Title: Teenage Dream

Author: Perca alannalover

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Summary: Blaine tries to keep Kurt's spirit up after he's bullied.

Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or the characters

Spoilers: To "Never Been Kissed"

Pairing: Kurt/Blaine

Warnings: Lots ofSlash

Author's Note: In "Never Been Kissed" I kept wanting Blaine to kiss Kurt because we all knew he'd be getting kissed, and then the random bully that nobody cares about kisses him. I laugh for five minutes, but really wanted Blaine to kiss him, so I wrote this.


I sat on the cold concrete floor with Blaine next to me in his school uniform to made him look so hot…but there I was close to tears because my first kiss with a guy was taken by a random football player that had been bullying me for the past week. Not Finn, not Sam, not Puck, and not Blaine but a bully.

Not being able to talk I just sat, and he seemed to understand until his hand was on my shoulder and he was asking, "What's wrong?"

Looking into his eyes, I could lie, "That…barbarian took my first kiss."

There was a flash of furry in Blaine's eyes, but only for a second, "He did?"

Blushing I answered, "My first kiss with a boy."

He nodded, looking down. I turned my head away unwilling to look at him. After a minute his hand moved from my shoulder to cup my face making me look him in the eye. "I know the second isn't as meaningful as the first but it's still big."

Before I had the time to answer, his lips were on mine. A moment of shock went over me, before I was kissing back. My arms found their way to around his neck and his were around my waist.

When we finally pulled apart, he smiled and whispered, "It's all about courage, Kurt, and you may not think that you have every much but you do."

I shook my head, more trying to get the fog out of it then to deny what he'd said but he took it as the ladder.

"You are…I'd never have been able to stand up to somebody like that-"

I kissed him quickly, "I wasn't saying that I didn't have courage, I…" I blushed not finishing the sentence.

"You were trying to get rid of the first kiss fog?"

Looking up at him in surprise, I nodded. We didn't say anything for a minute before I asked, " Blaine, do you have a boyfriend?"

It was his turn to be surprised, "No, why?"

"It keeps me from feeling guilty about doing this." I kissed him again, and he kissed back instantly.

I'm not sure how long we sat like that, either kissing or catching our breathe from the kissing, but all good things have to end eventually.

"Hey, homos, get out of the way!" Cried a boy who was passing by and I was to happy to fight him about it.

After the guy left, Blaine stood and helped me up. I was about to ask if that was it and we would do anything more but he said before I could, "Come on, I'll buy you some lunch." and he offered his hand.

I took the offered hand and my heart soared but just to be sure, "Like a date?"

"Only if you want it to be." He smiled.

"I do."

"Then yes, like a date. And if you're up to it, we'll actually ask like we're on a date…and not worrying about the homophobes."

I beamed, "That sounds perfect."

Blaine smiled and kissed me before leading the way to a restaurant close by. Our hands were intertwined the whole way there and when we got there we sat on the same side of the table, every once and a while he'd lean over a kiss my cheek.

In that moment I couldn't worry about the other's reactions, let alone my dad's, it was bliss and that was what mattered.