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A Method to the Madness

The fire lord slammed his fist on the table; teeth clenched in anger, and eyes blazing in fury. He couldn't believe that these officials were even thinking about doing this awful deed. The initial fist slam startled most of the guest around the table; including Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Suki, Mai, and Ty Lee, who were all use to Zuko's mini bouts of temper. "No!" he screamed. "I won't do it. If I perform this act or even allow this act to be preformed, I would be no better than my father!"

The officials of the Republic City Mental Care Facility looked at Zuko with Puppy dog eyes; almost pleading for the fire lord to bring this wish to life. Mailto, a tall man with blonde hair rose from the back. Mailto was the doctor assigned to Azula's case when the war ended. Zuko appointed him because people thought Mailto would be the right man for the job. He had a history of bringing back people who were so insane that they almost were animals. And when Mailto was first assign to Azula, he thought that he could pull it off. The fame and recognition would be tremendous. Now….

"But Sir," Mailto pleaded. "I have preformed therapy sessions on this woman several times, and still, she hasn't improved since she was first admitted here 10 years ago, when the war just ended. I'm sorry to say sir, but it seems like Azula is going to stay like this."

"I pay you hundreds of dollars in gold coins that I can be using to benefit the people, and I use it so you can find treatment for my sister. And yet here we are, 10 years later after I appointed you as my sister's doctor and therapist, and you have done nothing." Zuko proclaimed with anger. His eyes blazed with the power of a million suns.

"I have done all that I possible could!" Mailto exclaimed. "I've tried sir, I really have. But I think your sister is really gone."

"Face it sir," and official chimed in from the back. "Azula is too much of a risk to have here as she lashes out on everyone; from doctors to guest and even some of the patients. We had an incident last week, where we took away her make up to see if she would be emotionally attached to it. We wanted to know if she was a hoarder. Anyways, when we took away her lip stick, she got furious and bit off one of our nurses fingers. Let's just say she found a deeper shade of red for her lips."

"I'm still not doing it!" Zuko proclaimed. He shook his head as if he were trying to wake up from a bad dream. "No matter how horrible she gets, and not matter how far way she drifts from reality, I am not, nor will I ever even THINK, ABOUT EXECUTING MY SIBLING!"

"But sir," another official chimed in. "Executing her would end her pain and all of our pain as well. In fact last week, she begged us to kill her." Out of nowhere, Sokka, who was currently seated a few chairs to the right of Zuko, began his statement.

"I think I have to agree with them on this one," Sokka stated.

Zuko turned his head to the right, and stared at Sokka with blaring eyes of hatred towards his comment. Katara gave Sokka a warning punch to the arm. Sokka groan a little in pain, and then continued with his comment.

"I'm just saying," Sokka stated. "If she begged for it, then why are we even here? She said she wanted to be dead right? I know it sounds heartless but to me it seems to make the most sense. If she wants it, give it."

"She's not of a sound mind right now!" Katara complained. Even thought Katara had faced the evil Fire lady in the past, she still had a bleeding heart for all living things. She was very helpful to those who needed it. And even though Azula was an enemy to the gang, if anyone needed the most help, it was her. "I don't think she even knows who she is at the moment."

"The last time I saw her, she didn't even want to say her name." Zuko stated to Sokka. "She's so bad that I don't think that execution would do any of us any good."

"Well what do you propose Sparky?" Toph replied seated at the far right.

Zuko turned to her and look at her for three seconds, thinking about what she said. He disliked the nickname he was given several years ago, but after a while, Zuko had gotten use to it. After thinking about Toph's statement, he turned to face the mental advisors, and took a deep breath in. Upon exhale; he came to his conclusion, and spewed it out in front of the doctors and his friends.

"Banishment." Zuko said.

"It won't work." Suki commented. "Even if we did put her on an island, if she's mad enough, she'll find a way off the island and kill us all."

"But it's better than taking her life!" Mai commented as she placed a hand on her husband's shoulders. "My husband is only doing what's best for his sister, and my ex-best friend."

"But we don't know what's best for her!" Mailto proclaimed. "It's not like we can walk up to her and ask her, 'hey, do you either want to be killed, or banished.'"

Zuko leaned back in his chair. A strange silence filled the room. So far, the doctors, and Zuko's friends were right. If he did kill her, it would end the suffering of everyone that had been affected by Azula. However, if he did kill her, it would give rebels the opportunity to score. For the past three years, high level leaders such as Aang and Zuko were constantly warned of a national rebel conspiracy. Some major illegal activity was brewing up in the earth kingdom. And in the newly built republic city, some people have even noticed riots. If the conspiracy of retaliation against the fire nation and water nation was true, than the rebel's could use Azula's execution as ammunition to fuel their hatred and bring in more civilians to their cause.

However, noting how bad Azula's mental state had been for the past ten years, leaving her alive was basically like leaving a horse with a broken leg. She needed to be put out of her misery. And if they left her like this, her torture would continue. And as each passing day went on, watching his sister suffer like this was torture to him as well.

So what was it going to be? Were they going to leave Azula like she was, or kill her and cause a rebel uprising? And how were they going to choose this descision?

That was when inspiration struck The Avatar, who was sitting by Zuko's left hand. Aang perked his head up when he realized his idea, and then he spewed it forth into the audience.

"Maybe you can." Aang suggested.

The officials looked at Aang as if he should have been one of the patients at Republic City Asylum. "Excuse me?" Mailto inquired.

"Maybe you can ask her." Aang stated. Then he held up his hands to calm down the frantic doctors. "I'm not saying that we should find her padded cell and ask her directly, I'm saying we should test her. Probation." Aang stated.

"I don't get it?" Toph asked. "So we're going to like run test on her or something?"

"We'll give her a week," Aang began. At this point, he started walking around the room, noting how this idea was growing as he talked about. "During this week, Zuko and I will watch her as she is interviewed and questioned. After the end of the 7 days watching Azula's mental health either deteriorate or rejuvenate, Zuko, the rest of the gang, and I will come to the conclusion that will benefit us all."

Most of the officials stood shocked. They couldn't believe that they hadn't have thought of it before. It was so simple. The fact that it hadn't occurred to them first left most of them bewildered and angry. It left
Zuko however, smiling at his friend of 10 years.

"I really like that Idea." Zuko proclaimed with a grin.

"Who will be in charge of Azula's therapy?" an official asked.

"Who else but Mailto," Zuko proclaimed as he stood up. "He's been working with my sister the most, so he should probably know how to handle her in front of an audience." Then he leaned into the table, his face now turning into a serious stare. "Be that as it may," He began. "Mailto, you got a week, seven days to cure my sister. After that, there is no more use for you here. If you can't fix my sister in a week….your fired." And with that, Zuko, Aang, and the rest of the gang got up from their chair and walked away; leaving Mailto with his jaw to the floor.

*the next day*

When the day of Azula's first therapy session in front of Aang and Zuko began, both The Avatar and The Fire Lord felt as if they were in a fog. Realizing that Republic City was a good distance away, the two had to wake up early in the morning, kiss their wives goodbye for the day, and then get on Appa in the early morning; when the sun wasn't shining and the earth seemed to be clenched in mildew and fog. So the two felt very sleepy when they sat themselves in the observation booth along with three other officials who were present.

Then Azula walked in.

She was radically different. Her hair, while placed up in its original style that she use to wore when the war was going on, was cut into almost ribbons. A strange green covered some locks of her hair. her body walked with a an electric surge, almost as if she reacted to everything in the air; from dust to static. But what gave Aang and Zuko the chills was her face. The evil smile was present, but it was accompany by a scare that ran down her left eye to her lip.

Zuko firmly remembered how she got her scares. No one was certain, but the belief was that she was thrashing around in her bed one night, and in her frantic state of panic, she somehow cut herself.

As she was lead into the therapy room below the observation room by two guards on either side, Mailto aligned the papers on his desk. This was it. Therapy begins…

"Gentlemen," Mailto stated to the two guards. "Thank her for bringing her in. But I believe your presents won't be required today. If worse comes, you'll know what to do."

Azula looked at both of the guards with a strange look on her face. It was a mixture of both sadness and innocents. However, as soon as the two guards left the room, her face became dark once more. She stood at the end of the door, just right behind Mailto, giving him the stare that placed a fear and chill in both Aang and Zuko's heart.

"Please, take a seat." Mailto suggested with a waving hand, gesturing Azula to the seat in front of him.

She took a deep breath; almost like a growl. Then she walked very slowly to her seat. When she sat down, her whole body slammed onto the seat. Her face squinted for almost a millisecond in pain. And afterwards, she started leaning back in forth, as if she was trying to find the right position in the chair.

"Um…are you comfortable." Mailto asked.

She looked up at her doctor of ten years with the blazing yellow eyes of anger and death. She opened her mouth, and very slowly, she spoke her first words of the conversation.

"…no." she replied with a sigh.

Typical. Mailto thought. Always trying to disagree with me. "Is there anything we can do to make you feel more comfortable?"

"You can start by getting me the hell out of here," Azula stated low, while twitching her eyes and licking her lips.

The way she said her words sent a shock wave of chill and fear through the observation room. Aang could feel the hair standing on the back of his neck. It was filled with death and mayhem. Depression seemed to be the least of her emotions portrayed in her voice. It was more of an anger; a rage, if you will. And it seemed to be boiling inside her. Mailto shook her comment off and began with the therapy.

"I'm here with Patient 4479; AKA, Azula. The prisoner seems to suffer from schizophrenia, manic depression, illusions of granger, and possibly an antisocial personality disorder."

It was at this point, that Azula convulsed violently in her chair. It was a very small convulsion that lasted only a millisecond. But the fact that she shook so ruff and brought her hands to her head meant that whatever Mailto said, it pissed her off. Aang and Zuko involuntarily leaned back in their chairs, as their brains screamed at them to get out.

"You know," Azula began, voice blaring with anger. "You make it sound so simple!...But it never really is. Or to me at least." Then her voice got into an innocent tone. "And why use a term like prisoner? It has all of these negative connotations, as if someone is trying to keep me here." Her face then turned into that scary smile again. "I don't want to leave. I like it here. I got a roof over my head, free food…." She turned her head slowly to the observation room, which was protected by two way mirrors. She couldn't see Aang or Zuko, but somehow, it seemed that she was staring right at them when she was looking at the window. As if she was staring into their souls. "Lovely company," She stated. Then she turned her head back towards Mailto. "And I don't have to pay a cent for it."

"We're getting off track." Mailto stated as he sighed.

"There's a tack?" Azula asked innocently.

"The first step in your rehabilitation, to which for some reason we are still on, is to understand, and to come to terms with the reason that you are here."

She grew that evil smile once more, and the scars only made it more fearful. "Define you terms." She recited with a dark happiness. "That's the first step in any debate."

"Well this isn't a debate," Mailto replied. "This is therapy."

"What's the difference?" Azula inquired as her face became a frown once more. "Look," She began almost angry, shaking as she spoke. "Whoever is watching me in the observation booth, I think you should worry about their mental health a lot more than mine. I have a way with getting to people. And the only reason that they are present is for them to further study me as I express my inner turmoil; to which I have none."

Mailto cocked a brow. "You don't think you have some real problems?"

"Well, no one's perfect." She stated with puppy dog eyes.

"But I'm not asking you to become perfect." Mailto replied.

"Oh, I see." Azula growled. "You only want me to be different from who I really am."

"….well, what you are is what got you here."

"See!" She proclaimed. " I seem to like it here, and now because of who I truly am, I am here. So It must be destiny." Then Azula turned her head to the observation mirror. "See, it's never a mistake to be who you truly are. Don't. Let. Anyone. Tell. You. Different!"

Aang had the sudden urge to flee the room in fear. However, his body was able to stay present.

"And why do you think you're here?" Mailto asked Azula; the same way he asked for the past 10 years.

And she always replied with the same answer.

"Well I'm a prisoner of war," She proclaimed innocently as if she really were. "I got snagged behind enemy lines, and they had to take me out of the battle….It's only temporary though. It's a P.O.W's duty to break free."

Mailto groaned as he leaned back in his chair. Some of the officials in the observation booth sighed as the shook their heads. She had been saying the same exact excuse for the past 10 years. Finally, Mailto had enough of the same bullshit and asked her the question that was on everyone's mind.

"We want something different." He replied angrily. "We have been progressing like this for the same exact way the last 10 years, and it has gotten us nowhere."

"Sorry sugar," Azula stated as she hung her head low.

Mailto furrowed his brows. "I believe you meant to say doctor Mailto."

"Yes sir," She replied angry.

"Let me be who I am for a second." Mailto began. "As your psychiatrist, it is my job to treat you."

Azula convulsed again in her chair. "Your job?" she asked strongly. "Is that what you are going to use to define us?"

"Well you wanted to define terms." Mailto stated.

"I'm a very complicated woman Mailto." Azula replied. "I mean, most girls are complicated in the first place, but I'm the most frustrating out of the bunch."

"Yes you are." Zuko stated under his breath as he watched his sister's madness unfold. He hung his head low in defeat. For years, she stayed like this. It looked like nothing was going to change.

"You seem to be a challenge to study." Mailto proclaimed.

"Study?" Azula inquired.

"Yes." Mailto replied.

Azula leaned back in her chair, and rested her hands on the back of her head. She breathed in deeply as though she were frustrated. "I'm no creature of habit." She stated. "I'm like an bird chasing after a coin shining in the sun. I just do things."

"I understand that." Mailto proclaimed. "and I understand you do things at random. But what I want to know is… know… there a method to the madness?"

Azula cocked her brow, as if she were confused. She seemed to didn't understand the statement at first. Suddenly, she grew a creepy smile, and began to lean in closer to Mailto. Her face was dark, though trying to act happy. She was defiantly a psychotic.

"You know what," Azula began. "I like you. We've been doing this for years and I've been having lots of fun. I think were destined to do this forever."

Zuko breathed out. He was ashamed at himself for thinking so foolishly. To think that Azula was going to be different after all these years was folly and a pipe dream. He leaned his head down to his hands.

Aang tapped Zuko on the shoulder. "Something wrong?" he asked.

"My sister seems to be in a depressing funk." He replied. "I don't think we're going to see anything new if she is like this."

"We can switch her medication and give her some Beet Flowers." An official stated. "I heard that the herbs in the flower bring out more happiness."

"Fine," Zuko replied. "Do that. We'll be here tomorrow." And with that, Zuko and Aang got up out of their chairs.

But just before they left, Azula said something that stayed on their minds forever.

"Do you want to know why I'm really here?" She asked Mailto.

Zuko and Aang immedialy stopped; interested in what she had to say.

"Yes," Mailto stated. Though, he thought to himself yes! Finally!

"Are you sure?" She began as she got up out of her chair.

"I am positive." Mailto replied.

Azula calmly walked over to the mirror, to which the observers sat behind. She placed her palms on it. She looked like an animal as her hot breath created steam on the glass. She gave everyone the shakes as her hands started to slide off the mirror; in an almost deadly manner. And when she spoke, her voice was dark.

"I'm here," She began. Then her face turned black with anger and hatred. "I'm here…..cause I want to be here."

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