I was sitting at my desk in my dorm and I was listening to this song that inspired me to write, so I just sat there and words just flowed from my mind to the keyborad...I hope you like it.

To every woman that feels...


They say that love is forever
But I say it's clever

It can trick you into doing anything
Make you give up everything

Love is whatever you wanted to be
But its also free

Love is hope
But sometimes its hangs from a thin rope

Sometime its not enough
Most of the time its rough

It can trick you
As well be true

Love has no shape
Cowardly hiding behind its cape

It makes you lost

Are we willing to make that sacrifice
To bet our hearts on a rolling dice

Love suppose to be our wind
But it seems to be our sin

Suffocating in its grasp
I gasp

They say love is destine
But I say its nothing

Some have the luxury of witnessing
But million are still wishing

Wishing it would wrap its arms around
And keep us safe and sound

Desprate to have just a glimps of love
Like a snow covered dove

To pretend to be something we're not
But I can't stop

Happiness I will never cherish
Because you consist on being selfish

Can't give love
If you never had love

Love is dreams
But for me its been a nightmare it seems

Closing my eyes
Hoping God can hear my cries

My cry to fly away
But stupidly I can't help but stay

Your my cure and my disease
As the coldness at night increase

While our love continue to dies
By your silence and lies

My only reason to go on
Was what I thought was love for so long

Trying to find the answers to the unspoken questions
I am drowning in confusion

Well baby its over and finish
My love has seem to vanish


You choose to love
While trust is giving.

You can't Love if you can't Trust
If I can't trust you why bothering loving you

Thankyou for reading my mini heart spill.