy clothes, which male didn't?

Again, resist possessive jealousy impulse, no male could think about his female except him. Okay, so maybe it wasn't official, it didn't need to be – Amy was his… he just… sort of needed her to agree, is all. But still, he'd be damned if he gave her over to anyone but him, so technically, she was his. Technically. Sort of.

It was her fault, anyway. Her breath was hot, her body was igniting his own into flames, she made his world revolve around her, and now…

He really, really wanted to kiss her.

But he also knew that this was the time to pull out some patience and string her a bit, find out exactly what she wanted of him – there was no way he was going to kiss her only to find out it was a total heat of the moment bullshit or something stringing on like that – so with every fiber of his being, he mustered up whatever he could do hold himself from kissing her.

Even when she just yelled at him to.

And he really, really, really wanted to.


No! His resolve was flailing! He will talk her into telling him what she feels! He'd be skewed and burned before he kissed her only to find out that her feelings didn't resemble his whatsoever.

Besides, he didn't spend all this time with Amy without learning his own tricks from her. As loveable as his pink hedgehog was, she was quite manipulative.

"You want me that bad?" His lips broke out in a smirk – he couldn't help it. He just couldn't hold himself around her.

Her eyebrows drew in annoyance – what was the point of hiding it anyway? "Yes, you moron. You can't seriously keep a girl waiting this long, you know."

His grin grew even wider, his pleasure and amusement seen by all, "I figured you wanted something 'mushy' from all those stupid romance films you watch."

She huffed, "Maybe I did, but you took too long to act on it. A simple 'leaning down and capturing my lips' just won't suffice anymore."

"Oh?" She was so tempting, especially as that little pink tongue poke out to lap over her lip, gliding over the bottom before sliding against the top and drawing back in her mouth. Oh, the ideas that ran through his head…

Her eyes suddenly lowered slyly, and he immediately recognized that look, watching as her fingers traced up his arm,

"But you never pay attention to those romance films I watch. Are you telling me that you do concentrate on the lovey-dovey moments?"

See? She really was a table-turning, manipulative bitch sometimes, but he loved her like that.

He was quick to deny, "Do not!"

"You sure? I mean, who's to say those times I come home and find you and Silver together that you two didn't just spend an afternoon watching Twilight fics?"

His eyes widened, and he didn't have enough time to school his face, they both knew she caught it.

"How did you…"

"Silver forgot the disc in my DVD player."

The silver hedgehog would die.

"Now, does the big bad Shadow wanna get all mushy with Amy?" She questioned cutely, although it was rather hard as her eyes were clouded with desire, and he saw exactly what she wanted. She almost melted at the anger, the passion, the heat, the dangerous tint in his eyes. He was so close, there was so much they didn't say, she could feel him, he could hear her breaths.

Her sparkling green eyes were heavy with unbridled and neglected passion, but she would have it as that no longer.

"Would you deny me now, Shadow?"

Like he fucking could.

He smashed his lips onto hers, contradicting everything sappy and sweet that had to do with what they had. He ignored the loud 'YES!' ringing in his ears, and focused only on her. Only on Amy. His Amy. After so long, so long, of waiting and wanting and feeling, after punching through Sonic and getting through his own barriers, he finally had exactly what he wanted.

And with all the waiting and wanting and feeling that they experienced, a simple kiss could never be enough. He dug his fingers in her hair, his mind blanking of everything but the sensation of her and the crazy bombs lighting in his head. If he knew that kissing her felt this amazing – after so long of waiting – he finally had her, and he never planned on letting go, because FINALLY, he, her, Cream, and every other obsessed ShadAmy fan got what they wanted.

And he couldn't get enough, couldn't get enough the fireworks in his abdomen, the heat of her body, the softness of her lips – they were even softer than they looked! – and he could only focus as her fingers curled around his neck, pulling him closer with a tilt of her head and driving him on edge, and thrilling him with her wild scent.

He opened his eyes slightly – he hadn't even realized he closed them – and lost himself to the sensations she made him feel, that only she could make him feel, and with that, he closed his eyes, and held her closer than ever.

He would never let her go.


"Don't they need air?" Silver questioned curiously, eyeing Eggman, whom of which wasn't particularly fancy to watching them kiss, but after looking away for over two minutes, Elise still hadn't informed him that they parted.

"I don't know, I think they have infinite lung capacities." Elise whispered, her eyes overcharged with awe and delight, her phone capturing every picture she could. She would keep these forever, make cards out of them, copies, and sell them to the world. She'd make a fortune! Mwahahahaha!

"Ergh… shouldn't we stop them?" Silver suggested, looking anywhere but at the kissing hedgehogs. He completely missed the dark look shadowing Elise's sweet face, and shrieked at the malicious voice that crept on his neck.

"If you do I will visit every one of your nightmares with a ready MK German slicer and a cheese grater."

"Oh! Umm… Okay, heh, sorry Elise, never mind." He shrunk away. Her voice could be annoying, he just didn't know it could be scary. At least not that scary. It was like invisible claws running down your back.

"Oh, Maria! Isn't this just… awesome…?" Elise paused in her numerous taps, the clicks of her phone halting as she turned her head away from the scene, her blue eyes searching for her cousin's. A frown marred her delicate face, and she stood up quickly,

"Keep shooting photos." Elise shoved her phone in her uncle's hands, her voice hard and stiff as she threw the contraption carelessly and rushed out of the room without a thought.

"Hey, shouldn't we follow them?" Silver inquired. Eggman's eyes narrowed, before a weary sigh escaped his lips.

"No. It's best to leave them be – things are… complicated."

Silver smiled funnily, "Isn't everything?"

Ah, well, back to exploding passion and crazy flames and whatnot, it turned out Amy and Shadow didn't have infinite lung capacities, who knew?

Amy pulled back with a cry and a discontented mewl, her forehead resting on Shadow's as her heavy pants were shared with his.

That… had to be the most fucking exhilarating feeling she had ever experienced. To hell with every roller coaster, Sonic kidnapping, and whack job thrill rushes she had been shoved into, this was a drug-resembling adrenaline rush with the pact of hyper-active sugar inductees. An energy burst, an impact of getting her high and dizzy, and messing with her mind.

It was like a drug that had no limit to who it gave, a impact energy rush for kids and all.


"Like sugar." She mumbled softly, giving a weak giggle. She was still out of breath from that crazy-ass kiss/make-out insanity moment – now that, was a freakin' priceless first kiss if she ever had one. 'Course, usually, her idea of first kisses were soft, sweet, passionate, and well, gentle.

Ah, not that she minded the way Shadow kissed, more so that she obviously enjoyed it very much.

She brushed her lips against his, but he was just out of breath as she was, and still needed to recuperate, and was obviously somewhat confused be her statement.

"What's like sugar?"

Amy giggled softly, her arms uncoiling from the neck as she dusted her fingers over his lips. With a dazzling smile, she spoke,

"Ha, you're lips are like sugar." Ah, the irony, she picked the perfect name for him. Sugar, her addiction and drug and can't-get-enough-of energy booster. He really was like sugar, in more ways than one.

"I taste… sweet?" Amy smiled, brushing her nose against his as she practically melted and squealed at his intense eyes and confused expression.

"Ah, no, you taste addicting." She proved her point as she pressed her lips back to his, and he was only happy to comply, because after so damn LONG (like, twelve chapters) they finally got what they've been wanting.

And they couldn't get enough.

She eyed his lips, a bit of a giddy and a tad overwhelming shyness washing over her upon realization, but Shadow had already made up his mind.

Pulling back, he parted with a nip of her lower lip, and he was drawn to the molten look in her eyes,

"So…" She smiled, leaning on to him as she rubbed her cheek against his, "… this makes us something?"

His chest rumbled with something akin to pride and hope, "It makes you mine."

He watched her reaction, content and relief washing over him when a bright smile grew on her lips, and she pulled back, pecking his nose.

"Ah, sure, it's something." Something! She was practically dying inside trying to resist squealing insanely. She still had those crazy-fan girl instincts, and she was so ready to just scream or burst with happiness or-!

Shadow kissed her! SHADOW KISSED HER!

She had to tell Cream and Cosmo and Rouge and-!

Ah, whatever! They didn't matter! Shadow KISSED her!

After so long wondering whether or not rejection was at bay, this reassurance, this simplistic, simplistic thing set her heart at ease, and everything was right with the world.

Everything felt right.

And that little, little spot, that hole Sonic had dug and she had hid, that loneliness that she often felt and called out to, was finally answered and filled, and her heart felt whole again.

She was his.

He was hers.

"So here's our happily ever after, do I have to get kidnapped every time to get you to kiss me?" She grinned jokingly, her purr rumbling in appreciation at the marvelous attention he was giving to her collarbone.

"No. I'll kiss you whenever I please." 'Such a Shadow answer.' His voice came out gruff, and her eyelids lowered as she ran her fingers through his quills.

"So kidnaps are unnecessary? I mean, the whole 'you being the hero' thing is kinda sexy." She smirked at his growl, although it was one of unwarranted desire and light laughter. He worked his way around her shoulders, trailing on her neck with his hot and incessant kisses.

"Don't taunt me, woman. You are mine, you stay with me."

"Okay, well, fine. I'm yours," She felt him smile against her neck, "and I'm here with you, what will you do now?"

He pulled back to look at her face, and she grinned at the desirable smirk that grew on his lips, an evil shine glinting in his eyes, and with that, he leaned down and hungrily captured her mouth.

They finally got what they wanted.

Ah, took a while, but it's done.

Hope you guys like it, I really busted my brain with this one. I wanted to make something a tad different the way Shadow and Amy would kiss, but the passion and love's the same in the end, isn't it? Whatever, I just hope you guys are satisfied with how it turned out – a writer's primer goal is to appease their readers, right?

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