"This cannot be happening..." Dib turned in the mirror, and groaned again. He really couldn't believe something so... so out there could possibly be real. He had gone to bed the night before, and when he woke up, he was... well...

"How could I have possibly become Irken!" I think you get what I'm saying here. Dib looked deep into his Purple eyes in the reflection, and sighed. At least he still had his hair.

There really was no point in panicking... well, there were plenty of reasons, but he was NOT going to freak out. He looked around for something to wear over to Zim's, seeing as he no longer could pass off as human, and as he dug through his dresser, and grabbed his usual outfit, and a hoddie, and covered all the visible green skin with clothes.

He began the walk to Zim's house, glad that it was a weekend. He tried not to think about the fact that he was now the thing that he had tried to hunt and turn into the authorities. He couldn't imagine what he would do if he got turned in by some crazy kid...

Soon, the abnormal and colorful house that was the base of his enemy came into view. He couldn't help but smile, and he began to walk faster. He knocked on the door frantically, and tapped his foot impatiently.

"Who is it?" came a sing-song voice of an alien all to familiar. Dib face-palmed, and glared into the large peephole.

"Who the Hell do you think it is!" he bellowed. He glared harder when he heard Zim chuckle, and the door clicked open. There stood the invader in all his green and red glory. He smirked when he saw the hooded figure, and beckoned for him to come in.

"I made some... 'Special' muffins with GIR if you are hungry." he said, smiling obviously. Dib continued to glare at the Invader.

"You really think I'll trust your latest attempt at killing me?" He dead panned. Zim chuckled again, carrying the tray of muffins over to Dib.

"What! I would NEVER! These muffins are totally safe, and are Not filled with poisonous acids if that's what you where thinking!" Dib gave his a look, and took off his hood. Zim gasped in shock, and dropped the muffins, which immediately burned through the floor, turning the tile into boiling liquid rock.

"You're Irken!" he yelled. Dib nodded, giving him a 'Duh' look, and Zim looked down at the hole that now resided in the kitchen floor. "I... Well... I don't really have an excuse for that."

"This is why I never eat anything you make Zim. THIS is why." Dib stood up, walking around the hole, and stared into Zim's eyes. "I need you to turn me normal. NOW."

"I'm afraid I can't so that..." he said. "I am merely here to invade and take control of your planet. I don't have the technology needed to turn you back. It's not like a species changer is included in the "Invader" weaponry.

"What!" Yelled Dib. "But, then what am I supposed to do!"

"I have no idea. You could always give those muffins another shot?" Zim opened the oven, and took out another batch of muffins. It was going to be a long day...