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Author: Paige Turner.

Summary: AU. '…' Honestly, I can't think of a summary to write for this. Just know that if you like my other stuff, you like supernatural, and you like A/B, then you should definitely give this a read. It's my favourite of all of my stuff right now. ^^





Once again, the manor was silent. Everything still. Everything quiet. Outside, however, was a different story altogether. It was pouring out, big fat rain drops that each sounded like it's own boom of thunder as they landed on the roof of the old Victorian manor. Tapping against the windows of the attic, giving them that rippling look that made it impossible to make out any detail through the window. The only certain thing you could see was the colours of the back yard; green and grey. Green and grey out the window facing the front, and the window facing the driveway. Since there was no sunlight, thanks to the rain and it's ran clouds, it was completely dark in the attic; the lights were off.

But that wasn't entirely true; with every crack of lightning, the room would flash bright and the furniture of the room could be seen, only to be swallowed back up by the shadows once it was over.

And that's where I was, sitting on one of the sofas in the corner of the room by an old wardrobe, hugging my knees to my chest with tears rolling down my face. That night had been no different from all the others as of late. Get ready for bed, lay there staring up at the dark ceiling, turn onto my side, lay in silence, turn to my other side, get up to get a drink of water, and repeat it all over again. I had come up here in hopes of sleeping, or at least just a little nap, because when I was a kid, the rain used to have me out like a light.

That had done the trick too. At least, I thought it did. I'm fairly certain I was sleeping for a few hours, because the next time I glanced at the grandfather clock on the opposite wall, it had said a few hours had gone by. Ever since then, I had sat up, and just watched the room flash with the lightning.

Louis had made his way up here at some point as well, because he was in a ball at the other end of the sofa, all cuddled into the quilt I had brought up with me. I didn't dare to disturb him, afraid he might not be able to get back to sleep afterwards either, and so I let him be, watching his white furry little chest rise and fall with every breath.

Everything was just so serene. So calming and peaceful. Really, it was the ideal scene to fall asleep in, and I was in silent tears wondering why I just couldn't. I needed sleep. I couldn't think properly, I felt weird, and I was stressed out of my mind. Apparently emotional as well. Why couldn't I just fall asleep like everyone else?

Story of my life. I could never do anything like anyone else. Everything about me had to be different and a hassle. Renee said it made me who I was, and that I should like it because it was a part of me, but I could never see anything good about it. Still couldn't. It was something I had always been jealous of with the other two. They were so much alike. They could be twins really. Yes, Kate was the one person on the planet I was closest with, and Tanya loved both her and me fiercely, having that one extra soft spot for me because 'I was the baby', but when it came down to it, they were more alike than I was with either.

Louis stretched and yawned, slowly making his way over to curl back up right beside me, purring. I sniffled and wiped my cheeks on my knees, before reaching a hand down to gently pet him. His purring rose in volume. That was something I always adored about him; he always seemed to know how you were feeling, and could be a comfort blanket if you needed him to be. There was just something about him that made you smile. Granted, mine was a teary smile, but still.

That's it. I was done with this insomnia. There had to be something I could do; I wasn't useless. With that in mind, I got to my feet, scooping up Louis in one arm and grabbing Duchess in another. I paused, feeling a dull throb in my head, almost like a headache but not quite; it was similar to the feeling I got whenever Tanya or Kate tried prying into my mind, except this was different. I almost felt like I was being watched, and got a tingle down my spine. Concentrating harder on blocking me off completely, the feeling vanished, and I continued to the door of the attic, shimmering down to the kitchen once there. The attic in this manor, and the one back in Phoenix, had protection crystals in all the corners of the room, so actual magic like shimmering and spells and stuff, wouldn't work in there. Luckily potions were fine, so that was where we made them so no one would stumble upon anything in the kitchen, but since I still didn't have any tables or anything set up in there yet for that, I would have to work in the kitchen. I wasn't too worried though; we lived in the middle of the forest, no one anywhere near us.

Quickly shimmering back upstairs outside the door to the attic, I entered, grabbing a few ingredients I would need, before shimmering back down to the kitchen and placing them all on the island. Louis sat on the island as well, behind an opened Duchess, and soon Kiki came to see who was up and about; perching on my shoulder.

Clad in green and blue plaid pyjama bottoms, a green T shirt, and large bunny slippers, I set out to make a powerful potion that would hopefully put me to sleep. After a few minutes, I had everything laid out before me, ready to start; a giant glass bowl (that I think was supposed to serve fruit punch, but oh well), a variety of wooden spoons, a bottle of sleeping pills, and a few little things from the attic to give it an extra boost to help, with Duchess flipped open to a page of all the ingredients that were edible and wouldn't, you know, kill me if I drank or ate them.

Looking to Kiki on my shoulder and then Louis who was looking down at Duchess, I nodded to myself. "It'll be like an energy shake…only, the opposite. A Sleep Shake." I filled the bottom of the bowl with a little bit of juice, added a few of the pills, a dash of the green vile, a little bit of the clear one, a speck of the red sprouts, and stirred well before pouring it all into the blender on the counter. "Something for the taste…hmm…" I shivered at the open freezer, reaching in to grab the tub of ice cream, and dropped a few spoonfuls in, before blending it all up and pouring it into a cup.

"Alright, here goes nothing." I said, wearily looking down at the cup of, well, sludge. It was more of a sludge then Kate's soup. Oi. Shaking my shoulders and taking a deep breath, I took a big gulp of it…

Hacking and coughing and spitting it all out into the skink beside me. "Ugh…Gross…" I gagged again before rinsing my mouth, and turning to the bowl to rinse it out as well.

Louis was looking at me with his bright green eyes, his head slightly cocked to the side. I shook mine. "Round two. Kiki, I need the flour; as muffins, these will taste good." I nodded my head to the left and Kiki flew over to one of the open cupboards, all the way to the top shelf where I couldn't reach. Giving a short little whistle and pointing to the bag of flower, he walked behind it and started pressing up against it until it fell down into my hands. It still amazed me when he did that, and I was the one who taught him.

…Renee used to hide the cookie jar on the top shelf as well when Kate, Tanya, and I were little kids.

He stayed on the top shelf of the cupboard, watching me from there as I dumped a cup of flour into the bowl and went to the fridge for butter.


"Bella…Bella…Bella, wake up. Come on, wake up, you gotta get ready for school!"

Groaning, I swatted at the hand that was shaking my shoulder and trying to wake me. "Go…away…now."

There was giggling before Kate's voice sounded again. "Alright, but I tried to do it the innocent way." I frowned, not liking that statement one bit and was about to get up when something fell on my face, cracking open, and started leaking.

Shooting up into a sitting position, I furiously wiped away the egg off my face, growling to myself as I glare up at Kate. "Seriously?"

"You wouldn't wake up!" Kate exclaimed, crossing her arms over her chest.

"Tanya!" I whined, looking around for my older sister who both Kate and I often tattled on one another to.

Tanya's voice came from somewhere behind the kitchen island, and I realized with a start that I was on the floor beside it. "I'm going to have to side with Kate on this one, Bella, mostly because this kitchen is a mess and I hate cleaning." She grumbled, coming into view as she stepped around me to throw out a bunch of napkins in the garbage. "What on earth were you doing here?" She said, though she seemed to be in a good mood this morning.

When I got to my feet, I grimaced at the scene. The island top was covered in flour and sugar, there were egg shells on the counters and an empty carton of milk, most of the cupboards were open with numerous dirty dishes around, it was all a big general mess. "I was making muffins…and then cookies…buns…cake…and gingerbread men."

Kate stuck her finger in a small yellow bowl, licking the chocolate icing off and smiled. "Why?"

"I couldn't sleep. Those pills weren't helping so I figured I'd give them some help. Only the concoction tasted disgusting, so I had to put it in something delicious. But then I realized that it was pretty strong, so I had to keep putting it in something else so I couldn't taste it. Ginger was the only thing that could cover it, and gingerbread men are really good."

Tanya wrapped her arm around my shoulders and squeezed. "Well at least you slept. How long?" She asked.

I looked at the clock. "Six hours."

Tanya beamed. "That's much better than your usual two or three. You have leftovers for tonight, right?" She asked, looking at everything.

There was still a large cake, a tray of cookies, another tray of buns, muffins, and gingerbread men left. "Yeah, I've definitely got enough."

Tanya nodded. "Good. Go get ready; we've got to leave in half an hour." I gaped at her. "I let you sleep for as long as I could; you looked peaceful. " Tanya pinched my cheek and I glared at her. "Just think, with all this sleep; you're going to glow today, and those bags under your eyes are hardly noticeable now."

And just like that my mood was wrecked. I sneered down at the floor. "Lovely. It's going to be even harder to avoid Newton now. I'm going to have to beat him off with a stick."

Kate and Tanya frowned at the bitterness in my voice; Kate bumping her shoulder into Tanya's with a glare like it was her fault. It wasn't really. It was Newton's… And I suppose sort of mine for being bitter. But mostly Newton's.


After a quick fifteen minute shower, I rushed to get ready, so I had to skip blow drying my hair and let it air dry, which meant it would get a little curly/wavy. Stupid hair. I raced down the stairs with my books, and a novel to read during lunch, or any time someone tried to strike up a conversation so I could appear polite when I declined and read my book. And of course it was a thick book, in case Mike got touchy feely.

Tanya was locking the door as I slid on my black boots and out the door under her umbrella. Since today was gloomy looking, I decided I'd match, and was dressed in black pinstripe pants, a grey blouse, and a black pinstripe vest, with a black leather wrist band and black vintage welding goggles on top of my head, holding my hair out of my face. Tanya wore another skirt, black with lace at the bottom, and a red corset all under her coat, with red high heels. Kate wore the same tall high heel boots with a black skirt and a black blouse under her coat as well, with her own little wrist gadget and goggles hanging from her neck.

Same as yesterday, we piled into Tanya's Mustang, those two in the front with me in the back as I blared my iPod and rolled up the sleeves of my blouse to my elbows. Looking out the windows reminded me of that morning, way back up in the attic, and how you couldn't really see out of them. Curious (and trying to distract myself from those damn stomach butterflies and dizzy feeling), I placed my palm on the window, feeling each rain drop's vibration as it pelted the window. I looked out the front windshield just to make sure Tanya had the wipers on, though I knew she would; she wouldn't risk crashing and damaging her car like that, and noticed that this morning, we weren't the only ones out on this lonely road.

A sleek silver Volvo was in front of us, speeding down the road just like we were, and I remembered it from school. Glancing at Tanya, I took in the large grin on her face, and then looked to Kate who also had a small smile on her face as she looked out the passenger window. I looked down at my watch and gasped. We were early. "Was this planned?" I asked.

Tanya scoffed while Kate made a show of looking out her window. "Of course not, Bella. We're just going to school; it would make sense if we ran into our neighbours who also go to that school." She said, flippantly.

Hm. Kate was the weak link of the two. I turned to her. "Was this planned?" I asked.

She shifted, glancing at Tanya who glared and then me before shrugging. I narrowed my eyes. "Yes, it was planned. Tanya did it though!"

My eyes shot to Tanya who made some sort of embarrassed noise as she looked over at Kate. "You were the one who found out what time they usually arrived."

"That's creepy." I murmured to her.

Kate blushed and pointed a hand at Tanya. "You were the one who suggested 'bumping into them in the parking lot before school'!"

"That's desperate." I muttered back to her.

"I…No, this is just a chance meeting. There was no planning – Kate; shush!" Tanya said as we came to a red light in the town of Forks.

Slumping back in my seat and shaking my head at my two sisters, I pressed play on my iPod, drowning out their bickering. They were both boy crazy, and I knew that starting tomorrow; I'd be taking my bike. Or at least, trying to convince Tanya to let me.

A few minutes later, we were pulling in to the student parking lot. Tanya parked a few spaces away from the Volvo, but I didn't know why; we had basically just followed them the entire way to school. The rain had stopped on our way over here, but Tanya and Kate decided to keep their umbrellas with them, just in case, as they stepped out of the car. I followed, internally groaning when I realized we weren't heading to class, and instead standing there. I didn't even have to look up to know the Cullens were approaching; that had to be the reason for just standing there.

Leaning back against the mustang while setting my books on the back trunk, I crossed my arms and looked to the subject of my sisters' desperation and creepiness. Edward, in jeans and a green sweater, had a crooked smile as he shot a wave towards us as they approached. Tanya gave a small wave back, finally deciding to play it cool. Jasper, also in jeans, and a black button up and a jean coat, offered a tentative smile to Kate who waved. Emmett in a pair of sweats and a jersey, looking like he was heading to a gym, had a huge slightly mocking grin on his face, like he was enjoying some inside joke. Rosalie in another cardigan, red, with a black tank top underneath and black jeans, had that scowl again, but it was less pronounced. Lastly, Alice had a big smile for everyone, dressed in a black skirt with a yellow shirt, and a yellow rain coat, and a yellow headband.

They all stopped a few feet away and there was a moment of silence.

Was it awkward, or was that just me?

"Hello." Tanya broke the silence, smiling at all of them. They all had a wave or a verbal hello as well while Kate chimed a friendly 'Hi'. I just nodded at them, already feeling a few eyes on us from the kids that were here in the parking lot as well. Pretty soon it would be filled up, and that meant even more eyes on us.

"So, you're the ones who live down the road." Kate said after silence fell on us all again. I held back my eye rolling.

"And you're the ones who own that manor." Jasper replied. Rosalie did not hold back her own eye rolling.

Edward piped up after looking at Rosalie with an amused face, and at Jasper's scowl. "It's a beautiful house, Esme was wondering who lived there for the longest time. When we moved down here, I think she wanted to buy it because of how much she liked it, which is unusual because she usually likes designing our homes and having someone build them instead of moving into one."

Tanya beamed. "Well thank you, and tell your mother she can stop by any time to have a peek at the inside. It's just as beautiful, I think. You're all welcome too." Kate nodded furiously.

I furrowed my brows. "Homes? Do you move around a lot?"

All the Cullens' eyes shot to me, some of them widening, well, all of them widening, and Rosalie's narrowing, though hers quickly shot to Edward after, in a glare. Edward composed himself, his voice strained. "Yes. Carlisle is a great doctor and offers his service to anyone who needs it, so when a big offer comes around, he takes it and we have to move. There are a lot of little towns that need a doctor like him." He explained.

'Doesn't that seem a little weird?' I asked the other two as I scrutinized his face.

'Not at all; their father sounds like a great man. Why are you so suspicious of everyone, Bella?'Tanya asked, slightly upset that I made them uncomfortable.

'You're probably making them feel like this is an interrogation, Bella.'Kate reprimanded.

Tanya laughed almost nervously. "And now you've met our straight forward, right to the point sister; Bella."

'Forgive me if I'm worried about my sisters and a little wary of the guys you literally just met yesterday.' I snapped back, scowling.

'Please, Bella. We appreciate you looking out for us, but we really like these guys and we don't want to wreck it.' Kate thought, in a softer tone than before.

Sighing, I forced a smile that I was sure was also a little bitter. "My apologies; it wasn't my intention to offend, I was merely curious." I mumbled.

Edward smiled kindly and nodded. "No offence taken." He turned to Kate. "These are my siblings; Emmett, Jasper, Alice, and Rosalie." Tanya smiled and nodded at them, along with Kate.

When Alice caught my eye she smiled a small smile and offered a little wave. I gave her a polite smile back, looking back over the parking lot to see even more students had arrived and were now watching us like they were at some exhibit. "Class is about to start."

Tanya gave me a look but I just shrugged, because it was true and I wasn't just trying to get out of there…Well, that wasn't the main reason I brought it up. "Yeah, we should probably get to class now."

"Sit with us at lunch?" Jasper asked, and I wasn't sure who was more surprised; him or the rest of us. "I mean, do you want to?" He asked, scratching the back of his neck.

Kate nodded enthusiastically. "We'd love to!"

We parted ways then saying our goodbyes, or giving a grunt of a goodbye in my case to Alice who had said my name somewhere in the exchange, before stalking off to class. Kate and Tanya made the hug quick before they left and I knew that I had upset them. I couldn't help it though. Who wouldn't be a little bit…well, like I said; wary? They had just met those guys, and there was something definitely…different about the family. Their eyes, for sure. But Kate and Tanya were both blinded by their crushes. Which meant it was up to me to keep an eye out, to be observant, and protect all the family I had left.

And I suppose, yes, I was a little bit miffed about the fact that both Tanya and Kate were smitten. They really were all I had, and if they started dating these guys and things got serious; I'd be left in the dust. Not intentionally of course; my sisters loved me dearly and wouldn't ever do that. But they'd get caught up in it all, and I would just slip their minds. They wouldn't notice because I wouldn't say anything, and I wouldn't say anything because I want them to be happy, even if it meant that I couldn't be. Just like those damn quotes and cards say. Only, they insinuate that it's romantic love. Not all love is romantic. It could be a friendship love, or a family love, and this was both, so as corny as it sounds; I'd let them go.

With that terrific mood, I made my way to the back of the class for my first period of enduring Michael Newton.

The class was the same as yesterday; trying to listen to the teacher while trying to tune out Mike who kept coming up with different ways to word the sentence 'will you go out with me?' for every time I colourfully turned him down. It didn't help that he traded seats with the kid I had sat with the day before. The next class wasn't too bad; I was good at English, and even if I wasn't, we were just reading right now. I thought I would have been exhausted and falling asleep, assuming that my concoction from this morning was still in my system, but I was fairly wide awake. Though the kids around me all seemed to be nodding off, or groggy at the very least. Psychology was where I had to pay attention more, and actually do some work, along with Spanish so I wouldn't be lost when asked a question in the language, but other than that, my morning was pretty easy and dull.

The lunch bell rang and I sighed to myself, picking up my books. Jessica was waiting for me, chatting away about something or other as she fixed her hair in the small mirror from her purse. After pushing in my chair, I looked up to see her staring at me. "What?" I asked after a moment of strained silence.

Her cheeks turned bright pink as she fumbled about, grabbing her bag and pushing in her chair. "Nothing, come on before all the salads are taken."

My face scrunched up in confusion, but I followed her nonetheless, out into the packed hall of kids yelling to one another, eager for their break in the day. "So, Isabella." Jessica said, leaning in closer to me to be heard over the loud roar of noise.

"Yeah." I grunted, stepping around a flailing boy who tripped over his feet and crashed into the lockers I had just passed. Totally could have been me. I was pretty clumsy. "-Going?" Jessica finished.

I blinked and looked over to her from the boy who was picking himself up off the floor with a wide grin to his friends who were laughing as they patted his back. "Hm?"

Jessica rolled her eyes, grabbing my free arm and pulled my closer to her to shout in my ear. Not cool. I need to hear with those. "There's a Halloween dance in, like, two weeks. Are you going?" She asked, her breath fanning out down the back of my shirt and making me twitch.

Shrugging my shoulders, I held open the door for her, more out of habit than actual manners really, but she didn't need to know that. "Depends on the person forcing me to." Kate I could probably take, talk her into letting me stay home instead by offering to do her homework for the next month. Tanya? There would be no way I could get out of that.

Jessica beamed, opening her mouth to say something else, but I cut her off, noticing the slight wave Emmett gave from the other side of the cafeteria. Might as well not keep them waiting. "I'll have to talk to you later, Jessica. The Cullens invited my sisters and myself to sit with them today."

Jessica's eyes bulged as she looked over there, huffing but not actually working up the guts to glare like I thought she might, before turning to face me. She smiled a disappointed smile and gripped my arm, squeezing before letting go. "Better not keep them waiting then." She mumbled, breaking off to head over to her own table.

I glanced at my arm before threading through the tables to the Cullens'. Everyone around here was so feely. They all had very odd and confusing behaviour.

Emmett offered a broad smile as I sat down, and Rosalie glanced at me before looking away, though I noted there was no scowl anymore. "How has your morning been so far, Isabella?" Emmett asked in an un-shockingly deep voice. I was tempted to tell him to just call me Bella (my full name made me sound old) but we weren't friends, so I kept quiet.

"Fine, thank you for asking. Yours?" I repaid, fiddling with the corner of my book.

"Fantastic." Emmett boomed, nudging Rosalie when she didn't say anything.

She sighed and looked at me. "Boring and repetitive."

The silence was a little uncomfortable and had me shifting in my seat, but Emmett broke it. "Do you happen to like video games?"

What an odd question. "I do."

When I said nothing more, Emmett smiled with amusement. "Well then, if you're ever at our house, I challenge you to a game."

Raising an eyebrow, I sat up straighter in my seat. "Why would I be at your house?"

Emmett paused. "I just figured that with your sisters all-"

"If you're insinuating that my sisters plan on having relationships with your brothers, which is still a toss up at this point because they hardly know each other and really I'm not at liberty to discuss that because I've already upset them today and I don't need them down my throat about telling about their maybe secret crushes, then that would mean I would have to tag along with them to be at your house. I'm not sure about you, but being the fifth wheel doesn't sound very fun or entertaining. And of course, this is all assuming that your brothers return my sisters' affections, and in which case I thank you for letting me know, and my sisters also thank you for letting me know so that they know. You probably just saved us all the hassle of the infamous 'debating on whether or not to make a move in fear of being rejected' stage in their relationships, and therefore a lot of drama and late night prep talks that I would have had to provide for them." I said and took a breath. "Oh, and challenge accepted."

Both Emmett and Rosalie were staring at me; Emmett with a blank expression and Rosalie with a hint of mirth. "What just happened?" Emmett whispered.

I felt Kate's hand on my shoulder and held back a smirk. "Bella, stop playing with Emmett's head. It's not nice." She giggled, sliding into the chair beside me. Jasper chuckled as he took the one next to her, and also Rosalie.

"Just ignore whatever she said, Emmett. It's probably irrelevant and just meant to confuse you." Tanya added, taking the seat on my other side. Edward was beside her, and then Alice beside him, on Emmett's other side. Tanya placed the extra bowl of salad from her tray in front of me, smiling at me. "Caesar okay?"

Nodded, I stabbed my fork into a piece and looked around the table. I had thought it would have been weird…but it wasn't for some reason. It was less strained than sitting with Jessica and her table. Kate was talking with Jasper, laughing every now and then, Emmett, Rosalie, and Alice all speaking to one another, Tanya and Edward sharing looks. I shifted in my seat, shaking my head to try and dispel the dizziness and butterflies, and took a bite of salad, figuring it must have just meant I was hungry.

Halfway through lunch, I felt a pair of eyes on me as I read over my notes from math, trying to remember what little of the lesson I could actually hear over Mike. My brows furrowed as I dogeared the page and closed it, looking up and around the table. Deep honey gold eyes, with brighter specs in them were looking at me and I felt myself relax, realizing it was just Alice. The corner of her mouth curved up in a friendly smile. "Just thought I'd let you know that we're doing a lab today."

Nodding, I attempted to smile back, and it must have worked because her own smile brightened. "Thanks for the heads up." I muttered.

Alice too, nodded at me before turning back to her conversation with Jasper and Kate, and I somehow got sucked into Edward's and Tanya's, though my part was mostly just nodding or humming my agreement. Edward was surprisingly a lot like me; he liked to read, and generally the same books as me, and he did, in fact, compose his own music. When Tanya told him that I did as well, his eyes twinkled like Renee's used to and he insisted on hearing a piece when I came over. Again, they were talking like it was an inevitable fact that I would be over at their house at some point in the future.

It was right before the bell when it happened. I had been expecting it since they invited us to sit with them, and I was not let down. Kate was in the middle of telling Jasper some story about when we were kids, when all of the sudden she switched to a new one that she thought of and started laughing about. "Okay, so there we were up in the attic." My ears twitched and I looked over to her curiously, having faith that she knew what she was saying. Kate waved her hand around and laughed again. "Tanya started reciting an inca-ow!" She hissed as my elbow connected with her ribs. "Bella, what the hell?"

Tanya's eyes were wide as she gave Kate a look who raised an eyebrow before realization dawned on her and her mouth fell open. The Cullens looked at us curiously. "Is everything alright?" Jasper asked with that hint of a southern drawl.

Kate cleared her throat. "Uh, yeah. Everything's fine. I just, um, forgot the rest of the story is all."

The Cullens obviously didn't buy it, but they let it go all the same, before the bell rang and everyone started getting up. "Tanya and I have Bio now, so I'll see you guys after school. Isabella, it was nice meeting and speaking with you." Edward said, smiling a crooked smile. Again, I twitched at the full name, but still nodded back at him, doing the same when Jasper said his goodbye and left with Rosalie, then both Emmett and Kate walked off talking about some show they both watched the previous night.

Alice gestured to the doors of the cafeteria, smiling brightly. I could tell already that she was such an optimist. Which was odd that I found I liked her company, seeing as I was such a pessimist. Everything about her was completely different from me, really, and I wondered if that would fringe on any friendship I might be lucky to form with her. "Shall we?" She asked.

Probably not; she was such an optimist; she wouldn't let that happen.

Shrugging my shoulder, I grunted a yes and we made our way to the chemistry room.


"Well aren't you the little chemist." Alice's tinkling voice sounded behind me. My hair was tied up out of my face, my goggles down over my eyes, and a white lab coat opened up, with white latex gloves. I had to admit it; I really did feel like I should be in a laboratory or something. I was so getting Tanya to pick up a another lab coat like this the next time she went shopping, which would probably be the upcoming weekend.

"I could have sworn you were the little one." I replied, turning to look at Alice who was wearing the same thing, though her goggles were the school's, and clear regular goggles unlike my welding ones which were far better looking, I found.

Alice stuck her tongue out at me, hopping up onto the stool in front of our table and station set up. There was a case of clear vials filled with different chemicals, and we were supposed to mix them with this or that and record the results. Child's play, really.

Alice glanced at the paper before looking to the vials. "The first one is mixing sodium carbonate with water. That should be easy, right?" She asked, looking over to me.

Huh? I gave her a quizzical look, wondering why she would be asking that question if she was in AP Chemistry. "You don't know that?"

She shook her head, frowning slightly. "In all my years, I've always took Biology because it fascinated me the most, and became routine. I've never took Chemistry before." She answered. I was even more confused. In all my years? So like, two? Couldn't you only take chemistry and bio and physics in high school?

Shaking my head, I focused. "Then why are you in AP Chemistry?"

Alice smiled again. "I over achieved in Biology and was put into an AP class, so I thought it would be the same here. I'm an excellent student." She chimed.

I wasn't surprised. "Okay, well, yeah it is easy. See that test tube? Fill it about a third of the way with water from the sink for me, please." Alice nodded and quickly did as I asked, holding it out to me. "Hold it still." I murmured, tipping the vial of sodium carbonate into the test tube. "Now stir it with that glass stick until it's all mixed together nice and then set it back in the case to sit."

Alice did, and we moved onto the next one, Alice double checking whatever she didn't know. After a while, she struck up another conversation. "So, Isabella." My mind flashed to Jessica in the hall and I wondered if Alice was going to ask the same question. "What's your favourite colour?" She asked.

Furrowing my brows as I stirred the test tube in my hands while watching to make sure Alice continued the slow stirring of hers, I answered. "Um. Purple. Why?"

"I didn't know, so I thought I'd ask for future reference." She answered, setting the test tube back in the case again.


Alice gave me a queer look. "Because we're friends, or at least; going to be."


Alice giggled. "You're new at the whole friendship thing, aren't you?"

"Yes." I murmured.

Alice patted my shoulder, reaching past me to grab the magnesium ribbon. "That's okay, I'll teach you." She smiled.

She dropped a piece of the ribbon into one of the test tubes from before and held it up to look closely. Her hand shot out and the tube shot into the sink, shattering into pieces as Alice jumped backwards, catching everyone's attention as they all froze to look over. Alice peeked around me and I looked down to see that she had hid behind me, and that one of my arms was raised to shield her. Talk about awesome reaction time, eh? "W-W-What's wrong?" I asked, looking at the sink intently and trying to calm my frantic heartbeat. Awesome reaction time or not, that scared the crap out of me.

"It was smoking. I thought there was fire." Alice said, sounding a little shaken. She must have been afraid of fire. "How did I not see this?" I heard her mutter to herself.

I shook my head, lowering my arm as Alice stepped around me to look into the sink. "It was j-just a r-r-reaction."

Alice looked over to me, alarmed. "Are you okay, Bella?"

A nod. "I-I-I-" I wasn't sure if it was the stutter, or the fact that I didn't mind her calling me Bella that kept me from telling her not to.

"Stutter?" She asked and I nodded again. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." She turned to the rest of the class sheepishly. "Sorry."

A few of the kids laughed while the teacher grumbled, and the rest got back to work. "It's fine." I said, taking another deep breath. "This was your first lab; you did p-pretty good despite the little freak out." I smirked.

Alice tried not to smile as she lightly nudged me with her hip. "Don't make fun of me."

"Innocent fun, Alice." Alice just shook her head and laughed quietly to herself, getting back to the work.

The rest of the class was spent with small talk and mostly just doing work, trying to catch up now that we were behind because of the little incident, and Alice waved again before leaving for her next class.

Gym. Great.


"Stupid gym class, stupid boy, stupid filthy minded boy…" I growled under my breath as I stomped across the parking lot towards the mustang that Kate and Tanya were standing outside of, talking with a group of kids. I shuffled my way through the group and to the door of the car, ignoring the few hellos people offered, and got in, slamming the door shut behind me. "Gonna rip his eyes out…"

A few minutes later, Tanya and Kate got in the car. "Do I want to know?" Kate asked, smirking.

I fumed more. "That boy is perverted. Disgusting! Vile!"

"Who?" Tanya laughed as she pulled out of the parking lot.

"Newton! Who else!" I growled.

The two laughed more as I glared at them. "What did he do now?"

"He was staring at me all through gym class with a revolting look on his face!" I seethed.

"What?" Tanya's head whipped around as she slammed on her breaks at the red light. I would have smiled if I weren't as angry as she was. "He what?" She asked again, looking at me in the rearview mirror.

"You heard me." I shot back.

Tanya's grip on the steering wheel tightened as we flew off down the roads on a green light. "I'll kill him. How dare he look at my little sister like that in gym." She snarled. Over protective older sister comes out to say hello. Her eyes shot back to mine. "You didn't do any stretches with the rest of the class, did you?"

I shook my head and she looked a little relieved. "Not with that creep's eyes on me. Hell no. I just sat there till we started playing basketball."

"I'll still kill him…" She muttered.

And I would gladly hold him still while she did it.


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