Title- Helping Hand

Author- DM Evans

Disclaimer- all rights belong to Minekura sensei

Rating- frt

Characters/Pairing- Gojyo, Hakkai

Timeline/Spoilers- soon after the two of them meet

Word Count- 267

Warning- none

Summary- Kindness is its own reward

Author's Note- written for Gojyo's birthday and for fanfic_bakeoff's 'detail' prompt


The little details mattered to Hakkai. That was the thing Gojyo was slowly coming to realize as the other man slowly healed from his terrible wounds. Manners counted. Things needed to be put back in their place. Books were actually meant to be read and not just hold up furniture. The problem with this was Gojyo was a slob, had no manners to speak of – though he could put on a show of them for the ladies if he had to – and he wasn't much of a reader.

And yet, there was something about this man he inexplicable brought into his home. Granted Gojyo knew that from the start. He wasn't in the habit of picking up strays and to drag home someone half-gutted really defied all reason. What if the man's attacker came looking for him? Now Gojyo knew that wasn't going to happen but he hadn't that night. Still, he couldn't just let someone bleed out in the rain, dying alone and afraid.

As his newfound friend healed, Gojyo was aware of all the little ways he was changing as a result. He tried to be less of a slob, though he often failed. He tried not to get desperately drunk and pass out on the floor, snoring loudly. He even remembered to stop by the booksellers whenever he made a little extra money playing cards and got Hakkai something new to read. It had to get boring just lying in bed, waiting for his wounds to heal. Gojyo had thought he was helping a stranger. In reality, he ended up helping himself as well.