Gaz looked at her brother with amusement, pity, and shock. It could be that he was especially annoying, but it was most likely because of his... "disguise". He was wearing a black hoodie, dark blue skinny jeans, and sunglasses. It was worse than Zim's, which was really saying something.

"Please tell me that you're not going to skool wearing that..." She said, glaring at him with all the hate in her being. Dib sighed, and looked down at his clothes.

"It's all I had on hand. Zim at least has contacts, but I don't. They never noticed that he was an alien, so why would they suddenly notice that I am too?" Sighing, he got up and headed towards the door, and looked back at Gaz in confusion when she didn't follow. She gave him a look, and sat down at the kitchen table.

"I'm not going to walk to skool with you and your newly found weirdness. I'm going to let you leave, then count to a hundred. Only then will I go." Dib nodded, not even bothering to try and figure out what logic made sense in his sister's head.

On the way to skool, he didn't even get one strange look, and he realized just how stupid most people really were. No wonder he was the only one who noticed Zim was an Irken... People were just Idiots.

When he made it to class, Zim looked at him and smiled. Dib looked at him strange, mainly because he normally glared with hate at the boy, but today there was something... different. He was planning something.

"Well class, before we carry on with our horrid and unfortunate class period, I would like for everyone to look at each other, and find one flaw on another, and share it with the rest of the students." said Ms. Bitters Dib's eyes widened when he heard this, and he pulled his hood up, squeezing his eyes shut.

A girl in the back raised her hand, and Ms. Bitters nodded her way. "Dib looks like he caught Zim's skin condition!" Ms. Bitters looked at Dib, and grinned in sick enjoyment.

"Well would you look at that! He does look freaky and out of place! Good job, you get an 'A'!" The girl smiled, squealing as she got a star on her chest. Dib nearly face-palmed, but refrained from doing such things. People were really, REALLY stupid. He would rather them be idiotic then knowing, so he tried to not pay attention to his instincts to defend himself.

Skool went by painstakingly slow. Zim continued to smile in that creepy way, driving Dib up the wall, and finally, the day ended.

"I need you to come to my house Dib-Thing!" said Zim. "I have something you must see! I have gotten something amazing from your DNA sample that I got when you came over." Dib was about to say something about the whole DNA thing, when Zim grabbed his arm, and ran towards his house.

Look at this! Said Zim. Dib looked at the information laid out before him, and gasped in shock. It was so shocking that he found himself hyperventilating.

"Yep! According to this, you were turned Irken because you where born of an Irken and a Human. You're a half breed!

He couldn't believe this was happening...