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Honey I shrunk Stella! This story does have Mac however you'll have to wait a chapter or two to see him. Stella and Mac are actually children…they haven't been de-aged by some phenomena or drug.

Sid had been the leading medical examiner with the New York crime lab for the past four years. Often teased by his coworkers for his odd fascination with death. He would never trade his job for another. The current autopsy of the day wasn't nearly as tragic nor gruesome as others he'd seen. On his second to last stitch, the swoosh of the autopsy doors announced a new visitor. The last thing he wanted was another body tonight. Sid had places to be; yes he had a life beyond his autopsy walls.

" Whatya got for me Doc?" the bronx accent of none other than head of the crime lab Danny Messer echoed through the largely steel room. A lot of the lab and department were still at odds with Messer running the show. They couldn't seem to look past his families ties to the mafia, but Danny was different and Sid never once considered the man's family or it's past.

" We have Devin Morris 34, gunshot to the neck. The bullet ripped apart his carotid artery. Bled out in a matter of minuets. No defensive wombs"

" That it?"

" I pulled a few fibbers from his neck and sent them up to trace with Adam"

" Alright Sid….Get Outta Here" Messer said in good nature as he clapped the ME on the shoulder and made his departure.

He didn't need to be told twice and he hurriedly finished his last stitch and tucked back into his current resting place in the freezer. Checking his watch he realized he'd have to make time in order to be on time. Sprinting off to the locker room and narrowly missing a few lab techs on the way. He was showered, changed and out in a matter of a few minuets.

Getting into his car Sid fired up the engine and headed for Garrison New York. Despite is fascination with death, Sid also loved life and sometimes needed to be reminded that there still was good left in the world. Volunteering at St. Basil's allowed him that fortune. He'd offered to take care of a few small window repairs he had seen driving by one day. He'd been coming by every Thursday night for the past six months to take care of the repairs he was capable off. Sid wasn't the biggest fan of how St. Basil's handled the children. Often he found them a little to strict but it was better then seeing the young children out on the street or worse in abusive homes. For the most part the girls stayed out of his way, if they bumped into him while he was working they said their sorries and bid him a good night.

Today he'd be fixing a few leaky bathroom pipes. Taking care of a couple squeaky doors, assemble about four new beds and hopefully he'd get a chance to oil the swings outside. The ME took care of all the other things on his list leaving the bathroom pipes for last. Because it primarily was the bathroom for the girls it just made more sense because they'd all be in bed and he wouldn't be interrupting their routine.

He'd been working for the past 45 minuets in silence and was on his last pipe when heard a small clatter. It was no where near christmas so it was reindeer that he knew. Then he heard the unmistakeable whimper of a little girl. Getting out from under the counter he spied the little girl no older then three or four holding her little knee. She was trying her hardest not to cry. Sid figured the girl tripped on one of his tools. Crawling over he took a seat by the little girl and started to talk.

"Did you get an ouwie?" he said in his most soothing voice. The little girl gave him a small nod.

" Can I see?" Nodding her head again she took her tiny hand off her little knee. Once she saw her own scraped knee the tears finally came. The scrap wasn't that bad but it'd need to be cleaned up and bandaged. Sid didn't think he just acted and hugged the little girl.

" Ssshhh I got you"

"It's Ok" he said and rubbed her back until her tears were all gone.

" Think that needs a band-aid?"

" uh huh" she said and nodded her head causing her golden brown curls to bounce. If Sid wasn't anything at least he was always prepared. Reaching into his tool box he pulled out an alcohol wipe and a band-aid. Just to give the little girl something to do he gave her the band-aid to hold.

" This will sting just a tiny teeny little bit" he said as he gently rubbed the wipe on the little scraped knee. He was surprised when she didn't even make a peep.

" Can I have the band-aid now?"

" uh huh"

" Now I don't have one of those fancy Disney Princess Band-aids but I can do this" he said as he drew three small smiley faces on the band-aid. That got him a small giggle from the little girl.

" There you go buttercup"

" I'm not a buttercup. I'm a Thella" she said as she turned her big green eyes on him.

" Well then I'm a Sid and it's nice to meet you"

" Hi Mithter Thid. He couldn't help the chuckle. It seemed the precious child hadn't yet got her tongue around her S's.

" Little Miss Stella, I think it's high time we got out here."

" But first…we get you a drink" Sid said as he rinsed of the little pink cup she'd dropped when she tripped. He took an unopened drinking box from his kit popped the hole for the straw and filled the cup half way. With one little hand in his he walked the small child to the front door of the big room all the girls slept in and handed her the cup.

Taking the first sip of her drink she smiled wide when she tasted the peach juice.

" PEACH! I love Peach" Sid just chuckled the kid really had no problems when it came to letting people know what she thought.

" Stella Elizabeth Bonasera!" the sharp and stern voice of Sister Beatrice caused the small girl jump. Thankfully all the juice stayed in the cup.

" You should not be out of bed!"

" Lights out was three hours ago!"

" Thorry Thister Beatrith" she said as she eyed the floor.

" Get back in bed, and stop taking up 's time" the women spat at the little girl none to kindly. Sid was both a man of action and of words. He wouldn't stand by and let the poor girl be chastised for no reason.

" Excuse me Sister Beatrice"

" Yes Mr. Hammerback may I help you"

" Stella here wasn't bothering me. The room is quite stuffy and she just went to the bathroom for a drink."

" Alright Mr. Hammerback" The nun said cutting him off.

" Please don't cut me off"

" As I was saying…I'd had my tools on the floor and she happened to trip on one. I cleaned up her cuts and was walking her back to the room."

" Thank you Mr. Hammerback"

" Back to bed to you young lady and tell Mr. Hammerback thank you."

" Thank you Mr. Thid"

" Tuck Me In Mr. Thid?" she sweetly asked as she turned her shining green eyes on her new friend.

" Young Lady! Enough of that now go on to bed" the nun said once more.

Seeing the shining eyes turn sad, Sid knew he had to do something.

" I'll tuck you in"

" That's quite alright Mr. Hammerback. I'm sure you'd like to get back home"

" No it's fine Sister Beatrice, my dinner will keep and I don't mind tucking her in at all. Please it's nothing."

" Very Well Mr Hammerback 10 minuets and not a second longer." The Sister said as she made a sharp turn and stalked back down the hall way. The second she turned her back Sid made hissing noises and poked his fingers up like devil horns. Little Stella burst out into giggles and Sid brought his finger to his mouth making a shhh sound. The little girl clasped her hand over her mouth and continued you to giggle. Her laughter was contagious and soon Sid found himself laughing.

He quickly scooped the girl up and twirled her around and brought her to her bed. Holding up the covers the she quickly crawled under them and settled in.

" Tell me a story ?" the girl asked and he soon found himself agreeing. Sid wasn't sure what to tell the girl. He'd could not remember stories from his childhood so he found himself making something up about two fish, a chicken and princess. When he was finished the little girl just giggled.

" Your thilly" the little girl stated matter of faculty and wrapped her arms around his waist as best she could. Sid felt a tear or two reach his eyes and just like that all the violence he'd seen, all the distraught loved ones of those lost and darkness in the world disappeared. There was still goodness in the world and the proof was in his arms.

Ruffling the the curly hair, he tucked the covers around the little girl.

" Goodnight Buttercup"

" Mr. Thid will you come back?" the little girl said looking hopefully into his eyes.

" I'll be back on Thursday sweetie."

" When is that going to be?"

" Seven more sleeps"

" Night "

" Sweet Dreams Stella" Sid stuck around until she'd began to snore and slowly back out of the room. He packed up his tools and bid Sister Beatrice a good night while hiding his disdain for her. Personally Sid preferred Sister Martha, she was a sweet and light hearted women, unlike Sister Beatrice. With the swings oiled he was back in his truck and on the road toward the city.

" I think my heart, has just been stolen by a toddler "