The Simple Things

Act One: Notice Me

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Inuyasha looked at himself in the mirror. He was dressed in black jeans and a silver button up with the first two buttons undone. His waist length silver hair was in a long braid down his back.

He couldn't believe he was actually going through with this. All for a damn woman. All for that damn woman.

He'd be the first to admit, they're fight was stupid, petty and childish. It was no reason for her to move and stop talking to him.

Damn females and their emotions. Now he had to go and embarrass himself while sweeping her off her feet.

'Damn bitch better come back.' He thought to himself as he grabbed his cell phone off his dresser. He found his keys on his kitchen counter and made his way out his condo and to Sango's place.

He didn't bother knocking and let himself in, sitting on the couch.

"Inuyasha, is that you?" Sango yelled from upstairs. Inuyasha rolled his eyes. 'Humans….'

"If it wasn't you'd be seriously fucked." He yelled back. He heard her laugh and fifteen minutes later she was walking down the stairs wearing a mid thigh length strapless black dress.

"I can handle myself. You ready?" She asked walking towards the front door.

"Yeah, you sure she's gonna be there?" Inuyasha asked as they walked to his silver BMW convertible. They got in and Inuyasha started off to their destination.

"Of course. I called her yesterday and she agreed. She called before you arrived and I told her I'd meet her there." Sango said looking into the mirror and fixing her hair. "Miroku is already there so you guys come in twenty minutes after we go in. That way she won't get suspicious."

Inuyasha nodded and pulled in front of the club, Rendezvous. Rendezvous was a private nightclub that only catered to those with money to blow. Inuyasha had pulled a few strings to get Sango and Kagome on the guest list.

All he had to do to get in was show his face.

Inuyasha found Miroku's car and parked next to it. He and Sango got out and walked over to Miroku.

"Lookin' sexy baby." Miroku said huskily as he gave Sango a short and sweet kiss. "I saw her waiting by the door for you." Sango nodded and walked away towards the door where her sister was.

Miroku turned towards Inuyasha. "So, you sure you want to do this?"

"I'm here aint I?" Inuyasha snapped. He was tired of being asked that question. If he didn't want her back, if he didn't want to do this, he wouldn't.

Fucking simple.

"I want her back." That was all he said before entering the club twenty minutes later.


"Kagome!" Sango squealed as she hugged her sister. She had only seen her once since she moved and she really missed her.

"I missed you too Sango, but I can't breath." Kagome gasped. Sango giggled and let her go.

"I thought you said Miroku was coming?" Kagome asked as they headed towards the guard at the door. Their names were on the list so no need to stand in line.

"He's meeting us." Sango said as she gave the guard their name, gaining them entry.

The duo stepped inside and were immediately swept into the atmosphere of the club. They began dancing around as they made their way to the bar.

"Two cosmos." Kagome told the bartender before turning to her sister. "So I have some exciting news…"

"And that is?" Sango asked leaning forward so she could hear better.

"Remember that novel I was working on?" At Sango's nod she continued, "Guess who got published…"

It took ten seconds for Sango to scream and hug her sister again.

"I can't fucking believe it! I'm so happy for you! What was the book about?" Sango asked as their cosmos arrived.

"It's, uh, actually an erotic novel called Mr. Dominate." Kagome blushed as she took a large sip of her drink. She didn't originally plan to write an erotic novel, it just happened one day. It paid off in the end so she really couldn't complain.

"Oh I can't wait to read this." Sango giggled as she sipped her cosmo.

"Read what?" Miroku asked as he came to stand behind Sango.

"Kagome wrote an erotic novel and got published." Sango told Miroku. They both laughed at the blush on Kagome's face.

"I'm going to dance, screw you guys." Kagome said as she left towards the dance floor. She went down eight steps and began working her way through the crowd. She found a spot in the middle and began dancing to the fast paced beat.

She was happy when Sango had asked her to come to the club. She missed everyone, even him.

Kagome felt someone grab her hips and she turned to see who it was. She saw a brown haired, green eyed attractive male smiling at her.

"May I have this dance?" He asked in a sultry tone. Kagome smiled as a slower beat began.

"Yes you may." She began grinding her hips onto the guy behind her. Losing herself in the beat once again. Not noticing a pair of golden globes staring at her.


Inuyasha stood on the dance floor surrounded by three women, all scantily clad and all rubbing on him. His eyes never left the women in front of him.

There stood the object of his affections, dancing suggestively on another male. Didn't the bitch know she was his? He suppressed a growl.

Her raven hair was in loose curls hanging to her waist. Smoky eye shadow and eye liner made her grey eyes stand out more. Pink lipstick added a sensuous touch to her perfectly plump lips. The icing on the cake was the silver sleeveless dress that stopped mid thigh. The neck of the dress dipped dangerously low, giving a good view of her beautiful cleavage.

Inuyasha watched her dancing and wanted her to dance on him like that. The way she was moving her hips in circles called to the most primal part of him.

Part of him wanted to storm over there, snatch Kagome and take her back to his place where he could fuck her into submission all night long. No. He wouldn't do that.

He continued to stare at her until her beautiful grey eyes met his.

Kagome could feel someone watching her. She could feel their eyes burning holes into her. And for some reason, it excited her. She opened her eyes to see a pair of gold ones staring right at her.

Her heart began to pound furiously in her chest. Why was he here? A part of her wanted to go ask him. To say she was sorry. To pull him to her and let him dominate her.

And she would have if it weren't for the three prostitutes hanging all over him. It pissed her off, seeing him with other women. Sure she was the one who pushed him away, but he was supposed to pursue her. Okay, yeah, she left him for a stupid reason, but it seemed reasonable at the time.

She was afraid. She didn't want to get hurt by him. She didn't want to catch him with another woman. But most of all, she didn't want him to leave her.

Kagome continued her eye contact with Inuyasha while dancing with her dance partner. She still didn't know his name. She didn't care either, not with Inuyasha standing there looking at her like that.

There was a fiery intensity in his eyes that made her want to melt in his arms. The fact that he didn't seem to notice the women hanging on him just added to effect he was having on her.

She didn't know how long they continued to stare at each other, an hour, three? She just knew she felt disappointed when he shifted his eyes to look at the floor.

She was about to look away when he lifted his eyes back up to her. There was something new there-determination. He stared at her a few minutes longer before lifting his hand and signaling her to come to him.

Her body moved of its own accord away from her protesting dance partner and towards Inuyasha. Their eyes stayed locked as she made her way to stand in front of him.

Inuyasha pushed the women away from him as Kagome came to a stop in front of him. They protested, but after seeing it was no use they gave Kagome dirty looks before walking away.

Inuyasha walked up to Kagome and wasted no time wrapping his arms around her and pulling her flush against him. He dipped his head in the crook of her neck and inhaled deeply.

'Fuck I missed her scent.' He thought as he gently licked a trail from her neck to her earlobe. He nibbled it softly and placed a few kisses there.

"You look amazing in this dress." He whispered into her ear. He began nibbling gently on her neck. "I can hardly contain myself."

Kagome sighed and wrapped her arms around his neck. She couldn't push him away if she tried-not that she wanted to. She missed him with every fiber of her being and wanted him in her life. Guess it takes a separation to realize just how important someone truly is to you…

Inuyasha continued his ministrations on her neck, nibbling, sucking, kissing his way up to her jaw line. He kissed a small trail to her lips and began kissing her deeply. Kagome moaned against his lips and allowed him entry.

Inuyasha massaged her tongue with his and took his time reintroducing himself to her wet cavern. She tasted just as sweet and she smelled. He could kiss her all night.

He pulled away after some time to allow her to breath. He went back to her neck and began sucking once again. He didn't want other males around her again. He would make sure everyone knew she was taken.

He pulled away to see a nice sized purple mark on the skin between her neck and shoulder. He smirked. It wasn't his real mark, but it would chase away any males who came sniffing around his bitch.

He looked into Kagome's dazed eyes. She was so beautiful to him. How did he ever live without her? She was his missing puzzle piece and if he did things right then she come fit herself next to him once again.

Inuyasha placed his lips on Kagome's for one last passionate kiss. He placed small kisses on her jaw and cheek before moving to her ear.

"I'm sorry baby, about everything." He whispered in her ear. "I gotta go. Think on this and call me tomorrow."

He leaned back and looked into her surprised eyes. "I want you back Kagome. Let me know what you want soon." Kagome nodded and he left.

He would patiently wait until he heard from her and he hoped she would say something he wanted to hear.

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