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Author: Paige Turner.

Summary: AU. '…' Honestly, I can't think of a summary to write for this. Just know that if you like my other stuff, you like supernatural, and you like A/B, then you should definitely give this a read. It's my favourite of all of my stuff right now. ^^





The manor was unusually quiet that morning. The rising sun basked it in it's warmth, letting it's light spill in through the windows. Hardly anything was stirring outside the manor either, too early in the morning for anyone to be up doing anything, though in just a short hour people would be getting up for work or school or whatever they occupied their days with. In my ignorance, I stepped on the one creaky floorboard of the attic; freezing to listen and hear if I woke my sisters up. When no one stirred, that I could hear in the silent house, I relaxed and continued on my way over to the table in the middle of the room, setting down the jar of pig's ears and the table salt beside it.

The sun's light finally made it's way across the room, bathing me in it's warmth and I sighed, rubbing my arms and wiggled my toes. It could get quite chilly up in the attic. There was no carpeting or anything to insulate it that could keep the heat in and the cold out. The floors, walls, and ceiling were all made of wood -old wood- and the windows were as thin as sheets. The attic though, was by far my favourite room of the house. Like our late mother, we kept all the family heirlooms and other family…things up here, so that it wouldn't be a scramble to hide if anyone came over. It's not like they did anyways; people tended to avoid us Swans like we carried the plague(me anyways; I was kind of a bad luck charm. Had been all my life). Anyway, there were a few old sofas that looked like they were 'in' way back in the fifties. Half a dozen bookcases along two walls, filled to the brim with all kinds of books. Old sewing machines, and boxes of clothes from our mother's mother and her mother. Even some of our stuff that we had no use for anymore, like the outdated microwave, and things like that. Then there was the more…unique possessions; shelves of jars full of things most would find weird, whether it be pigs ears for example, or jars of what looked like slime. Little vials and cases of powders and odd looking liquids. Chests full of things most people couldn't even name. And of course, the most valuable, most precious and protected item that had been in our family line for hundreds of years; Duchess. A.K.A - The Spell Book.

Old Duchess was big, very big, and quite thick. Though she was exceptionally old, she was a sturdy old thing. I skimmed over the page that was opened on the table in front of me, looking over the graceful swoops and lines, strikes, and dots. The border on this particular page was quite beautiful, and the pictures detailed.

Humming, I picked out a single pig's ears with the tongs and pulled the old vintage welding goggles down over my eyes, still able to see unlike most humans. My sisters and I had the whole Steampunk look down. With a final confident nod and a glance at Duchess, I let the pig's ear drop in. What happened next wasn't exactly what I had planned.

Smoke puffed up from the stainless steal pot over the make shift burner I had up there and I was grinning until all the smoke was sucked back down into the boiling grey liquid. Frowning, I looked closer -

Yelping as I sailed back across the attic and toppling over one of the sofas as the pot and table exploded. I grimaced at the ringing in my ears and looked beside me to see Duchess seemingly unscathed other than steaming a little bit. The pot had launched up and was now currently stuck in the ceiling, the grey liquid, otherwise now known as my failed potion, was dripping down all the walls and windows, and the table of ingredients was shattered; all kinds of spices, ears, powders and twigs splayed around the floor. I looked down at my chest, sighing at yet another ruined blouse; the white stained grey in a big splotch over my stomach, my black pants steaming like Duchess as well, and the suspenders blown off and dangling around my knees once I stood. Tanya was going to kill me.

'What'd you do this time?' Kate asked, in a groggy voice that sounded in my head. Damn, I also woke them up. I sighed and pictured a brick wall; effectively blocking out both her and Tanya.

The door to the attic swung open, slamming against the wall, and I gulped, looking at a seething Tanya. Tanya was the tallest of us all because she was the oldest, with long, flowing strawberry blonde hair, that had splashes of red dyed in it. She wasn't as pale as me, nor was Kate, but she wasn't exactly tan either. Kind of in between. She had one deep ocean blue eye, and one shinning emerald green eye, a straight nose that pointed at the end and suited her well, and pink lips that were currently pulled down in a frown. She had her hands on her hips, her nightgown wrinkled, her hair a mess, and bags under her eyes. "What the hell do you think you're doing, Bella?" She snapped.

I nervously played with one of the dangling suspenders as I looked around. "Oh, you know, just uh, just chilling." I replied.

Tanya screamed and jumped up into Kate's arms who had finally made her way up the three flights of stairs, as a squealing pig raced by out the door. She whipped her head back in my direction as I scratched the top of my head. "You made a pig? !"

I shook my head, ignoring the snickering Kate as I raced out after the little squealer. "I wasn't trying to. I just needed something to turn the neighbour into one." Mr. Notwen's son next door was a pervert and I figured if he was going to act like a pig, then he might as well be one.

Kate shook her head, dropping Tanya to her feet. "Bella, how many times do we have to tell you; you're not allowed to turn neighbours into farm animals." She laughed. Kate was a little shorter than me, even though I was the youngest, and had pale blonde hair, super straight, with black splashes instead of red. She too had the mismatched eyes, it ran in the, well, not family, but in the blood. She had a chocolate brown eye and also a shinning emerald green eye. Her nose was button like, making her seem far more innocent than she really was, and the dimples she got when she smiled just added to that factor, essentially making it impossible for her to get in trouble from anyone because you couldn't get mad at a face like that.

Now me…well, I was the black sheep of the family. Those two you could definitely see as sisters; they both had blonde hair, whether it be pale or strawberry, and their round faces. I, on the other hand, have a heart shaped face. My hair, also different, was black with blue splashes in it, and my skin was so pale it trumped both of their paleness put together. I was somewhere in-between them when it came to height, and my eyes were chocolate brown and deep ocean blue. The only clue to the fact that we were sisters were the sharp features(other than Kate's nose), high cheekbones, and physique; 'curves to die for' according to Tanya. Yeah, she could be a little narcissistic at times. Okay, all the time.

From the landing, I lunged for the pig, narrowly missing it as it raced off down the second flight of stairs. I huffed, shimmering down to the bottom of the second flight of stairs. If you couldn't guess by now (Which would be really sad. Seriously.) my sisters and I weren't like regular humans. As far as you could trace back in the Swan line, all the daughters had been born with the mismatched eyes of a Witch. Yes, a Witch. And that's exactly what my sisters and I were; the most recent generation of Swan Witches. Not only that; we were unique Witches, since our Mother, Renee, had fallen for a Sorcerer, Charlie, and started a family with him. That was two kinds of magic in us, though both our parents passed away in an accident before we were old enough to learn about Witches or Sorcerers. We had just been taught the basics; that we were different and could do things other people couldn't, and how important it was to keep that a secret. Everything else we learnt over the years were from the journals and books up in the attic, and what we could teach each other that just seemed to come naturally.

Shimmering was a way of transporting; the easiest way we found. There was also blinking, orbing, and all kinds of other ways, but they were much harder to learn. I found it was much easier to shimmer out and in, rather than just disappearing and reappearing when blinking, or dissolving into orbs for orbing.

The pig squealed again, but this time I managed to snatch it up in my arms before it could run off again, grinning victoriously. "Gotcha!" I cheered.

Tanya and Kate's forms shimmered at the bottom of the last fight of stairs, both looking up at me; Kate with a raised eyebrow and Tanya with a scowl. I frowned at them. "Bella, seriously? It's not like this was even necessary; we're moving today. You're never going to see Mitch again; you don't need to turn him into a pig." Tanya sighed.

I raised my chin, marching down the stairs and past them both into the kitchen. Kate opened the door to the back yard, and the pig scrambled from my hands to escape through it, running off to where I couldn't see it. It wasn't my problem anymore anyways; it's not like a pig could do much damage when left to run around on it's own. It was just a pig.

The smell of coffee filled the kitchen, making me crinkle my nose as I sat at the island on the brown stool. Kate was sitting on the green one, and Tanya sat down on the blue one, waiting for her coffee. I spun the glass in front of me on the island around and around while I waited for Kate to finish with the apple juice, staring down at it intently. "So." I sighed and rubbed my eyes tiredly. I couldn't sleep lately; not since I found out we had to move, and that was a week ago. I might not be human, but I still needed sleep to function properly; I was crankier without it, lazier, and my stutter was worse. Yeah, hard to recite a spell when you stutter half way through it. Jeesh. "We're really, really moving?"

Tanya sighed as well, getting up to pour her coffee into a mug. She stood in the corner, leaning up against the counter as she stirred in the milk with a spoon. "Yes, Bella. We're really moving. We can't stay here anymore, and we can't keep people out of the manor dad left us in Forks for much longer." That was actually my fault; I had sent Kate to get the Invulnerability spell from Duchess when we were attacked by a group of Warlocks. Warlocks were basically Witches or Sorcerers, only evil, and killed others for their powers and their Spell Books. Anyway, I was really the only one who was familiar with the book and Kate accidentally grabbed the Immortal spell (Even though whoever put it in the book, also put a note at the bottom of the page warning against it.) but it was too late because we read it. Well, we were still vulnerable, though we managed to fight off the Warlocks anyways, the only problem was the fact that we stopped aging.

Sounds good, right?


At first it was a little weird, and exciting. I mean, we would live forever if we managed to not get killed. Who wouldn't want that? So, it was fairly awesome until Irina, A childhood friend, was killed in a car accident with her parents, who had been looking after us when our own parents passed away. That got Tanya thinking, thinking about the fact that we would outlive everyone we were close to and have to watch them die. That we would be here, never moving on seeing our parents and anyone else who had passed away. And of course, now that we weren't growing up and aging, we needed to move from our home here in Phoenix, as to avoid suspicion.

Like I said; bad luck. Care to know who was in the car with Irina and her parents when the accident happened? The only survivor? Or who was so desperate to buy her favourite book that had just come out that her parents took her to the book store? The same book store that was held up at gun point? The same books store where her parents tried to help and ended up getting killed trying to protect her and get her out of there? People around town had started to call me Azrael.

"It's not so bad though, Bella." Kate said, patting my hand and smiling encouragingly. "I've seen pictures; the manor is just like this one, it will be just the same."

I tried to smile, but failed miserably. It wouldn't be the same, because it wasn't this one we grew up in. This one held all the memories. This is the one we agreed we would all grow old together in. "Just the same." I murmured, pushing back from the island and exiting the kitchen. I heard Kate call after me, but Tanya told her to let me go. I was thankful that Tanya could tell I needed some space.

My room was on the second story with the library while Kate's was on the third, and Tanya's was in the basement. I slinked down the hallway, looking at the portraits lining the halls, until I came to my door and opened it. Inside was a regular room like any other with a bed, a closet, and bathroom, windows, and everything else, though I would miss it like no other. I quickly changed before throwing the rest of my clothes in a few suitcases, and flopped back on my bed. Kiki, my father's familiar who stayed with us even after he passed, was perched on my window sill. He was a small prairie falcon, mostly white with random little brown feathers on his front, his back, wings, and tale all brown, though the edges of his wings were black.

We too had a familiar; Louis, who was a big black cat with a white tummy, neck, chin, and paws. We loved them both to pieces, but Kate and Tanya still couldn't let Kiki perch on their shoulder without him getting all tangled in their hair. It was funny to watch them try. So, he was usually on my shoulder, or somewhere near me, since I wasn't a big klutz like the other two.

That's a lie; I was more of a klutz, it was just the one thing I could do that they couldn't, and really, I had no idea why he didn't get tangled in my hair.

Kiki flew over and landed on my stomach, cocking his head to the side as his beady black eyes appraised me. "I'm sure you'll like Forks. Way out in the middle of nowhere; open skies, fresh air. All sounds lovely to you, I bet." I grumbled.

The ring on my finger caught the light and shined in my eye, making me wince. I looked over at it; silver with a ruby heart on it. It used to be Renee's, and both Kate and Tanya let me keep it, seeing as they each had something as well.

I sighed again, spinning it around my finger absently. "I don't want to move to Forks. What could it possibly have for me?"

It caught the light once more, shinning in my eyes, and I growled, getting up as Kiki flew off again to my dresser.

There was a knock at the door and Tanya poked her head in. "Ready, Bella?" She asked. I noticed that she too was dressed now.

I nodded, trudging over to the door, blinking as Kiki perched on my shoulder as we walked down the hall. Tanya kept sneaking glances at me, and I knew it was because she was worried; she was worried about both me and Kate, but Kate didn't have any issues talking about how she was feeling and if she was pissed about moving. Me? Well, all those feelings talks were just uncomfortable and best avoided. I ran my hand down the railing as we descended the stairs, and followed Tanya to the living room where Kate was also dressed and waiting for us with Duchess in her arms, hugged tightly to her chest. We were hoping this little plan of ours would work so that we wouldn't have to spend hundreds of dollars on movers, but we also didn't want to risk losing the Book of Spells in the process.

Kate smiled nervously at me and Tanya, Louis sitting between her feet. "You guys ready?"

Tanya looked at me once more before nodding, and stood beside Kate, grabbing her hand. I stood beside Tanya and took hers, looking around the living room. "Remember to focus on everything in the manor. Try not to forget anything." I muttered.

Tanya took a deep breath and looked to both of us. "Let's hope this works." She said. She would start off, then me, then Kate, and we'd all finish together, hoping to give it that extra oomph that would guarantee it would work. Hopefully. "Let the object of objection," She whispered.

"Become but a dream." I continued.

"As I cause the Seen," Kate murmured.

"To be Unseen." We finished, closing our eyes as a gust of wind whipped around the living room, shaking the manor.

When it settled down and everything was quiet, I opened my eyes, looking around at the empty room. The empty walls. The empty staircase. Everything was gone. Just like planned. Now all we had to do was pack up everything in the attic into a few boxes, our clothes and personal items, and bring them with us on the drive down to Forks.


Half an hour. Half a damn hour; that's how long I had been in Forks and already I hated it. Just driving to our manor, everyone turned to stare at us. It's like they've never seen a mustang before; granted Tanya's mustang was sleek and black and looked like it was the most expensive car in all of Forks so far…but still. And my bike. I could have sworn I saw a few jaws drop. Mine wasn't even fancy! This town was filled with a bunch of gossip eating, rubber necks. But what did I expect from a small town like this, right? Of course everyone would be swarming and curious about the three new shiny toys. This was probably the most exciting thing anyone had seen since, well heck, probably ever; this place was all woods and rain.

When we got to the manor, that was way out in the middle of nowhere on the edge of the town surrounded by forest - Inconspicuous enough for you, dad? - I thought that maybe, just maybe, Kate would be right. The outside looked just like our house back in Phoenix; a dark, victorian style manor. Even if I was human, I'd love this house. It's beautiful, really. I don't know why they're not used more. Other than being expensive of course. Still…beautiful. We had passed another, possibly even a tad more beautiful, mansion on our way here, that was about a ten minute drive back, and I wondered if they were going to be incredibly friendly neighbours that you kind of want to punch. It could happen. They live way out here, with no one else in miles; they might get clingy, and we really didn't need that.

So, while driving down the long, twisting gravel driveway, and looking up at our replica of a house, I felt a small twinge of hope. Yes, for the first time in months, I felt hope. Maybe I would like it here. Maybe there would be…something, to fill this void. I was so sick of this feeling, so sick of just being…empty. Numb. Searching. I hated the fact that I knew I was searching, because I was, I just didn't know what for. And who knows; would I know it if I found it? Or would I continue to keep searching for the rest of my life? Which would be a very, very long time at this point. I don't think I could handle that. I don't think my sisters could either. They were starting to stress and I knew it was my fault, though I told them time and time again to stop worrying about me, that I was fine. But I had known them for seventeen years; they could read me better than I could read myself at times. They knew I wasn't fine. And hopefully, if I didn't, they would know when I was.

The old leather messenger bag carrying Duchess threatened to rip from the weight, and my fingers threatened to snap from my own suitcase of clothes and personal items. Not like I had much though; I spent money on wiccan items, not personal ones. Huffing impatiently, I glared at Tanya as she grinned and took her sweet sweet time unlocking the door. The large oak door swung open with an ominous creek that had me rolling my eyes, and a puff of dust. Lovely. We'd probably be dusting and sweeping cob webs for a week.

I didn't waste any time, charging forward past my sisters who stood in the door way wide eyed, and headed for where the stairs would be back at our place. Like Kate said, they were right there over here, and I quickly made my way up them, and to my room, throwing my suitcase on the bed. I made for the next flight of stairs, looking out the window on my way up, and saw Louis still sleeping in the back window of Tanya's mustang. Kiki was nowhere in sight; probably getting a lay of the land. I knew he'd like it here. Louis…it was hard to tell with him. He'd like the quiet, and how it wouldn't be so bright all the time, but I doubt he'd like the rain very much. And he might come to actually miss the sun. He liked to lay in it's light.

This manor's attic, I did pause at. I wasn't sure what I was expecting. Our attic? Charlie's father's attic? A regular old attic?

What it was, was an old, dust, empty attic, just like at our place. I wasn't sure if I was satisfied or not.

I heaved a sigh and tromped over to the middle of the room, reaching into the leather bag and pulled out Duchess's stand that unfolded and snapped into place. When it was set up, I put Duchess down on it and looked around at the empty room. The window looking down into the driveway in front of the house, where my bike and the car was parked, was dirty and smudgy, as I wiped a clear spot. The twin trunks full of…attic items were sat down in front of the car. I stared down at them before closing my eyes and reciting the incantation. "A Time for Everything and Everything a place, Return what has been moved, through Solid and Space."

When I turned around it looked just like it had back in Phoenix; minus the sunlight shinning through the windows.

"Ah, you've set up already!" Kate's voice chimed beside me.

I shrieked jumped, turning to see that she had shimmered in beside me. "Y-yeah. No sense in w-w-waiting." I replied shakily, holding my hand over my pounding heart.

Kate grinned. "Calm down, Bella. You'd think moving out here, in the quiet town of Forks, would help you relax and overcome your stutter." She giggled, looking around the room.

My eyes narrowed on her and I took a deep breath. "I have overcome it. You just startled me, is all. It just comes back when I'm surprised."

Kate smirked at me. "Or scared. Or stressed. Or nervous."

Grumbling under my breath, I exited the attic with Kate in tow, following me down to my room. Along the way, we both pulled off white sheets from paintings and lamps and such. My room needed work.

Dust. There was more dust than bedroom in there. It was as if no one had lived there in seventeen years. Oh wait. Seriously though, the floor, that I was assuming was a nice polished hardwood brown, was covered in a thick layer of grey dust. The probability of being able to make a dustman was increasing greatly by every second that ticked by. The sheets on the dressers throughout the room, because this one had no closet (not like I needed one really anyways) were also nearly an inch taller because of the gathered dust. The bed in the middle of the room…well, it was probably stuffed with the stuff, and I'd be sneezing for a long time to come. The windows were also grimy, and it still grossed me out even though I knew it was because of condensation making it moist and then the dust settling into that to create the grime in the first place. Still, even that was disturbing if you knew what dust was made of.

This room seemed to face the backyard, and the little balcony outside the glass doors was a nice touch to the room. It gave the room a sense of class… Okay, not really; it kind of just reminded me of Romeo and Juliet. Now I'd have that image every time I stepped out onto that balcony, expecting someone in a weird ensemble to jump out of the trees talking about being a glove. It was a little disappointing to know that would never happen, because things like that don't happen anymore. People are stale, when you think about it.

Deciding that we might as well get everything done with today and not wanting to put up with all this dust and dirt another second, I marched into the room while tying my hair up and blasting my iPod that I grabbed from my pocket(I always kept it on me). You're insane if you think I'd clean a whole house without some tunes. Talk about boring. The sheets covering everything were tossed into a pile by the door for the very first load of laundry I'd do in this house, the windows were opened up to air everything out, and my suitcase was flopped in one of the chairs. The place was looking better already…sort of…not really…

I scooped up the sheets, turning my face away from them as my nose tingled with the urge to sneeze my brains out. Getting down all those stairs while not being able to see over the pile of said sheets without breaking your neck…especially if you're me? So not easy. But I managed, and plopped the pile down by the stairs leading to the basement where the washer and dryer machines were. Tanya obviously thought ahead, seeing as in the living room, which no one had touched yet, was an assortment of cleaning supplied. Mops, brooms, duster feather things (shockingly no Swiffers – does she not watch commercials? Swiffers are much more efficient!), Windex, paper towels, scrubbies, and all kinds of other soaps, latex gloves, those surgical masks so we wouldn't inhale the dust –too late- and bandanas. Psssh. This would not protect against all the dust and dirt. Although, I could modify with a few things I had in my trunk that was still outside…

I was going up the stairs to start on my room as Kate was coming down them to throw out a large garbage bag of something, though she screamed and jumped when she saw me, dropping it down the stairs and letting it roll, nearly taking me down with it. "What's the big idea?" I shouted, pressing myself against the wall still as the bag tumbled by.

Kate glared at me. "Are you trying to give me a heart attack?" She scowled, clutching her chest over her heart for added affect. "What do you think you're wearing?"

Kate herself was wearing what was downstairs; the red bandana, the little white surgical mask, her hair up in a pony. She must have felt I went overboard with the gasmask, white bandana, heavy duty yellow rubber gloves, and overalls, with a pair of combat boots, a belt holding Windex, scrubbies, the feather duster, another pair of gloves, a stack of paper towel, and I was carrying a mop and broom. I looked down at everything and then up at Kate, blinking. "I'm allergic to dust."

Kate gathered herself, rolling her eyes at me as she continued on her way. "Please; you get watery eyes and sneezy. That's hardly allergic."

Yes, but it's very annoying and irritating. I too, continued on my way to my room, intent on getting it done in the hour so I could move on to other rooms. This place was enormous, and it would take a day, probably more, to clean it all up. That was fine though, because time –at this point- was all I had.

I was right too. By the time we had finished just cleaning all the rooms, which included; dusting windows, lamps, railings, floors, anything really that needed to be dusted, then scrubbing all of them(luckily the constant rain took care of dusting and scrubbing the outside of the manor) till you could see your reflection in them perfectly, getting rid of cob webs, screaming and running for sisters when you found the homeowners of those cob webs, and rewashing all the dishes that were in the cupboards. Then of course we had to make sure we knew where all the crawl spaces, hidden doorways, and swivelling bookshelves (our dad, Charlie, was very cliché back in the day)were and make sure we didn't miss any. We rearranged furniture to our tastes, and made a list of everything that was too outdated, to replace. And lastly, we added all personal affects. Mine was really just tossing my clothes into the dressers in my room, and setting up family pictures all around the manor.

All of that took us into the wee hours of the morning. Well, it took me into the wee hours of the morning. Tanya and Kate passed out in the living room during one of their 'breaks' at around twelve with Louis on the couch in between them sawing logs, and since I had a slight case of insomnia lately and couldn't sleep more than a couple hours anyways, I finished up everything else. Kiki also finally showed up, scaring the wits out of me as he flew into the room to perch on a door knob.

The rest of the early morning was spent two floors above the others, in the piano room. It was probably my favourite rooms of them all, which was odd because usually your favourite room of a house is your bedroom. Well, for most it is. But I liked the piano room much more; it had shiny hardwood floors for sound to bounce off of, three solid black walls, and one wall facing the woods made entirely out of tall windows. Then, in the centre of the room, was a single grand piano, just like back at our old place. Renee had taught me how to play on it; I remember I learnt how because she was so excited to teach us three, waiting for us to catch interest. She would always tell stories about how she learned to play from her own mother, and she'd play nearly every day herself for us. I could always tell she was waiting for one of us to bring it up; there was always a unique twinkle in her eye or smile on her lips whenever one of us would go find her in the piano room. Unfortunately, none of us wanted to learn to play. We loved listening to Renee when she was on it, but other than that…it wasn't that exciting. Renee seemed to realize this, and lost that twinkle and smile, and since I had the time (Tanya and Kate were always out with Irina) I sat down at the bench and began tapping away at keys one day.

My absolute favourite memory is of Renee walking in the door to the piano room with a raised eyebrow, then seeing me sitting there and having the biggest smile I had ever seen spread across her face. I spent the rest of the day, and every Tuesday after that, learning how to play.

Renee passed away in the robbery, leaving Irina's parents to look after us, before I learnt how to compose my own pieces and play them for her.

I watched the sun rise from there, sitting at the bench with Kiki perched on my shoulder (Sleeping, I think) while absently tapping keys to the memory. And by watched the run rise, I mean, watched the large grey cloud covering the sky get brighter.

There was a light, warm hand on my shoulder that brought me out of my reverie slightly. "Hey."

Without turning my head from the windows on the other side of the room, I answered. "Hmm?"

"Did you sleep?" Tanya asked. I could hear by her tone though, that she already knew the answer and didn't like it.

"Hmm." I shook my head.

Tanya sighed, sitting down on the bench beside me. I too, sighed, before turning to look at her worried face. She reached up, stroking Kiki's wing as she spoke. "This isn't healthy. In the past week, you've slept maybe twenty eight hours. Maybe."

I shrugged my shoulders. "You know, the average American runs on more coffee than they do on sleep."

Tanya stared at me for a moment before smacking the back of my head. "You just made that up. Besides, you don't like coffee." It was true; it tasted disgusting.

Scowling as I rubbed the back of my head, still trying not to disturb Kiki, I replied. "That's all beside the point. I can still function properly, I am getting sleep, no matter how little, and with all this extra time; look at how much work I've gotten done."

Tanya huffed. "That's another thing. You keep yourself cooped up all day in the manor; you never go out, and you never socialize with anyone besides me and Kate since Irina."

My eyes dropped from Tanya's, who's softened when she mentioned Irina. I looked back down at the black and white keys, tapping a few more. "I've only been here a day, and I was cooped up because I was cleaning." Tanya sighed. "And I don't socialize with anyone or go out because we just moved here; I don't know anyone or any place else."

"You know what I meant, Bella. Back at our manor, you still never did anything and never spoke to anyone." She said. I could hear the frustration building in her voice.

I still couldn't look her in the eye though. "This is our manor. You and Kate both said so; 'just the same' and 'it's still ours, Charlie left it for us in the will'."

Seeing she would be getting nowhere in this conversation now, Tanya got up and made her way to the door, pausing. "School is in a little bit. Get ready and come downstairs for breakfast." With that, she was gone out to do whatever it was she was going to do before she went looking for me.

Kiki flew off after her, now wide awake, which left me alone.

Kate called something to Tanya about her breakfast from the room below here, which I was fairly certain was one of the washrooms.

"Never actually alone." I whispered, playing an upbeat chipper tune that turned slow and dreary half way through. "But always lonely."


I really like the whole Witch thing. Most people say they're evil…well, I guess most people say vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and any other supernatural species are evil. I don't think it's so black and white like that. I think people can be evil, but not species. Because then, wouldn't humans have to be evil to? Wouldn't everything have to be then? Because there is always at least that one person (human, vampire, faery, whatever) that is evil?

My point was that I really like Witches and magic. I find it all fascinating, which is why I really love the show Charmed.

And if you noticed; there are a few spells, or rather, incantations in here, that belong to Charmed. I just kind of adjust some of them to fit better.

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