Short update

Stella woke up, she remembered falling asleep with Donald and Donnie, but now she was sleeping with Sid's feet and Adam had Donald. Danny's legs were thrown of Adam while his head on Donnie's back who was on his Stomach with an Arm throw over her and Sid's legs who was upside down, sleeping with Donnie's stuffed hockey dolly and Mac was on the coach. Her three year old conclusion was that boys were strange cause she woke up in the same place she started.

It had to be at least 7:00 in the morning she slept in. Wiggling out from under Donnie's arm who ended up snuggling Sid's foot, she decided to go wake up her new friend Mac to see if he wanted to play.

" Mac" nothing

" Mackie" Nothing

" Wake up, Mac" She shook him this time and he mumbled something about being on a sniper training exercise, whatever that was", she tried slapping him lightly, she even tried the ranger's comment Sid had used on Donnie and Mac did nothing more then roll over.

" He's not going to wake up Stella" Danny said from his spot on the ground.

" But I want to play, it's late"

" It's 6:45, to these guys it's very early. I know Adam'll probably wake up in a little while, He usually has to leave earlier then these guys to be at work on time. Sid'll probably wake once people start moving around and Don and Mackie, well they'll sleep through everything until breakfast starts to smell"

" Oh what thould I do then Uncle Danny?"

" You can help me make some breakfast"

" Uh huh"

Danny rolled off of Adam and Don and laughed as Don mumbled something about how Hot he'd look in the New New York Ranger's jersey. It was clear that man had an addiction and he already knew Don would plan to have little Stella in his circle of elite rangers fans by christmas.

" French toast?"

" I hpeak English" Danny wasn't sure he was supposed to laugh or not, between the mangled S and that reply it was damn hard.

" No silly I'm french toast as in food, not talking toast and if that sounded good for breakfast"

" I dunno never had french toast"

" It's really good, how high can you count to"

" twenty"

" Awesome, I need you to take out 20 slices of bread and since Mackie and Don are pigs 5 more slices"

" Ok Uncle Danny"

Danny set to work turning on the stove and greasing up Sid's flat skillet. Danny was more then jealous of it, he wanted one. When it came to food Sid and Danny were at the apex of cooking while Lindsay and Hawks followed. Flack and Adam well they were not exactly Gordon Ramsey.

Sid stretched out and sighed at several cracking bones and ribs, he wasn't not sleeping on the floor for two nights in a row. He didn't even know when he'd ended up upside down and spooning a stuffed hockey player. Getting to his feet, he rolled his eyes at the state of Flack sprawled all over the floor and popped Mackie of the couch he was vicariously hanging off of and settled him down between beside Flack. Adam woke up with a methodical grace that was so contradictory to the man himself. There was no stretching or cracking joints just up to his feet and fully alert.

" I hate you"

" No wonder your divorced Sid"

" Shut Up"

" Shutting up, I need the head"

" Down the hall red door"

" Thanks"

Sid came into the kitchen, smiled at Stella who was apparently counting toast. Danny was throwing any number of things into the eggs that would coat the toast.

" Morning Princess" Sid said as he gave the child a sloppy kiss on the forehead, who didn't reply since she would probably loose count.

" Morning Danny" Sid said shouldering past the man for Coffee.

" What no Kiss?" Danny said

" Oh I'm sorry, Here"


" That hurt!"

" Tough Love"

" I can make you work shift with that autopsy weirdo"

" True but still tough love, Move over I'll make some breakfast stir fry"

" awesome, team work"

" I'm done counting Uncle Danny, Good girl now take this piece of already cooked toast and take it back to the boys and slowly walk back to the kitchen"

" OK….How do I get down?"

" Sid, get the lady down"

" Yes Sir, Oh great Daniel Sir" Sid said with a mock solute.

" M'lady" Stella jumped into his arms and was placed not he floor

" You two are funny"

Stella held the piece of toast in front of her and watched as the two other sleeping people started to stir and she started to walk back to the kitchen as a barely there Flack and Junior stumbled toward the kitchen Mackie sinking down into the kiddie chair with glazed eyes while Flack sat at the kitchen bar.

" Good morning, Donnie and Mac"

" Food" the two flack boys said in unison, sometimes they were so similar it was scary.

" Does ugga ugga and son want fire too?" Danny asked snorting when the two guy grunted.

" Told you Stella, Them ain't morning people.

" uh huh"

Danny dished out Don's food first…the faster a flack was feed the quicker they became entertainment. A stack of 6 texas french toast for Flack, 3 for himself, 3 for Sid, 3 Adam, 3 for Mac and 1 for Stella. All the plates had a serving of breakfast stir fry half a banana, 2 peach slices and pineapple chunks.

" Stella I'll trade you my peaches for your half a banana" Mac said

" Ok"

" Hey Don, I'll trade you the rest of my stir fry for your grades" It was done deal, flack headed red grapes. Yes he was a complete grape racist, they needed to be green.

" Here you go Adam"

" What are you guys five? "

" Yup"

" Oh Sid Lindsay and Hawkes are going to be here in an hour, they got some huge day of stuff for us to do planned."

" Ugh sure, can't be any worse then what Flack had planned the other month"

" Hey that was quality entertainment"

" That was comic con for hockey nerds!"

" I'm not a NERD"

Sid just rolled his eyes, this was going to be an interesting Day. At least the children were behaving he said as he looked over to see Mackie trying to get Stella to shove a grape up her nose and blow it out….Mostly.