Bombalurina and Munkustrap sat quietly in their home; Bomba was playing with the gold heart necklace Munkustrap had gotten her for Christmas.

They were both worried, they knew Alonzo and the others would be raiding Macavity's lair today and Cori would be arrested. She hugged Munkustrap, both watching the ticking of the clock.

Alonzo stood outside the large building, staring at it wearily.

"Let's go!" An order was yelled. Alonzo closed his eyes before quickly walking to join the group.

He wanted to find Cori first, because he knew some of the guys he was with wouldn't be so nice to him.

Cori looked up from where he was sitting on the bed, reading, when the door suddenly burst open. His eyes widened when Toms swarmed into the room. He was grabbed and thrown onto the floor. He tried to get up but was hit across the back. Cori cried out in pain.

"Shut up!" A Tom yelled, Cori cried out as he was hit again.

"Stop!" Cori winced, looking out from under his arms. "He's just freaked out,"

"He's scum, Lonzy," There was a low growl. Cori yelped when paws suddenly grabbed his wrists.

"It's alright, Cori," Cori relaxed when he heard Alonzo's voice.

"I need you put you paws behind your back, okay?" Alonzo murmured. Cori nodded and did so. He winced when he felt handcuffs around his wrists. Alonzo gently pulled Cori to his feet. Alonzo led Cori from the room. He could feel Cori trembling.

"Someone grab him a shirt?" Alonzo called back. "It's alright, Cori," Cori gave a shaky nod. Macavity was led out, handcuffed as well, and they met in the middle. Macavity looked at Cori, who was shaking madly. Macavity was pulled off and Alonzo led Cori to a waiting car. Alonzo slid in beside Cori, watching him as they drove off. Cori was staring at his legs, shaking madly. Alonzo sighed, rubbing his paw over his forehead.

This was going to be hard.

Alonzo led Cori upstairs into the police station, into holding. Alonzo winced when Macavity was thrown into the cell with Cori. Alonzo sighed, sitting outside and watching them. Macavity was walking over to Cori. Cori wrapped his arms around his bare chest, shivering madly. Alonzo watched, shocked and amazed, as Macavity slipped off his suit jacket and slipped it over Cori's shoulders before walking back to the other side of the holding cell. Cori pulled the jacket tighter around him, shivering madly.

"It's alright, Cori," Alonzo spoke up. Cori glanced at him, giving a small, nervous smile. Alonzo had to leave to fill in a report, but when he came back he found Macavity sitting beside Cori, looking bored, as Cori trembled. Macavity's arm was wrapped around Cori's waist, pulling him against him. Alonzo glared at Macavity. Macavity just smiled at him, nuzzling at Cori's cheek. Alonzo snarled. Cori looked up at Alonzo, pulling the jacket tighter around him. Alonzo sighed and lowered his head.

Poor Cori.

Munkustrap held Bomba's paw as they quickly ran into the jail. Alonzo had called and said that Cori had been processed and he was in jail, waiting the trial.

"Coricopat," Munkustrap said breathlessly. The Tom sitting behind the glass window didn't even look up.

"Can't have visitors," The Tom said boredly.

"Come on!" Munkustrap pleaded. The Tom looked up, his dark brown eyes widening.

"Hey, Munkus," The Tom said, shocked.

"Marcus," Munkustrap sighed. "Marcus, please, I have to see Coricopat," Marcus nodded, buzzing Munkus and Bomba in. They both walked in and waited in the small room. Cori was led in, he rubbed his arm nervously. Munkustrap's heart felt like it was shattering when he saw Cori in the white prison uniform. Munkustrap quickly walked up, hugging him tightly. Cori buried his head into Munkustrap's shoulder.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry," Cori whispered. Munkustrap pulled Cori over to the seats. He looked at Cori, who was staring at his paws, which were entwined in his lap.

"Cori, we're going to get you out of this," Munkustrap promised him. Cori gave a small nod, looking at Munkustrap.

Munkustrap hated how lifeless those dark green eyes of Cori's were.

Time passed and Cori was forced back to his cell. He looked at Macavity, who he unfortunately had to share a cell with. Macavity was sitting on his bunk, playing with his claws.

"Who was it?" Macavity asked.

"Munkustrap," Cori mumbled. Macavity looked up, surprised. Cori sat down on his bunk, which was opposite Macavity's. Cori shuddered as he heard the Toms walking down the passage in front of their cell.

"Hey, good lookin'," One of the Toms leered at Cori. Cori turned his head away.

"Ah, don't be like that," Another laughed.

"You'll be our…friend soon enough,"

"Back off!" Macavity hissed, standing up and walking to stand in front of Cori, protecting him. The Toms looked at him.

"And who are you?"

"Macavity, so back off unless you want your throat cut," Macavity snarled. The Toms quickly high-tailed it.

Macavity looked back at Cori, who was still staring at the wall. Macavity bit his lip, thinking. He walked to the bars, calling for someone. A guard walked up.

"What do you want?" The guard growled.

"Take me to the warden, I have to tell him something," Macavity said. The guard let Macavity out. Cori stayed huddled up on his bunk, wearily watching the cell door.

Macavity came back a little while later, the warden following him.

"Coricopat," Cori looked at the warden. "You will be released tomorrow," Cori blinked in surprise, watching as the warden walked off. Cori looked at Macavity.

"W-What did you do?" Cori asked, shocked.

"Told him that I was the one who killed those Toms,"

"But they found my paw prints on it," Cori said.

"Yes, but I had my paws on top of yours and forced you to shoot them," Macavity said, sitting beside Cori.

"W-Why?" Cori whispered. Macavity wrapped his arm around Cori's waist.

"Because I hate seeing you so scared," Macavity murmured in Cori's ear. "And I don't think you'd do well in prison," Cori looked at him.

"T-Thank you," Macavity nuzzled Cori's cheek.

"And I don't want you in here," Macavity murmured, licking the side of Cori's face.

"Gives me something to look forward to for when I get out," Cori shivered. Macavity pulled Cori close against him.

Cori woke up in the middle of night, blinking as Macavity's arm tightened around his waist. Cori shivered.

"Coricopat!" Cori looked up from where he was sitting on his bunk when his name was called. Macavity looked up as well. A guard walked to stand in front of the door.

"Time to go," Cori stood up. Macavity grabbed Cori's waist, pulling him around. Cori blinked when he found himself staring up into Macavity's face.

"You better not forget me," Macavity murmured. The guard gave a small cough and moved out of sight of them.

"Because I'll be back for you the moment I'm free of this place,"

"You been given seven consecutive life sentences," Cori murmured. Macavity grinned.

"I'll get out soon enough," Macavity said before planting his lips firmly against Cori's. Cori blinked surprised but didn't pull away. Macavity finally let go, his paw slipped down to grab Cori's behind. Cori gave a small squeak in shock. Macavity laughed and pushed Cori in the direction of the door. Cori left.

Munkustrap was waiting for him. He gave a relieved smile when he saw Cori, quickly walking forward and hugging him tightly. Cori buried his head into Munkustrap's shoulder, shaking. Cori got his things. Munkustrap watched as he clipped the collar back around his neck. Cori sighed and turned back to Munkustrap. Munkustrap gave a small smile. Cori walked back over to him.

"I'm glad you're back," Munkustrap murmured to him, hugging him once more. Cori hugged him back.

"I'm glad I am too," Cori sobbed softly. They both walked to Munkustrap's car.

"Cori!" Cori was tackled in a hug by Rumpleteazer as soon as he stepped from Munkustrap's car. Rumpleteazer kissed Cori repeatedly. Cori blinked when Teazer got off of him, blushing furiously. She ran off when Jenny called her name, scandalised. Munkustrap chuckled, pulling Cori from the ground. Tantomile hugged him next.

"I'm so glad you're home!" She whispered. Cori held his sister tightly.

"I'm glad I'm home too," Cori murmured. Tantomile let him go.

"Whoa, Misto!" Cori cried as Misto tackled him.

"Thank you for getting him to let me go," Misto whispered. Cori smiled before it faltered.

"How's your dad?"

"He's fine," Misto said before standing up and going to bury himself in Tugger's arms. Munkustrap pulled Cori back up from the ground…again.

Cori found himself being hugged repeatedly. Finally, he was left alone to go into his house with Tantomile and Admetus. Admetus was grinning broadly as he walked beside Cori.

"Glad to have you back," Admetus said. "Now we can finally set a date for the wedding!" Cori smiled.

"And don't you dare feel like you need to move out!" Admetus added as an afterthought. Cori blinked.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Of course," Admetus said, wrapping his arm around Tantomile's waist.

"Tanto and I will love it if you still live here," Cori smiled.


Later that night, Cori sat on his bed. He ran the towel through his head fur once more, trying to get rid of any more water, before his paw reached to touch the collar, still around his neck. Cori frowned before removing it. He stared at it, contemplating what to do with it.

Throw it out?

No…Cori placed it in the drawer in his bedside table.

Months went by and Cori settled back into life.

Tantomile and Admetus had their wedding, it was a sweet ceremony…and Tantomile looked beautiful, even Cori had trouble not crying. He was happy his sister was happy…and Admetus was a great Tom.

Cori was sitting at Munkustrap's, talking to him as Bombalurina bustled around. She and Munkustrap were now engaged, which Bomba loved. Tugger and Misto were there as well, Misto draped across Tugger's lap. They had been laughing when Munkustrap's phone rang.

"Hello?" Munkustrap answered, still laughing. He immediately stopped.

"What?" Tugger, Misto and Cori looked at Munkustrap as Bomba came out from the kitchen to look worriedly at him. Munkustrap closed the phone, staring at it.

"What?" Bombalurina asked. "What happened?"

"T-There was a hostage thing at the Police station,"

"How is that possible?" Tugger butted in, "They all have guns!"

"A Tom came in and asked to talk to Gus, they let him in and the next thing they knew, the Tom had a gun to Gus's head…and more Toms, which they thought were normal civilians, brought out more guns and told the cops to put their guns on the desk," Munkustrap sighed. "The whole Police department was held hostage for an hour while they tried to negotiate," Munkustrap's eyes turned to Cori.

"They finally got what they wanted and they left…Alonzo just called me and told me everything,"

"Is Lonz okay?" Misto asked.

"Yeah, he's just a little shaken,"

"What did they want?" Cori asked, feeling sick.

"Macavity's release," Cori blinked, staring at Munkustrap, shocked.

"Macavity's back on the streets, Cori," Cori nodded, biting his lip.

Macavity smiled as he walked around his new lair. Those fools would do anything to save their chief of Police, even though he was under payment for Macavity.

"Good to have you back, boss," Gilbert grinned. He had managed to get away when the police raided their old lair…he was the one who organised the take-over of the police station.

"Thank you, Gilbert," Macavity murmured, picking up a picture on his desk.

It was of Coricopat, laughing at his sister's wedding. He and Tantomile were dancing together. Macavity smiled and set the picture back down.

Soon, Cori would be back with him and the ones who helped put him away; Alonzo, Munkustrap, Bomba, Victoria, Misto…they were all going to pay.



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