Top Ten Reasons Kyle Reese is the Most Badass Person EVER in the Terminator Franchise:

10.) Every time he has sex with a woman, he impregnates her with a child who will grow up to save what remains of mankind from evil machines. That's why he was only allowed to have sex once.

9.) He bitch-slapped a Terminator in the face with a lead pipe.

8.) Repeatedly. After being shot, in a car accident, and using a pipe bomb to destroy a big rig hauling a trailer full of fuel. In that order. Kyle's just awesome like that.

7.) The first movie could have just as easily been titled: "Operation Get Kyle Laid."

6.) He grew up in a post-apocalyptic hell with the possibility if death looming over him since he was born, not even knowing what music was until he was a teenager.

5.) He had a pretty friggin' epic shotgun. Admit it.

4.) He broke out of a police station while still managing to evade a Terminator.

3.) He had to fight a death robot from the future with nothing more than a shotgun, a few cars, and some pipe bombs.

2.) He accepted what was tantamount to a suicide mission that would take him away from anyone he has ever known or loved.

1.) He volunteered.

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