A/N random drabble with the Kaiba brothers again! Hope it's not too bad. I chose to do it from Mokuba's perspective, because I can't write Seto. So yeah.

YGO is not mine. Thank you.

I remember when you used to be nice.

I remember when you used to smile at me when I said good morning to you.

When you used to tell jokes with me and talk about our dreams.

I remember when you'd listen to whatever I had to say, no matter how stupid or pointless it was.

Even though it was only a few years ago, it seems like an eternity. I miss your smile. I miss your laugh. I miss how you always held me when I had a nightmare. You'd shush me, wipe away my tears, and tell me that everything would be okay. Even when you knew it was a lie.

I remember you before you were so cold. Before you shut me out and became completely absorbed in your own little world.

I take a little comfort knowing you still protect me, and that you've never given up on any of your dreams.

Still, I miss you Seto. I want you back. The old you, that laughed and joked and smiled.

I remember when you stopped yourself from crying so you could comfort me, even though deep inside you were just as upset as I was.

I remember it all.

I want it back.


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