This was written as a dare on SPPf's Shippers' Truth or Dare thread. Thought I'd share it here for no reason at all.

His eyes were wide in shock, his hands tenderly touching his cheek as if it were precious treasure. His heart was pounding against his rib cage, almost hard enough to leap out; his body warm all over. His glasses were askew, and for once he did not correct them. His mouth was agape, trying to make out words but not able to, his breath seeming to have run out. Humming was heard from behind him, but he did not turn to see who it was.

The sound of footsteps faded as the girl with bubblegum pink hair sauntered off, still humming that pleasant song of hers, occasional giggles escaping her lips as she quickly turned her head around to glance at the boy. She giggled again and made here way along the path to her next destination.

"...I'm never washing this cheek again," Max muttered, blushing furiously. He swirled in his spot towards where the girl left.

But she was gone.