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Author: Paige Turner.

Summary: AU. '...' Honestly, I can't think of a summary to write for this. Just know that if you like my other stuff, you like supernatural, and you like A/B, then you should definitely give this a read. It's my favourite of all my stuff right now. ^^






The exceptionally booming loud scream was accompanied by, well, what I assumed at the time was, in fact, an earthquake. I hadn't had the chance to open my eyes before I was launched up into the air, landing on my face on the bed again, before jerked back up and landing on my side. This continued for eternal seconds, jolting and shaking me until my brain was spinning in my skull and my centre of gravity was thrown out the window. But finally it ceased, and I was trying desperately to keep the contents of my stomach in their rightful place as I yanked my arm out from under me and flipped over onto my back, letting out a groan.

I slapped my hand down onto the bedside table, grabbing my glasses and pushing them onto my face so I could see what damage this earthquake had done. Only to be met with Emmett's grinning face as he loomed over me, so tall he looked like a giant standing on my bed above me. I wasn't sure if it was because I just woke up, or how I was woke up, but I was slow in putting the pieces together. Booming voice, supposed earthquake, no damage or screaming sisters, and the most important variable…Emmett's devious grin.

"One reason," I growled, my voice rough and scratchy from sleep. "Give me one damn good reason to not kill you."

He was seemingly unfazed by my threat and my glare as he smiled wider down at me. "Because this is your fault?" He asked. At my confused face, he dropped to the bed, sitting indian style. "Well you're the brilliant genius who agreed to go to the Snow Ball with Alice, and she's been talking non-stop about it for two days now. Convinced Rosie it'd be fun and that we should go as well. Then Rosie was talking about it to Esme when Carlisle overheard and asked her if she wanted to go as well, and before you know it, Jasper and Eddie Boy are asking your sisters too." He explained.

Groaning, I buried my head beneath a pillow. "So what's your problem? I thought you liked to party?"

"Oh, I do." He nodded when I looked back up at him. "I don't, however, like going on crazy long shopping trips for a tuxedo and a new dress for Rosie." A grin started pulling at my lips, knowing I wouldn't be the only one suffering through the shopping trip today. "So get up and get dressed; we've got to go."

"Wait, what?" I exclaimed, springing up to look at the clock. "Why so early?"

Emmett sighed, trudging his feet as he walked to the door. "'Cause it's a freaking long drive the the mall Alice and Rosie like." He said. "And this is going to take all day."

I shuddered at the haunted look in his eye as he left.

A whole day of shopping…

So with that not so pleasant thought in mind, I grabbed a towel and headed for the bathroom down the hall. I scrubbed and washed and lathered until every inch of me smelled like strawberries, one of my favourite smells the in world. One of my first too. Renee always smelled like strawberries whether because it was her shampoo and soap, her natural scent, or even maybe because she just liked snacking on strawberries all the time.

Creeping back down the hall in my towel, I paused when I heard a giggle from Kate's room. My first reaction was to gag and run off to my room, until I remembered it was Kate's room. She still had her V-card and wasn't planning on giving it away any time soon, not even to Jasper. Not yet, at least. But the thought of waiting longer was becoming more and more ridiculous to her each day that passed.

So no, it wasn't her I had to worry about. It was Tanya who'd been between the sheets with two different boys. Both serious relationships, in her defence, and nice boys. But from what I could tell, Edward was in the same boat as Kate. He, a virgin, while his girlfriend not, and Kate a virgin, while Jasper wasn't. I wasn't sure what any of them were going to do about it, or if it even mattered to them.

I, myself, had been too scared to ask Alice. Well, too scared and too awkward to. I don't think my stutter would actually physically allow me to ask. But I also wasn't sure where I'd side on the issue. If Alice were like me, then that would make it extra special, right? We're both our firsts and everything. But then again, neither of us would have any experience, no one to necessarily lead or to look to if you're not quite sure what to do. But then again, if she wasn't a virgin, then I wouldn't be her first. Someone else would have. Someone else would have touched her like that, and she them. She would have been that close and intimate with someone that wasn't me.

And that only evoked a bitter, angry feeling in me.

Although, then she'd have that experience and things would most likely go more…er, smoothly.

So while the practical, rational side of me could see the advantages of her not being one, the more emotional side of me couldn't get passed that dark, almost painful feeling that would tug at my heart.

"Worries for another day." I murmured to myself, walking the rest of the way to my room. Glancing out the doors that led to the small patio, I noticed that it was snowing yet again, and grabbed a pair of jeans and a black zip up hoodie. I'd rather be warm than fanciful on a day like this.

Everyone was downstairs in the living room when I got there, well, everyone but Carlisle and Esme who had gone on a weekend trip and would be back in time for the Snow Ball. I was surprised that they'd leave their kids alone, what with a big fancy house like that, but then again, the Cullen kids didn't seem like the 'big bash' type. They were pretty mellow.

Anyways, Tanya was walking past me for the stairs with something in her hands and I glanced down to see a jar of slug slime in her hands. I quickly racked my brain as she skipped up the stairs, heading for the attic, and tried to remember if it was me who left that out. I couldn't remember using slug slime lately, and shrugged it off. With a tired huff, I slumped back into the easy boy in front of the TV, rubbing my tired eyes. Not missing a beat, a cool petite body slid into my lap and curled up at my side, accompanied with cool lips kissing the corner of my mouth. "Good morning, my Bella."

"Morning, Jasper." I grinned and Emmett boomed out a laugh until Rosalie slapped the back of his head. I opened my eyes to be met with a full blown Alice pout as she sat there with her arms crossed. Unable to resist cooing at that face, I kissed her cheek. "Good morning, Alice." Her pout faded into a smile.

"So if we're all ready to go, perhaps we should leave then?" Rosalie asked, her tone bored like usual as she inspected one of the little nick nacks on the little table beside the couch. Her golden eyes met mine before connecting with everyone else's as a blonde eyebrow arched. "No?"

Tanya was wearing a grin as she breezed into the room, winking at Edward. "Now we can really see whose car is faster; my mustang or your volvo?"

'I have a feeling the winners will be us.' Kate thought with a mischievous tone. I quickly rifled through her thoughts, not bothering to suppress my grin.

Well, looks like they'll have to make an unexpected pit stop to top up their gas tank.

'How long have you two been planning this?'

Blue/green eyes met caught mine as Tanya's lips twitched. 'Ever since Edward insulted my poor baby, saying she'd lose in a race against his tin can of a car.'

"If I must, then I guess I'll just have to prove that my volvo is faster, my love." Edward said with a crooked grin.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Jasper looking between the three of us curiously before Edward followed his gaze. Clearing my throat, I attempted to wipe the small smirk off my lips. "Alright, well let's get going already."

"So we can win." Emmett boomed, getting to his feet and pounding his fist against his chest.

Rosalie sighed, getting to her feet as well. "I'm not sure your big head is going to fit, honey." She said, though her smile was a loving one. Not something I had grown accustomed to. I was still used to the glare or neutral face she had whenever me or my sisters were around. Alice was right though, she did warm up over time, and this was a fine example of that.

Now only if she'd start smiling at us as well.

"See you when you get there." I said to Alice as we got up as well. She also had a mischievous glint in her eye that made me falter for a second. 'Wait, when's the last time you checked over your car?'

Tanya frowned at me as I looked over my shoulder quickly. 'Uh, two weeks ago? I haven't taken it in for a while, why? What's wrong with it?' She started panicking, quickly making her way to the front door to slip on her shoes with Edward in tow.

"See you then." Alice chimed, pressing her lips to mine before twirling out the door and over to Edward's Volvo with the others.

I quickly laced up my combat boots and grabbed my wool coat, pulling on my fingerless black gloves and the hood of my sweater up. It was chilly today. Tanya honked at me as I locked the door, the Volvo already speeding off down the road. "Move your ass, Bella!" Kate laughed from the back seat, patting the space next to her.

With a final chuckle and a shake of my head, I got in, barely having time to close the door before Tanya raced off. "So was there anything wrong with the car?" I asked, settling into the seat next to Kate who rolled her eyes.

"No," She said. "But Tanya couldn't find her keys at first. Alice had to point out that the were in the ignition still, though with great reluctance." Ah, she must have seen when they came over. Sneaky little pixie was going to keep quiet and let us lose. "So Tanya said she'd buy her lunch today to make up for it."

Biting my lip, I hesitantly met Kate's eyes, nervously bouncing my knee up and down. "Er, have either of you guys ever seen the Cullens eat anything?"

Both Tanya and Kate sighed. "Bella," Tanya continued. "How many times do we have to tell you to not look for faults? You're just going to scare yourself off, hurting Alice. Do you want that?"

"No! I'd never want to hurt Alice, nor would I ever." I replied hastily. "I just… you don't find that weird? We've never seen them eat or even drink something for that matter."

"Jasper said it was a special gluten free diet they were on so they usually eat at home because everywhere else, their food has gluten in it." Kate said.

"What about when we're over there? When Esme makes us dinner but they don't eat because apparently they already had?" I asked.

Tanya huffed, speeding up a little more in her anger. "So what, you think we should break up with them because they don't like to eat in front of us?"

"Of course not," I growled, glaring at the back of her seat. "I'm just saying that they're keeping something from us. I can feel it."

"And we're not keeping something from them?" Kate asked gently.

That was the second time that day that I faltered. "I… B-but that's different. We've got a good reason to keep this a secret."

Kate's brows furrowed. "And you know that they don't? Everyone has secrets, Bella, and what it comes down to is this; does it matter? Do you trust them enough to leave it be and give them time to tell you on their own? Do you care about them enough that no matter what the secret is, you're still going to be there for them?"

"W…" Yes, actually. To all of those things. No matter how much I didn't like things being kept from me, no matter how bad I wanted to know, I did trust Alice enough to leave it be and let her tell me when she wanted to. And it didn't matter what that secret turned out to be; I wasn't about to leave her. I wasn't about to hurt her. I l… cared about her too much to do that. "Yes." I replied, my voice almost lost in the heavy silence of the car.

Kate smiled warmly at me, patting my knee. "Well there you go, Bella."

"Thank you." And I meant it too; this had actually helped. I had been getting anxiety over all of this, all my…suspicions, and this just… took it all away, got rid of it.

The rest of the car ride was more or less silent. Soon all the trees of the forest turned into buildings of Port Angeles until we passed it. There was one point, however, that we all laughed and pointed and Tanya honked like crazy. Up ahead we had seen a sleek, silver Volvo pulled in at a gas station with Edward sulking as he waited for it to fill. Emmett didn't look too pleased either.

By the time we had finally parked, I could have sworn we had been driving all day. Kate was out like a light on my shoulder and I was slumped up against the side of the car and window, dozing off every now and then myself. To say we were shocked when Tanya told us it had only been an hour and a half drive, would be an understatement. The Cullens came peeling in not a minute later, screeching to a stop next to our car and we all exchanged smirks.

Edward was trying not to glare as we all got out, though Emmett did no such thing. He blatantly glared at us all, crossing his arms over his broad chest. Tanya smiled at them both. "Now now, there's no reason to be mad; all is fair in love and war."

Running a hand through his hair, Edward let out a deep breath. Someone did not like losing. "This is neither love or war, my sweet."

"I beg to differ; I love my mustang very much and there was no way I'd let her lose." Tanya said with a smirk that had Edward's face softening into a smile.

Emmett just harrumphed and walked off into the giant mall. Alice's hand slipped into mine, our fingers intertwining as we followed him. "If I recall correctly, Edward fills up his tank every night on his way home." Alice whispered to me, though I could see Jasper's lips twitch up ahead of us.

"Which is odd," I said, putting as much innocence into my voice as I could. "Because I'm sure Tanya only had a quarter of a tank this morning."

Giggling, Alice cuddled further into my side as we walked. "Have I ever told you how glad I am that you three moved to Forks?"

"Not nearly as glad as I am." I replied, smiling down at her.

But then our moment was ruined as Tanya the Shopaholic turned around with that look she gets whenever she's in a mall. "Alright, I figured that the girls could go as one group, shopping for dresses and shoes and earrings and-"

"We get it." Kate said.

"While the guys can go off and get their suits and tuxedos and such." She finished. "And then we can all meet up afterwards so we can go to the mask store together."

Most everyone looked over to Alice who had a thoughtful look before nodding. "Yes, that sounds good." She agreed.

With a collective little groan, the boys turned to leave, Emmett wrapping a large arm around my shoulders. "Come on, bud."

My feet stayed in place though as I scrunched up my face. "Last time I checked, I had only Y chromosomes." I said.

Furrowing his brows, Emmett paused with me, looking over to the others. "Yeah, but I didn't think…do you want to wear a dress?" He asked curiously. I reeled back like he slapped me, furiously shaking my head and he grinned. "That's what I thought, which makes you the dude in your relationship. Welcome to the dude club." He held his arms out wide to Edward and Jasper.

"But I'm still a girl." I murmured, following them again as we continued down the hall of the mall. After the guys passed on the first store that had fancy suits in the display cases because it was 'cheap material, newbie' I thought of something, looking up at Emmett. "Why do you call everyone bud?" I asked.

Both Edward and Jasper groaned. "No, leave it at bud." Jasper said and Edward nodded. "I will not go back to 'little buddy' again."

Little buddy?

Sighing, Edward turned around and started walking backwards next to Jasper. Figures, even walking backwards he was more graceful than me. "He used to call everyone Little Buddy before because, well, no one we've met has been as tall as him."

"My little buddies." Emmett chuckled.

"But he moved on and evolved to calling us Bud all the time, and I'd rather keep it at that then go back to what it was before." He finished.

Emmett was still grinning that grin of his that gave him dimples when I looked up at him again. I felt my lips pull up into a smile and a warmth spread through me. I had never had friends before, I could never really tell why; I just seemed unable to make or keep them, while Tanya and Kate cruised through best friends all the time. And sometimes… I don't know, sometimes you really need friends, when you're feeling lonely or … I don't know, you need friends. I guess you could call Emmett and I friends, we hung out, along with Jasper and Edward, but perhaps with time, I could make Emmett my best friend. Like Jasper and Edward were, or like Alice and Rosalie were.

"What's going on in that noggin of yours, Bella Boo?" Emmett asked, looking at me curiously.

Shrugging my shoulders, I looked away. "Nothing really."

With a shrug of his own, Emmett nodded and tugged my sleeve as we turned into a new direction to stop by Edward's favourite music store.


"Ah! The Cullens, back so soon! How lovely to see you, come in come in!"

My eyes widened and I stepped back as the bald man raced over to us with a giant grin. I ignored Jasper's chuckle, stepping closer to him as the man stopped in front of us all. He was a fairly tall man, his hair shaved so close to his skin that from afar he looked bald, said skin dark with a tan. Possibly a spray on tan, seeing as this was Seattle. His grey eyes were wide behind the purple framed glasses he wore, scanning my body. He revealed pearly whites as his grin grew, crossing one arm across his chest as his other hand reached up to play with the golden earring in his ear while he continued to scan me. But I wasn't too worried because a) he had measuring tap hanging around his neck, and b) his silk purple blouse was skin tight, along with the bottom flared suit pants and the shiny black shoes.

"And you've brought me fresh meat, lovely!" He said, ushering us in farther. "So what can I do you boys today? I assume something similar to your father, he called yesterday?"

Edward smiled and nodded. "Yes, thank you. The Snow Ball is tomorrow and we had last minute scheduling, so… a rush on all our purchase and adjustments would be appreciate, Barney."

"Of course!" This man, Barney, said and clapped his hands like he was excited. "Now you three run along and find your suits, I still have your measurements, unless of course you've gained or lost weight?" Jasper shook his head. "Off you go, then. And how may I help you, my dear?" He said, looking back to me.

Shoving my hands farther into my pockets, I stepped back when he stepped forward. "Uh, n-nothing. I'm just w-waiting for them."

Emmett peered around a rack of clothes, a stern look on his face. "No, you pick out a suit, Boo." He called before continuing his search.

My eyes took in all the suits, all the shirts and pants and shoes and belts, the cuff links, ties, blazers, gloves, laces, buttons, everything. How did people do this? How did they shop for so much stuff without getting dizzy? My head felt woozy and I was just looking! "I…uh… but they're a-all for guys and I'm not a d-d-dude…"

"Clearly." The man said, looking at my chest.

"Hey!" I crossed my arms over it. I knew it was harmless and he was just making a point and all, but still… I didn't want anyone looking at me there.

He rolled his eyes, stepping up close again. "No need to worry about that, I can alter it. It will hug every curve, accentuate everything, cling to the right places… No one will mistake you for a guy." He said, getting a thoughtful look in his eye as he scanned me again, already planning. "You'll be having to beat people off of you when I'm done; woman and men."

Reluctantly, I let my hands drop. "Fine…"

He beamed. "Great! Now let's just… Edward could you please hold your friend still; she's a little squeamish." Barney huffed as once again I jumped back when he reached for me.

Giving me a look as he grabbed a few different pairs of pants, Edward sighed and I scowled. "Fine, but I'm telling Alice that you let another man touch me."

"And I'll tell her it was Barney. Problem solved." He grinned, waltzing off again.

Grumbling, I followed Barney father into his shop and out of the doorway/entrance, taking off my coat. It was a struggle not to jerk back and run off while he took measurements, and I think I did pretty good while I stood there, chewing on my cheek. Emmett came back every now and then to check in, along with Jasper who stayed because he had picked out his suit. He also mentioned that Alice texted him and told him to tell me that the colours I had to choose for anything were gold and black. He grumbled about her always picking first and taking the colours he wanted each time, but settled for green and black. That was good though, because Kate really liked green.

Finally Barney was done and sent me off to find a suit I liked while he put my measurements into the system after getting my name.

Jasper, Emmett, and Edward all waited out front while I went to pick out a suit, not wanting to influence me. Influence would have been appreciated though, because I had no idea what I was doing or looking for. Was I supposed to get a suit? Or a tuxedo? Did it matter? Would I be in trouble if I got the wrong one? I settled for a tuxedo in the end, since it was a ball. But eventually I did find something, something I really liked actually, and brought it over to Barney who grinned and took it, saying he'd start on it immediately.

Then the four of us were off again to go waste time in the mall while we waited for the girls. I told them that we'd have to make a stop sometime during the day so I could get my hair touched up; the blue was starting to fade and my roots were getting long and noticeable.


Edward's panicked eyes swept over the grounds as he crouched low behind the bench next to me. They met mine, frantically looking at me. "I'm getting you out of here, Bella, I promise. I'm so sorry," He said, freezing and looking back over the top of the bench for a minute while his hands settled on my shoulder. A second passed before he leaned back down, looking at me again. "I didn't know they'd take the challenge seriously."

I gripped his own shoulder, lightly shaking him. "Get it together, man. We're both getting out of here, just stay low and listen to me. When I say duck, you duck, when I say shoot, you shoot, and when I say run like hell, you run like hell."

He nodded, calming slightly. "Yes…yes, okay."

With that, I loaded another dart into the barrel of the plastic shotgun, peering over the top of the bench.

Kids were running around, screaming and laughing and playing. Some with toys, remote control vehicles, toy robots that lit up, soccer balls, etc. There were more kids on the indoor play structure father in the background, others running in and out of the blow up maze, some playing in the pin full of those plastic balls. Parents sat around talking to one another along the walls, watching their kids, some workers cleaning up toys that had been left on the ground.

And somewhere in there, amongst the children and adults, were Jasper and Emmett with their own dart gun artillery.

We had wandered into hear just to check things out, I mean, come on - it was a giant indoor playground full to the brim with all kinds of toys. And offhandedly, Edward had picked up a dart gun and said that me and him could school those other two in a dart gun war.

Well, Emmett never was one to back down from a challenge and Jasper… Jasper took anything to do with war, whether it was books, magazines, games, etc, very seriously.

So now here we were, ten minutes later. Each with two plastic shot guns, magazines/chambers/whatever you call them, full and on our backs with the straps criss crossing our fronts, a plastic machine gun with full magazines in each hand, and plastic hand guns in our waist bands with darts filling our pockets. Immature maybe, but fun… heck to the yeah. I hadn't had this much fun in…well, ever really.

"So what's the plan?" Edward murmured, raising his head to look over the back of the bench with me.

Humming, I took everything in. "Well, I'm thinking they've already secured the slide as a base of operations. See those two twins down at the bottom of it? They've got shot guns too. New recruits." Edward grunted in acknowledgement. "So I'm thinking we can take the rocket up in the other corner of the room; it's small but there's only one way in - climbing up from the bottom."

"Good idea. How're we going to get there though?" He asked, gripping the plastic handle readily.

We could try making a run for it, but they might be waiting for us. Hmm.

"We need pawns." I replied, looking over the kids who were playing close by.

Edward snorted. "Bella! That's horrible."

"Shh!" I growled, but with a smile as I beckoned a couple kids over and gave them each a plastic gun that was stashed under the bench. "See those two kids who look the same by the slide?" They nodded. "I heard them saying that you guys here, playing with your trucks, couldn't shoot these guns as good as they could."

The little boys narrowed their eyes, one of them even pouting. "Nu uh! I can do it too!" One of them shouted as they ran off.

Edward grinned as I wiggled my eyebrows at him waiting for Emmett to call out to the kids to 'get back to their post' before we raced off. And yes, it was more than a little crowded, but at least we were safe. Though I wasn't sure if it was worth brushing against Edward's elbow every time I moved, because I was sure I bruised my side a couple times. The dude was bony.

In a matter of minutes, thirty four to be exact, we had a dozen or so kids in on our little game. They seemed to enjoy it almost as much as Emmett, especially the last showdown. Both sides charging at one another, darts flying, kids flailing about to see who could make their "death" look the most dramatic while others tried to stay "dead" and not giggle. It seemed everyone, kids included, were shocked when Edward managed to fire off a shot and get Emmett. The mountain of a man was rushing through the pin of plastic balls, getting nailed in the liver, grinning before bellowed out a wail, twisting his face up as he he fell down into the pin. A splash and explosion of multi-coloured plastic balls flew up everywhere before he was mostly buried by them again.

Unfortunately, Edward's awe-worthy move was short lived, because immediately after, Jasper pelted him right between the eyes. I didn't last much longer either, getting a dark in the side, the hand, my knee, and my shoulder by a bunch of kids.


For the umpteenth time that hour, Emmett sighed and flipped another page in his magazine. We were sat side by side under hair dryers while we waited for our hair to dry. Well, mostly mine. Emmett's would be dry in no time, but mine would take longer.

Both Jasper and Edward had left us here, venturing off to go find other Christmas presents because Edward also liked to shop early. Emmett, having his fill of shopping for the say, stayed while I got my hair touched up. He even paid to get his washed three times because he was so bored. Now we were just waiting to dry and then we were headed to the food court. We had about an hour or two before we had to meet up with everyone else again and go get masks.

"You don't have to be here." I said, looking up from my own magazine to his golden eyes.

He put his magazine down, shifting to look back at me. "I've got nothing better to do." I gave him a look. "Okay, I could find something better to do, but I want to be here." Again, I gave him a look and he rolled his eyes. "Fine, I don't want to be here, but I'm not ditching you. Happy?"

"Ecstatic." I replied, going back to my magazine.

Emmett sighed.


My eyes grew twice in size as I looked at all the bags the girls were carrying. They each had to have had three bags per hand. That's twenty four bags, at least. Damn, I was glad I went with the guys. Alice giggled as she danced over with her bags. "Don't look so shocked, my Bella, this is nothing compared to what we're used to."

Kate laughed, smiling as Jasper took the bags from her. "To be fair, not all of this is for the ball. Some bags are for Christmas."

"Et tu, Brute?" I asked with disappointment.

Kate just scoffed. "Geek." But I did see Rosalie crack a smile. Huh. Another Shakespeare fan. Who would have guessed?

"Well, we need to put these in the cars before my fingers break." Tanya said, looking around. "Where's Edward?"

"Picking up a last minute gift. Not that he doesn't have almost two months still." I muttered with an eye roll.

Jasper and Emmett offered to grab all the bags and put them in the cars while the rest of us started for the store with the masks, Edward meeting us halfway there. Alice began humming a tune and dancing alongside me as we walked through the mall, swinging our hands. People would turn to look or stare, some smiling while others looked at our joined hands, frowning and murmuring something. A few times Rosalie tensed and her glare intensified until those people would look away, and I had to wonder if she could hear what they'd say.

And then I had to wonder what they were saying that was upsetting Rosalie so much. If it was also upsetting Alice, she didn't show it, continuing to twirl and skip and smile.

Finally I picked up on what someone said, the last part. "-gross." And I frowned, stopping.

Gross? What was gross? Alice would have told me if there was something on my face and hers was perfect like always. What could be gross?

Tanya bit her lip, stepping closer to Alice and I. "Come on, Bella. Just ignore them."

"I don't understand though," I said, looking over my shoulder at the older couple sitting on a bench. "Did I slop something on myself?" I couldn't see anything.

With a nervous smile, Alice tugged on my hand. "No, you look great, my Bella. Let's just go."

I… what was wrong? Why were they acting like that. Frowning some more, I opened up my end of the sort of mind link between my sisters and me, trying to catch it in their thoughts.

'block her off!'

'Close minded jerks! There's nothing wrong with Alice and Bella's relationship… Wait, are you listening to me?'

My eyes widened. "They think we're gross?" I gasped, looking over to Alice. "Like, us together?"

"Forget them, Bella." Edward said, glaring at the couple. "They're stuck in their ways. They don't understand."

Emmett and Jasper caught up then, smiling at us. "What's the hold up?" Emmett boomed, wrapping an arm around Rosalie.

Seemingly catching onto something, Jasper frowned. "What's wrong? What happened?" He asked Alice.

Had they hurt Alice's feelings?

The dark cloud that simmered over me at the thought had me jumping slightly, like someone dumped a pale of cold water on me. That was…new.

"Please, Bella. Let's just go." Alice said once more as I watched her, finally nodding.

It was a little quiet and tense after that, the others thinking about whatever it was they were thinking about, while I was trying to analyze that dark feeling.

But once more, the feeling was forgotten as we entered the unique shop. Masks were everywhere, up on the walls, in glass cases, shelves, hooks, everywhere. Everyone branched off, looks of wonder on their faces. Apparently this was the first time the Cullens had even been here. Alice disappeared on me one, and when I turned around she was there with a giant tribal mask of a long face, giggling like mad as I laughed at her.

Emmett ran by, chasing a squealing Rosalie while he wore an enormous mask that was made of bright colours and peacock feathers, with sparkles, and beads hanging from it. "Come on, Rosie! Give me a big ol' kiss!"

I examined all the masks closely, looking at the detail and designs in some of them, while questioning why someone would make them for others. All of them were beautiful in their own way…well, perhaps all of them but the peacock one Emmett wore. That one was a little odd.

"Boo, check it out!" Emmett gushed as he rushed over to me with a mask in his hands. "It's like the Phantom of the Opera's!" And it was, that same shape, taking up nearly the whole one side of his face, even with that moulded detailed eyebrow. Only this mask was all black, with a red boarder around the eye hole. I mentally pictured it with his tuxedo, and nodded. It'd look good. "Should I get it then?"

"Definitely." I agreed, smiling as he ran off again.

It was then that one mask caught my eye and I walked over to it. It was more like a regular mask covering both eyes, only it was…steampunk.

I think I might have died right then when I saw it.

It was a metal mask, light surprisingly, with different metal pieces layered on it, a spring, and a black, sturdy ribbon to tie it to your face. Simple, but beautiful. (1)

Alice must have heard a noise come form me because she skipped over and looked at it, her lips pulling up into a smile. "Well, it's like the shopkeep knew you'd be coming today. Are you getting it?" I nodded furiously and she giggled. "Well, I think you'll like mine then."

She was right, I really liked it. It was a smooth, black, leather mask, shaped like mine. But it also had gold gears on in it as well, and I could have sworn my heart skipped a beat(2). Alice got that twinkle in her eye again, like she knew, and reached up on her tip toes to capture my lips, pulling back to smile at me. "I think I'm-"

"Get that mask! Do it!" Kate laughed while Tanya was gasping in air with a red face, tears running from her eyes. Emmett had jumped from behind a counter, out in front of Jasper with that damn mask on, growling, and Jasper flew backwards with a yelp, the look on his face priceless. Edward was leaning on a counter while he held his face in his hand, trying to gain control of his laughing.

Grinning, I turned back to Alice. "Come on, let's go show them our masks!" Alice smiled and hooked her arm through mine as we approached the others who were still falling over themselves trying to stop laughing.


Fluff fluff fluff. Shall it last? I suppose we'll see, won't we.

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